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  • Above 100 degrees F again San Antonio TX

    7/9/2020 6:27:36 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - another day in San Antonio Texas with heat warning for above 100 degrees F plus 85% or more humidity. We are also on water use restrictions at stage 2. No car wash, other than your day unable to use soaker hose around my foundation to prevent cracking/movement.... Read more

  • San Antonio Texas 103-109 degrees

    7/8/2020 4:18:24 PM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- we have a heat warning from noon till 8 pm. Temperature between 103-109. ... Read more

  • more produce

    7/7/2020 9:07:39 PM, by IMREITE

    more of my produce is starting to ripen in my garden. i picked suome peas, beans. a couple cucumbers and some zucchini. i also had 1 cherry tomato. of course we are in the middle of a heat wave so i dont want to go out and weed. i did some yesterday but i was so sweaty. i'll have to keep look... Read more

  • Steamy 🧖‍♀️ glasses

    7/7/2020 1:38:13 PM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - went out of my home at 11 am today. My glasses steamed up and real feel in the San Antonio Texas area was 100 degrees with 55% humidity. ... Read more

  • Drooling 🤤?

    7/6/2020 11:10:06 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- I have an apnea mask 😷 that hits the corner of my mouth. I guess I drool at night. I keep getting cold sores on the edge of my lips. I am drinking my water. I upped my iron and zinc for this and to help avoid Convirus-19. I have used Carmen, Vaseline and cocoa butter on m... Read more

  • Easy Brisket

    7/5/2020 7:01:35 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Unusual but good - 2-3 lbs brisket, 1 can Diet Pepsi, 10 ounces sugar free BBQ sauce, dry onion soup mix and .5 cup water. Put in 375 oven 4 hours. I took out meat and let sauce boil to get a little thicker. I thought it tasted great! I was going to go with maple recipe but required marinating a day... Read more

  • Price of Freedom ❤️🇺🇸🤠- Happy 4th!

    7/4/2020 7:55:14 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- today I thank God I am living in the 🇺🇸 USA. Many have paid the price for our freedoms - who I thank today! I also have worked with and beside others in the 👩‍✈️Military, 👮Texas Peace Officer (police), 👨‍🚒volunteer fire fighter 🧯, medic, 👩‍⚕️nurse, & 👩‍💼elected o... Read more

  • Excited 😊 cooking Beef Brisket

    7/3/2020 7:21:47 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- I am excited because beef brisket went on sale! Now I am cooking it . Reviewed Spark recipes for ideas - amazed at Maple 🍁 Brisket or another using Mexican salsa. Tell me more about that tomorrow. Question ? One member keeps leaving feed posts about earning money by going... Read more

  • kohlrabi greens experiment

    7/2/2020 9:10:03 PM, by IMREITE

    a couple days this week i added some kohlrabi greens. they did set overnight in vinigrette dressing so it they were not bitter. there were a few bites that were a touch but otherwise the taste and texture was good. tonight i sauteed the rest of them. not bad.. but not great either. i rarely sau... Read more

  • Blog - photo?

    7/2/2020 7:04:03 AM, by AOKDIET21

    Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends - I am unable to put any photos on Spark Blog but Feed has no problem taking my photos. And ideas or advice?... Read more

  • kohlrabi greens

    6/29/2020 8:10:32 PM, by IMREITE

    ive never had them before so i want to look up recipies so i can make them tasty. i have not had kohlrabi in a while so i cant remember how i liked the bulb part prepared.... Read more

  • Summer Supplements

    6/28/2020 6:18:12 PM, by DCONS001

    Vega Pre workout + .5t turmeric powder Maca Powder - .5t (smoothie) Vega Protein Powder (smoothie) NatureMade Prenatal... Read more

  • rocks and water

    6/28/2020 12:18:37 AM, by IMREITE

    we are trying to get the rock out of the flower beds in the yard. id like to use wood/plant mulch so i can split the plants better and so that when we shovel or plow snow in the winter rocks dont get tossed into the yard. my parents want some of the rocks so we dropped off some of them today. we ... Read more

  • i love moving my body

    6/26/2020 11:38:19 PM, by IMREITE

    i have a need to move and stretch. over the years i have collected or found videos that i i use for sick days, sleepy days, tight muscle days, and low energy days. i also have tunes so when in doubt i can dance (like a crazy person) in my basement i am on my butt a lot for work so sometimes ... Read more

  • rest day

    6/24/2020 11:36:56 PM, by IMREITE

    i dont take many rest days but today was a scheduled rest day in my workout challnge and i normalyl look forward to doing a fun workout. i started but after a minute, i realized my shoulders were tight and i was tired.. so i walked and stretched while watching a tv show instead. at least some more ... Read more

  • picking strawberries the easier way

    6/23/2020 12:04:05 AM, by IMREITE

    i went to a u-pick strawberries farm today. i took my 17 year old cousin. we bot h picked 2 pails. so i have 2 for myself and i could give 1 to my aunt how had knee surgery but loves fresh strawberries and my parents can get a pail.... Read more

  • Reset ... Reset ... Reset

    6/16/2020 2:41:55 PM, by REZNUT

    Time to hit that reset button because I am heading in the wrong direction again. I know that it is important to make achievable goals and to not be too strict with dietary changes, but sometimes loosening up expectations can lead to slipping off the path. That is how I ended up gaining all my ... Read more

  • sunny days

    6/15/2020 8:35:26 PM, by IMREITE

    it is supposed to get hot and humid the next few days but the last several days were great weather. time outside and some fun.... Read more

  • fogging up

    6/10/2020 11:11:40 PM, by IMREITE

    i went somewhere tonight that required i wear a mask. so far i have stated home or only going places that did not require a mask, my glasses kept fogging up so i was either taking off the mask or not wearing my glasses i am wondering if anyone found a way around the fogging up... Read more

  • eating peels

    6/10/2020 12:22:09 AM, by IMREITE

    does anyone eat the peels of their produce? apples of course but ive never had kiwi or mango peels but apparently they are edible,... Read more

  • Trying again, experiment 2

    6/9/2020 6:02:32 PM, by LACRESHAH

    I am going back to the fruit cleanse with a couple of tweaks to start with and then I will adjust as I go. Last year I did the fruit cleanse 100% as it stated and I had amazing results, I did after two weeks start adding back food and to my surprise my taste buds were also changed forever since I re... Read more