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    11/12/2019 11:32:04 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well we met at the office today and I am getting my studying done. We have a new series of classes that dropped yesterday. I will be starting on them tomorrow. I hope to complete these within the next week or maybe right after Thanksgiving.... Read more

  • Yep, It Got Cold!

    11/12/2019 11:26:16 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Well, the prediction came true.... it got cold last night! Swiped this from the Sparkfeed today, thank you, Sparker Wisdom! No snow or even ANY precipitation, but a cup of water on the porch froze over.... that’s plenty cold enough for south Texas in November... I HAD hoped that I woul... Read more

  • Thanks for sharing Canada

    11/12/2019 11:05:16 PM, by MNABOY

    We are setting low temperature records these last two days thanks to a Canadian cold front. I love cold weather but the homeless are sometimes clueless on how to protect themselves in these cold snaps. Around here they break into a vacant structure and set a fire on the floor and usually get out in ... Read more

  • Day 235

    11/12/2019 11:04:04 PM, by DIAMONDWIFE2018

    Today was so fun! It snowed last night so it was CHarleston's first snow with us! He loved it! Hubby and he went out this morning for his morning potty break and CHarleston just flew in circles through the yard and then had to eat as much snow as possible. I got my new coat delivered so we decided t... Read more

  • Hugging

    11/12/2019 10:49:28 PM, by USMAWIFE

    9Hl_LOcbDCASHOCKBdxfJPgq_x110... Read more

  • Day 316: Getting Things Done

    11/12/2019 10:32:30 PM, by DIVAGLOW

    "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead." (Louisa May Alcott) Hello, my lovely friends! We’ve been working on the Halloween decorations and we’re almos... Read more

  • 11/12 Tue granddaughter's birthday (11/12/13)

    11/12/2019 10:09:58 PM, by ARNETTELEE

    It's 11/12, and our granddaughter's birthday. She was born on 11/12/13 so she's 6 today. Granddaughter wants to go to McDonald's for dinner, which means that we will eat something before we leave for McDonald's. We went to tai chi and qigong today. While we were in class, it started to rain, sl... Read more

  • Wrong vs Right

    11/12/2019 10:01:17 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if no one is doing it. 224... Read more

  • Tuesday’s Words to Ponder

    11/12/2019 9:30:04 PM, by JUDY1676

    ... Read more


    11/12/2019 8:45:43 PM, by SHERYE

    A man phones home from his office and tells his wife: “Something has just come up. I have a chance to go fishing for a week. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. We leave right away. So pack my clothes, my fishing equipment, and especially my blue silk pajamas. I’ll be home in an hour to pick them... Read more

  • Weather

    11/12/2019 8:24:39 PM, by GEORGE815

    Beautiful day today. We had a cold one yesterday, and you appreciate a warm day right after.... Read more

  • 2019 emoticon for how you feel today

    11/12/2019 8:22:54 PM, by GEORGE815

    4... Read more

  • Water

    11/12/2019 8:21:26 PM, by GEORGE815

    Fully hydrated... Read more

  • Tuesday

    11/12/2019 7:54:56 PM, by TSHAWGER

    We got an inch of snow. Many areas got more. It's so cold and windy out. Not ready for this winter weather .... Read more

  • Tuesday 12

    11/12/2019 7:38:57 PM, by KATHY_2019

    Well I had to come home and get some meds in Me. Got Soaking wet Unloading some Clients with Walkers Today. Got off at 530 Today. I really do love my Job Now. Meeting new People. Day 5 no Soda are Sweets. I am proud of myself for That. I have to think of a New Commitment for Next Week. I ... Read more

  • My life

    11/12/2019 7:15:11 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    My cardio workout today ... Read more

  • SNOW

    11/12/2019 6:23:52 PM, by CKEYES1

    It's here and I hate it. 234 184 ... Read more

  • Tuesday November 12

    11/12/2019 5:50:10 PM, by SISSYFEB48

    ... Read more

  • Sad News

    11/12/2019 5:21:18 PM, by POSEY440

    My Mom died Sunday, the day after I left home for Florida. ... Read more

  • Special Blessings-November 12, 2019

    11/12/2019 4:29:07 PM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following: 1. I enjoyed phone calls from my brother and two friends today. These are people that mean a lot to me. 2. I made an old fashioned lantern to put on my kitchen table. I put lights inside of it and they are on a timer like the wreath I di... Read more

