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  • Balancing Act

    11/15/2019 7:51:41 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I saw this statue at Grounds for Sculpture and feel i love with it. How beautifully it portrays the elegance and grace of the dancer. I was also struck by the sense of balance. As I grow older, my sense of balance is way off, both physically and emotionally. My trainer is constantly working ... Read more

  • Should I Follow the Signs?

    11/14/2019 9:05:07 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    One of my favorite places to visit nearby is Grounds for Sculpture. It is a magical place filled with art of all kinds. On one visit I came across these signs. Though they are colorful and interesting, I found them a bit confusing. I wished there was an explanation posted nearby. I find on... Read more

  • I'm Moving Right Along!

    11/13/2019 3:47:31 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    My daughter was here visiting from last Thursday morning to Tuesday (yesterday) morning. We were very active while she was here and my back and hip started to hurt. After it happened the fourth time, hubby and I decided that I should have all four of my joint replacements checked, before I dive in... Read more

  • Another Wednesday

    11/13/2019 9:00:58 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I needed a little color in my world today. I woke up with intentions of going to a class at the gym, But my insides quickly let me know that was not going to happen. Every once in a while they act up and keep my running all day. At least I get lots of steps in!!! 334 I have to rethink... Read more

  • Expert

    11/12/2019 7:10:19 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    ONe day a friend and I were driving around following a self guiding tour to covered bridges in the area. As we were waiting at a light, we saw this sign and I had to take a photo of it. We laughed so hard we were crying. We wondered who would need this expert? A mother trying to teach her ... Read more

  • Using What's Available

    11/11/2019 8:02:58 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    This summer I was at my neighbor's and saw this birdhouse in their yard. It sure is unique and clever. They just used what they had creatively. WHo would have imagined a motor becoming a birdhouse? It made me think about the concept of using what is available. I often do that when I am pl... Read more

  • Am I looking in the rear view mirror?

    11/10/2019 9:21:40 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. I love that it is the weekend. I love that it is church day. I hate that, for me, it is weigh in day. WHen I weighed in today I had a big gain. so I began to look in the rear view mirror of my past week. I tracked all of my food, and I was ... Read more

  • Raining ginkgo leaves

    11/9/2019 9:02:45 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    We have a 100+ year old ginkgo tree in our yard. The man who had the house built in 1905 planted it as a sapling. We love this tree. It has the fan shaped leaves. In the fall the leaves turn a bright yellow. Then in one day, the tree begins to drop all of its leaves. It rains ... Read more

  • SMall steps

    11/8/2019 6:33:54 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    A few years ago, I was caring for my then young grandson. One day when we got to his bus stop, these little shoes were sitting on the bench. Aren't they adorable? I tried to imagine what little girl they belonged to and why they had been left behind. What small steps her little feet must h... Read more

  • Random thoughts

    11/7/2019 8:49:21 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Let's sit and chat today. Isn't this a lovely spot? Yesterday I went to the gym to take a circuit class. I was hoping my old friend would join me but she did not. WHile in the class, I saw the woman who also loves purple and took our photo together on MOnday. SHe called to me across the ... Read more

  • Is it genetics?

    11/6/2019 7:48:43 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    SOmetimes when I go to the doctor he will tell me a condition I have may be genetic. NO matter how much medication I take, no matter how much weight I lose, the condition will not go away or improve. This can be discouraging. I try to be thankful that I am do what I can to eat healthy, to e... Read more

  • I Rejoined The YMCA Today!

    11/5/2019 9:50:21 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    This afternoon, I drove to the YMCA, that is the closest to our house, and I rejoined! I walked all around the facility and asked lots of questions. (This is a different and older facility than the last one I joined.) An added plus is that it allows me to go to my old Y and workout too. Who knows... Read more

  • Unapologetically Purple

    11/5/2019 8:01:17 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    ANyone who knows me, knows I LOVE the color purple. That is a photo of one of my favorite shirts. Recently I posted about my insecurities when first going to the gym. Let me tell you about yesterday when I went. It all started last week. I got a Facebook message from someone who I had... Read more

  • My Surgeon Says I Can Return to The Gym!

    11/4/2019 8:19:46 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I was so excited, I had a hard time sleeping last night! Today was the day that my wrist/hand surgeon would determine if I can go back to working out! There was one area of concern. The area is on the outside of my wrist near my wrist bone. The surgeon had to put in a permanent “stitch” into tha... Read more

  • Every 4 Hours!

    11/4/2019 7:59:25 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    This is how I looked yesterday. It was not my favorite day. !5 months ago I began seeing a doctor who specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement and metabolism. Before I met with him for the first time, and twice a year there after, I have to have extensive blood work done (they dra... Read more

  • My Two Day Project

    11/3/2019 7:04:14 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Since I already had the dining room table set up with craft supplies, I decided to go ahead and do my son-in-law's Christmas ornament. He insists that if he is going to receive an ornament for Christmas, it needs to be hand made for him. We all have our own little quirks, likes and dislikes. Last ... Read more

  • My Big Ten Day Craft Project

    11/3/2019 6:41:38 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Despite having a bum hand, my SIL insisted that I "help" her with a craft project. Translation..."Would you fix a Christmas decoration for me?" I tried avoiding it but for some reason she kept insisting. I caved into her request and ended up doing it. Here are pictures of my ten day project. ... Read more

  • Family Time

    11/3/2019 6:13:04 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I struggle with feelings of self worth. I always have. I believe that because of my weight that others do not like me. Even though I have a husband, three children and a grandson who love me. I come from a pretty big extended family. My Dad was the oldest of five siblings. My MOm was... Read more

  • Come Fly With Me

    11/2/2019 7:32:05 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    SOme days I wish I could just fly over obstacles in my way. Thursday night we had tornado warnings during the night. The wind was so loud. At one point I heard a bang and wondered what had come down. WHen I got up Friday morning I heard a humming. Usually in any kind of a storm we lose ... Read more

  • Does anyone really look?

