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  • So much pain

    10/17/2019 7:48:56 AM, by GRETA242

    So I'm in physical therapy for pain. It isn't helping. It seems to add to my pain, but still I go and hope for the best. I'm supposed to get a membership to the local YMCA and use their pool to walk. I'm not sure how since walking is very painful. How is everyone else?... Read more

  • Back to Work

    9/27/2019 2:36:59 AM, by GRETA242

    Yesterday, I returned to work. It was a horrendous day with plenty of up and down activity more than what I was used to even before I went off on leave. By the end of the day, my muscles in my back and legs were stressing. I was so glad when the day ended. I came home, ate dinner, listened to an mp3... Read more

  • Walking Better

    9/23/2019 1:20:05 AM, by GRETA242

    So the pain isn't gone completely, but I'm walking better. I still use a cane, but that first step isn't so painful. I still hesitate when taking that first step with my weight on my left side, but it's a lot better than it was. I should be able to go back to work this week. I know my weight i... Read more

  • Pain is better

    9/22/2019 9:51:13 AM, by GRETA242

    I don't have as much pain now. I did some hard praying yesterday and asked the Lord to take away the pain. I still have pain, but it is much better. For those of you who experience pain, how did you get through it? What worked or didn't work for you? Prayer and focusing on other things he... Read more