  • Cold & sad

    11/12/2019 4:09:21 PM, by MUDDYFOOTS

    Mom came to visit. We ate out some, cooked in some. She brought me her serger so I can finish a corduroy dress and wear it this winter. I stayed under budget on calories. But now I just want to curl up in a ball and cry.... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 255 - Stewouper

    11/12/2019 2:43:04 PM, by NANCY-

    Highlight - Oh yes, it is true the scale did rebound up. Am I worried, no... because it will go down again. My youngest asked what was in the crock pot. I replied: "Stewouper." and laughed as soon as that came out of my mouth. "Soup or stew... whatever you wish," I clarified. 481 Gratef... Read more

  • Day 101: Feeling bigger, not smaller, 17 days to Thanksgiving

    11/12/2019 2:40:14 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    I hate stalls on the scale! Hmm, well I don't think anyone likes it. But, ever since Friday I have been less motivated. Every time I look in the mirror, I think, I look BIGGER, not SMALLER! And that makes me feel even less motivated to get a workout in or ignore the remaining Halloween candy sitting... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday

    11/12/2019 2:36:47 PM, by KITT52

    We are having a terrible rain storm, since last night and temps so far only 42, that cold for sourthen Texas.... had to delay my special lunch for friends, roads are flooded and its just nasty. But the upside is I made a wonderful pot of veggie soup and a lite chicken salad for dinner. I got ... Read more

  • Snow day

    11/12/2019 1:44:36 PM, by WILSOD1

    Kids are going stir crazy. They had Friday and Monday off for veterans day and today is a snow day due to the potential for poor weather. This makes 5 days home in a row.... Read more

  • Tuesday

    11/12/2019 1:27:27 PM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    ... Read more

  • What a difference a year makes

    11/12/2019 1:17:23 PM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    I can't pinpoint when I went off the wagon. Last year was rough, this year is rough in a whole different way. I feel myself at least trying to get back on track.... I gave up on myself for a very long time. I am back to worrying about me, myself and I and feeling better again. A year is a long t... Read more

  • Foot-high snow?

    11/12/2019 12:54:57 PM, by PICKIE98

    We only got a couple inches of snow last night, but in the Thumb, they got drifting, a foot of snow near the lake shores. All schools and other things closed for them today. I live down in the crook of your hand at the bottom of the Thumb. Missed that so far, but snow is predicted for every day th... Read more

  • A COLD Tuesday.

    11/12/2019 11:51:48 AM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Well, we are in the freezer for sure now. It was -4 degrees this morning when I went out to do chores, and the snow was really crunchy under foot. And every breath from every animal were little white puffs. and they were all in their places but were ready to return to the protection of the buildin... Read more

  • Tuesday

    11/12/2019 11:13:00 AM, by ROX525

    Treadmill complete. Babysitting 12 hrs. today... Have a lovely day.... Read more

  • Wow, here we are

    11/12/2019 11:12:10 AM, by SUPERFRAISE

    I've been on and off Sparkpeople for something like a decade. In that decade, I've gotten so much support and learned so much about myself, and have kept the closest thing I have to a diary. I probably need to write more and document more about my life than I do normally, especially these days as it... Read more

  • November 12, 2019 - Getting the best sleep I can

    11/12/2019 11:10:39 AM, by DSHONEYC

    Boy, the time change has really screwed me up. I want to go to bed at 7pm and I wake up at 2am ready to go...I believe this is a symptom of age. I am so less adjustable to change. For your health and safety, here are some tips for dealing with the time change: 1. Make gradual shifts - Roug... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    11/12/2019 10:54:26 AM, by MOMMY445

    i had a challenging workout on sunday with my personal trainer at the gym and i feel great. it is one of my friends' birthday today. my daughter says hi. both budgie birds say cheep, cheep! i will be heading to the gym later on today, after supper. have a terrific day, everyone!... Read more