    11/1/2019 8:01:31 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I have been going to the same gym for 10 years. I know many people and they know me. When I first joined I was very self conscious thinking I was the fattest person there. I imagined people were staring at me trying to use the machines. I began training one on one and started becoming... Read more

  • I'm Getting Close To Working Out!

    10/31/2019 4:49:06 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Today, I asked my therapist when I can return to working out. She told me that there shouldn't be any restrictions on me at this point other than weight lifting restrictions! Of course this has to be cleared by my doctor first, but if he agrees, I'll be thrilled. Please keep in mind that water wo... Read more

  • Halloween

    10/31/2019 8:13:59 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Happy Halloween! WHen our kids were growing up, it was during the time when there were many scares about razors in candy and other awful things. We decided not to risk letting our kids go around to stranger houses. Instead we took them out to their favorite place (pizza) for dinner. Next... Read more

  • Keys

    10/30/2019 7:10:54 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Recently we visited Steamtown, which is like a train museum. I saw this cabinet of keys on the wall. All of my adult life I have been searching for the right key, that magic key which will unlock the secret to weight loss and magically make me never gain another ounce. Even if I tried eac... Read more

  • Life is good

    10/29/2019 7:00:16 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Do you recognize that face from the Life is Good brand? I keep telling myself "life is good" even when it isn't. SOme days I just cannot catch a break. ONe thing after another goes wrong. My driveway is blocked by construction vehicles from next door and I need to get to an appointment.... Read more

  • Life's Pathway

    10/28/2019 6:21:59 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Recently we visited Cornell Arboretum in Ithaca, NY. There were many beautiful pathways just to enjoy nature. Life has many pathways. Each choice we make takes us down a certain path. I admit, I do not always take the best one. Even so, I just need to move on. About ten years ago one o... Read more

  • Party time!

    10/27/2019 9:46:50 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    A few weeks ago I won a contest. The prize was a new chest freezer, along with ten pints of a special ice cream flavor, as well as selected organic foods from a local market. The freezer was delivered soon thereafter. then I went to the ice cream shop to pick up the other prizes. Last ... Read more

  • Looking closer

    10/26/2019 9:24:45 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Hidden among the beautiful fall foliage is a little water fall. IN this photo I took in Ithaca, NY, it seems like just a trickle. IN reality it was a powerful stream of water, from high in the hills. Things, even people, are not always what they first seem. When I first joined the gym, I... Read more

  • Making Progress!

    10/25/2019 10:35:36 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I was surprised at how long it has been since I blogged! I'm making slow, steady, painful progress. The doctor wasn't kidding when he stressed how painful this is. The good part is that although I have pain (okay, sometimes throbbing pain) it is nothing like it was before the surgery. It really ... Read more

  • Crossing Bridges

    10/25/2019 7:58:27 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I took this photo in Ithaca NY. When I turned around from the waterfall, I saw this lovely fall scene. I find this weight loss, getting healthy journey to be challenging Many days I wake up and do not want to make the effort. It would be so much easier to roll over in bed instead of getti... Read more

  • Chasing Waterfalls 5

    10/24/2019 7:05:49 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I took this in Ithaca, NY. I love the cascading water. Because it has been raining, the falls were fuller and just beautiful. My husband does a lot of overnight traveling for work. Usually he is gone 2 to 3 nights every other week. But the past few months the travel has been such that he... Read more

  • Chasing Waterfalls 4

    10/23/2019 9:22:53 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    This was taken in Ithaca NY. I just love the way the fall colors pop around the beautiful waterfall. Sometimes our surroundings impact our decisions and attitude. But we have a choice how to respond. The house next door to us was sold last April. The new owners have been having it ren... Read more

  • WIthin You and WIthout You

    10/22/2019 8:35:38 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    I am a Beatles fan. I have been since I was in high school. I still listen to their records. George was my favorite. Thus the title of this blog. This photo was taken at the Cornell Arboretum in Ithaca, NY. I love how vibrant the colors are. The shape is also lovely. For some reason... Read more

  • Chasing Waterfalls 3

    10/21/2019 8:28:16 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Good Monday MOrning! This waterfall was kind of hidden behind a tree. But I like the way it looks peeking out. Even in the rain it was lovely. There is something soothing about the sound of cascading water. I live in a beautiful spot right on the Delaware River. We have a lot of establ... Read more

  • Chasing Waterfalls 2

    10/20/2019 7:48:34 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    Ithaca, NY is known for its waterfalls. This is the first one we saw. This was the best angle I could get. The fall colors were amazing. I live with back pain. I have for many years. Walking any distance is painful. My back seizes. During this trip I pushed myself. I was motivated... Read more

  • Chasing Waterfalls

    10/19/2019 8:11:23 AM, by RUTHIEBEAR

    It rained the whole time. Hubby and I went away for three days to Ithaca, NY area to chase fall foliage and waterfalls. The motto there is "Ithaca is Gorges" ( a play on gorgeous). The area is known for the number of water falls. There was a Nor'easter predicted as we were driving to ... Read more