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  • Sick of Life!

    7/26/2021 3:52:39 AM, by SIMPLYME_LORI

    Why do I hate myself? I've gained so much weight since I moved to Wausau. I'm at 288, almost 289 lbs!!!!!!!! I've never been this fat! I am so disgusted by myself!! I was hoping that the move to Wausau would be positive. It's been nothing but negatives. I WANT to move back to Tomah!!!!... Read more

  • Back to the grind

    7/20/2021 11:16:46 AM, by FITSEXYKEL

    It is my first week back working out after over a year. It's been tough. I'm going to start my weight training workout after I do this blog I've struggled, a lot has happened in my life over the past 11 years since I've been here. I don't think I've logged in since 2010. I just found the site ag... Read more

  • Inflammation

    7/8/2021 4:51:17 AM, by SUNNYWAGAL

    On Tuesday my blood work came back showing I have extreme inflammation. The range is 0-20, I came back at 48. My body hurts almost all of the time where it interferes with my life. My naturopathic doctor has me on a few supplements and has asked me to look into an anti inflammatory diet. I’m not exc... Read more