  • 11/12/19 Be Done

    11/12/2019 10:54:22 AM, by NANASUEH

    "Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." Ralph Waldo Emerson ... Read more

  • Children are precious

    11/12/2019 10:45:08 AM, by CHERYLHURT

    We had an excellent day with my niece, her husband, and their three kids, 5, 2, and 3 months. Only one day, but we’re making plans for next year.... Read more

  • Acts of Human Kindness

    11/12/2019 10:20:47 AM, by JOHNMARTINMILES

    Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~Leo Buscaglia ... Read more

  • "Always forgive your enemies-

    11/12/2019 10:20:02 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    -nothing annoys them so much." Oscar Wilde Doing my decorating one day at a time, bit-by-bit so I don't burn out and give up. It's not that I have tremendous holiday spirit, it's just my way of connecting with my dearly-departed relatives who gave me such wonderful childhood Christmases. And... Read more

  • Tuesday Update

    11/12/2019 10:19:45 AM, by DWROBERGE

    It is a cool rainy start to the day otn he Gulf Coast. We are expecting our first freeze of the season tonight. Hunkering down to keep warm. Keeping focused for more successes. Hope all are having a great week!... Read more


    11/12/2019 10:17:37 AM, by MSANN59

    hey sparkers hope all are doing ok had tires rotated this morning didnt have time to do anything being care giver mother in law going home tomorrow hope she do good she stay by her self also my aunt still doing good so now got to work on mom apartment then hopefully i can get some back to normal en... Read more

  • Monday Tuesday

    11/12/2019 9:12:01 AM, by RO2BENT

    House chores on my day off yesterday. Back to work!... Read more

  • Tuesday

    11/12/2019 9:04:59 AM, by NIGHTSKYSTAR

    Well over a foot of beautiful snow!! Love the pure clean white everything!! In my way to shovel and snow throw. I so love winter!!... Read more

  • On the lighter side

    11/12/2019 9:01:26 AM, by NEPTUNE1939

    ... Read more

  • Happy Tuesday

    11/12/2019 8:15:06 AM, by EVILCECIL

    Have a great Tuesday everyone. 386... Read more

  • When all else Fails...try again

    11/12/2019 8:03:57 AM, by NEPT45

    For whatever reason, I have not quite established the belief that it's about health, yet. I say yet because I will get there again. When you believe with all you heart and mind that you have a responsibility to take charge of your health by eating right and being active, this whole journey become... Read more

  • It has been awhile

    11/12/2019 7:43:31 AM, by JACQUELINE2010

    I haven't wanted to get on the computer. Making a post from my phone is a pain in the butt. November Monthly Goal: I am changing everything. 1) Drink 8 oz of water at least 3 times a day 2) Walk at least 10,000 steps or 3 miles daily 3) No snacking!!!!! That Halloween candy got ... Read more


    11/12/2019 7:37:32 AM, by MARYJOANNA

    "Kind words are like honey-- sweet to the soul" Proverbs 16:24... Read more

  • 11/12/19 The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them. Benjamin Jow

    11/12/2019 7:33:20 AM, by AZMOMXTWO

    The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them. Benjamin Jowett Quote of the Day It is better to rust out than wear out. Edwin Markham Love Quote of the Day Fortune and love favor the brave. Ovid Art Quote of the Day An artist is not paid for ... Read more

  • Thought and Prayer for Tuesday, November 12, 2019

    11/12/2019 6:32:45 AM, by FRANCESLUCAS

    November 12, 2019 LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD Bad memories. The past. It is what it is. Or what it was. It’s over and done. We can’t change it. But we learn from it. That’s about all we can do that is good. God wants us to forget the past because He knows if we dwell on it too much it can keep u... Read more

  • 11-12-19

    11/12/2019 5:47:14 AM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Warming Up This Cold Morning!

    11/12/2019 5:27:47 AM, by JSTETSER

    Perhaps you have had mornings like mine... Today it's cold and rainy outside. My body wants to just sit on the couch, drink tea and vegetate under a warm blanket. Since I just had a rest day, I will get up and moving and I know that my body will thank me later. .I might keep my workout insi... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Tuesday, November 12, 2019

    11/12/2019 2:02:08 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like a Manatee, I am Peaceful, Respectful,, Gentle, Kind, and Self-Healing." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Dad

    11/12/2019 1:31:52 AM, by LITTLEWIND53

    Not everyone was medically fit to serve in the army (or other branch of military) Dad enlisted in Sept 1941, and was sent to Halifax to board a ship for Europe. However, the ship was waiting for a part that was being shipped from New York. Because there was a grain ship in the nest berth, and th... Read more

  • 11-11-19

    11/12/2019 1:08:39 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    The snow is gone where the sun managed to shine on it. Now we await the warming. I'm even less interested in the cold. For some reason, this time whenever I got up, I had to convince my legs we were actually going to go somewhere. My knees were not happy.This is going to be a long winter.... Read more

  • The Dam has some Pretty Large Cracks in it...

    11/12/2019 1:06:07 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    Large amounts of water are spewing through, and I don't see any way our current leader can patch them up or reinforce the dam. I'm talking about what is now and has been going on in the courts, in the congress, and within the administration with regards to impeachment. . People are talking now. Lot... Read more

  • Home again Home again, jigedy jog!

    11/12/2019 12:56:15 AM, by MNABOY

    Drove home this morning with a steady rain and heavy traffic. Made it safely home and before the wind gusts started hitting hard. I am thankful but the trip could have been safer. Each state has a law that requires that you turn your lights on if you have your wipers on. With the mists thrown up by ... Read more

  • Our Comfort Zones (Stories)

    11/12/2019 12:19:49 AM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog: SP ~ Day 4953 Where is YOUR comfort zone? This is an interesting set of spheres! So which sphere would you like to see yourself in? Which one do you think you are in? And the bigger question: How do you get from the one you're in to the one you want to be in? Th... Read more

  • Weather

    11/12/2019 12:15:04 AM, by ZRIE014

    It was in the low 70s today. It is 61 outside and 70 inside.... Read more

  • San Antonio Texas snowing 🌨?

    11/12/2019 12:00:53 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- Sharp Norther weather has us with up to 40 mph north wind, wet rain that at 19 degrees is now sleet. We are to get 1-3 inches of snow tonight plus it is to remain for the next few days! ⛄️☃️❄️Brr .. ... Read more

  • Brrrrrr

    11/11/2019 11:26:33 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I know all you people from Up North will laugh at us warm blooded (hot blooded?) southerners, but a cold front whooshed in this afternoon and the temps dived about 30 degrees with another 10 degree drop tonight and even more to be expected.... And my feet are cold. But I've already picked ... Read more

  • I Used To Think..............

    11/11/2019 11:07:54 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone. Robin Williams... Read more

  • Veteran's Day 2019

    11/11/2019 10:22:56 PM, by DUCKTURNIP

    A Happy Veterans/Remembrance Day to all our soldiers out there! I have many friends who are/were in the military it seems. Both my parents are veterans. My mom joined the Air Force in the 1960s after she graduated from nursing college as it was a good stable job. As a woman she was not deployed anyw... Read more

  • 11-11-19

    11/11/2019 9:58:11 PM, by ELRIDDICK

    Have a great day!... Read more

  • Veterans day

    11/11/2019 9:10:50 PM, by USMAWIFE

    To those who served 304 652 636 To my dad and uncles in ww two To my father in law for serving in Korea For my high school friends who served during Vietnam To my husband and his thousands of alumni brothers and sisters. For the children of friends and family who are ... Read more

  • crocheted unicorns

    11/11/2019 8:51:12 PM, by IMREITE

    i made these 2 crocheted unicorns for my youngest 2 nieces. 1 has blue eyes and the other has brown. it matches their girl's eye colors. the 2 year old does not know hat unicorns are so she thought it was puppy so it barked when she played with it. ... Read more

  • Grandkids

    11/11/2019 8:43:03 PM, by GEORGE815

    Grandson spent the night last night. He looked concerned when his parents and sister were waving good bye and he was staying behind with us. He slept really well and was comfortable. His laugh is a treasure to hear.... Read more

  • Blood sugar readings

    11/11/2019 8:39:56 PM, by GEORGE815

    Decent number today despite a taste of ice cream last night.... Read more

  • Water

    11/11/2019 8:39:16 PM, by GEORGE815

    Fully hydrated... Read more

  • Day 234

    11/11/2019 8:29:44 PM, by DIAMONDWIFE2018

    Move it Monday is here! And so is the snow... Charleston and I managed 4 miles out there before the rain and snow started. The temp dropped super quickly though. We started our hike around 40 degrees and ended the hike around 33 degrees. We got home and I made myself some lunch. It is my new favorit... Read more

  • Mon 11/11 happy veterans day

    11/11/2019 7:59:13 PM, by ARNETTELEE

    It's Veterans Day and it's raining. Boo. Doing laundry today so that means it's dryer day. Oh well. Enjoy the holiday everyone! *************** Note: If you are a sparker who does not allow comments, please note that I appreciate your stopping by my blog. You're welcome to leave a commen... Read more

  • Toughing it out

    11/11/2019 7:58:46 PM, by WENPLUSKEN

    So, not such a great job today at attaining my personal goals for the day. I managed to get 90 minutes of exercise in but my eating wasn't as great as I had soooo many temptations surrounding me. The good news is that I didn't make terrible choices all day just for one meal and one snack. The wea... Read more

  • My life

    11/11/2019 7:40:38 PM, by BIGRENTMAN

    Round two workouts today ... Read more

  • Monday November 11 Remembrance Day/Veterans Day Gratitude

    11/11/2019 7:15:44 PM, by SISSYFEB48

    And because so many of the images show only men veterans, I want to thank all those strong dedicated women who have served and do serve.....I met many during my 13 years of service in the US Navy. ... Read more

  • Monday 11th

    11/11/2019 7:04:28 PM, by KATHY_2019

    First of all Thank You to all the Men and Women that serve in the Military. My Husband Was in the Army. It is Going on Day 4 of no Soda and No Sweets Even the Sugar Free ones. I thought i would Missed Them But So far no. Got up this Morning and Went on a Long Walk by myself i Loved it. F... Read more


    11/11/2019 6:35:53 PM, by CKEYES1

    LEST WE FORGET The two Grampas... Read more

  • Day 100!! Some workouts just don't work out! 18 days to Thanksgiving

    11/11/2019 5:37:01 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Well, the weekend went a bit poorly. I did get out for a workout on Saturday, but it was actually hot out! Some weird last heat wave before winter I guess? Well, the baby didn't like it and she started screaming at the top of her lungs at the park I was running at. I felt awful as other joggers and ... Read more

  • Pumpkin Muffins

    11/11/2019 5:36:35 PM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    For those that asked: Pumpkin Muffins 1 cup Flour 3/4 cup Whole Wheat Flour. I have used all just white flour 3 tablespoons sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice, I make my own, recipe below 1/4 teaspoon baking soda dash of salt 1 beaten egg 3/4 cup fa... Read more

  • Happy veterans day

    11/11/2019 5:16:45 PM, by WILSOD1

    Happy veterans day... Read more

  • Bike complete!!

    11/11/2019 4:30:00 PM, by S_MHANCOCK

    So glad to be getting the bike in!!... Read more

  • Bike complete!!

    11/11/2019 4:30:00 PM, by S_MHANCOCK

    So glad to be getting the bike in!!... Read more

  • Veterans Day

    11/11/2019 4:14:43 PM, by JUDY1676

    A big thanks to all the veterans and to those serving. ... Read more

  • Monday

    11/11/2019 3:26:46 PM, by ROX525

    Treadmill and laundry complete. Rainy/snowy kind of day.... Read more

  • Special Blessings-November 11, 2019

    11/11/2019 3:19:39 PM, by KATHYJO56

    Today I am especially blessed for the following: Today I would like to let our American and Canadian Veterans know how much we appreciate all that they have done to protect our Countries. We are indeed blessed. Happy Veterans and Remembrance Day! Hugs, kathy Believe... Read more


    11/11/2019 2:37:29 PM, by PICKIE98

    Ah, Michigan. Time to get the cane and shovel: white crap all over the place!... Read more

  • Monday, Monday

    11/11/2019 2:30:09 PM, by IMUSTLOSEIT1

    Monday, Monday, here you are again, It seems like it was yesterday, that you were here, At least it snowed last night, and wasn't rain. But hoping it will soon disappear. And harvest will soon regain. Yes, we did get a couple of inches of snow last night, with it only in the teens it i... Read more

  • Veterans Day

    11/11/2019 2:13:23 PM, by KITT52

    ... Read more

  • Sagging skin!!! Help

    11/11/2019 1:25:24 PM, by MIMIOFBOYS

    SP friends. I am 64 years old. I have been overweight all my life. Now back down to 200 lbs. I look like a walking bag of sagging skin!!! Any suggestions, short of plastic surgery??? I drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily. Exercise is mostly house and yard work. Thank you!!!... Read more

  • Hello my SP Friends

    11/11/2019 1:21:20 PM, by MIMIOFBOYS

    As you can see, it's been 3 weeks since I've blogged. We've been busy!! Moving in to new house, grandsons, Trunk or Treated 3 times during the week of Halloween - church, car club and subdivision. Fun!! Grandsons have had strep throat and micoplasmic (walking) pneumonia!!! My daughter trying to work... Read more

  • November 11

    11/11/2019 12:56:01 PM, by TERMITEMOM

    ... Read more

  • Birthday Magic

    11/11/2019 12:55:07 PM, by MOMMACAT57

    My birthday was yesterday, but the birthday magic started Friday evening. I just had the feeling I was really going to enjoy this birthday. Three of us at work have birthdays in November - the 5th, the 10th and the 19th. Sometimes it is a little challenging sending around birthday cards to be sig... Read more

  • Doctor Appt update

    11/11/2019 12:45:01 PM, by JENNAFATFIT

    So I joined the group of nearly half of Americans with high blood pressure apparently. I'm on medication now. What I wanted to avoid. It hasn't lowered it enough so I'll most likely have to up the dosage. Lovely. I was trying to think about back in 2014 what got me losing weight in the f... Read more

  • Armistice Day

    11/11/2019 12:37:09 PM, by DWROBERGE

    It was very nice to hear our President refer to the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and the signing of the Armistice bringing an official end of the war to end all wars WW1. This is omitted from many books today unfortunately as it is an valuable lesson that should be taught to all peop... Read more

  • sparklepeope

    11/11/2019 12:20:38 PM, by SIMPLYME47

    this place is a blessing for me 13 pounds down n I can monitor my sodium, cholesterol, fats all oif it n also be accountable for exercise n water each day love doing it 30... Read more

  • Sunday Monday

    11/11/2019 12:10:40 PM, by RO2BENT

    As if I weren't going to be sore enough from cardio kickboxing Saturday, we bought a new knock-down storage cabinet for the basement which required loading, unloading, and getting into the basement. Also wrestled a different fully assembled cabinet to the basement in preparation for kitchen remodel.... Read more

  • November 11, 2019 - Thankful and yet sad

    11/11/2019 12:09:46 PM, by DSHONEYC

    Yes, I do appreciate those who have served our country in the military. But I can't help thinking of all those others that serve outside of the military to uphold our freedoms. There are many who serve our country by trying to make it better for all it's people and to be a force for good in th... Read more

  • You ate WHAT?

    11/11/2019 11:17:56 AM, by DEDICATED2HIM

    yeah. a bag of cocoa dusted almonds. a LOT of calories and fat. (this was the night before last into yesterday. ) I tried to rally by having just some cantaloupe and cottage cheese. for dinner....but regardless, this morning I had gained 2 lbs I know all about "water weight" and "scale fluctuat... Read more

  • Monday

    11/11/2019 11:03:32 AM, by SCOOTERTVRPV

    ... Read more

  • 11/11/19 Veterans Day

    11/11/2019 10:45:50 AM, by NANASUEH

    Happy Veterans Day! "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." John F. Kennedy Thank you for your service, protection and support. "Veterans Day Thank you from a grateful nation to all who hav... Read more


    11/11/2019 10:33:48 AM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Qwll I have an appointment with my manager today to get back into the swing of things for the upcoming season. We have new rules every year so we will be discussing those, etc. Still a number of things to do for testing before we get started.... Read more