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  • My 40th Birthday today.

    10/15/2019 11:29:10 AM, by -POOKIE-

    A big present I chose for myself is a replacement engagement ring. This is an Art Deco ring from the 1920`s we found on an independent antique jewellers. I just love it. So different. (the saga of why I need a replacement is long and annoying!) I got some other lovely presents from my... Read more

  • Sept 14th to Oct 12th Measurements

    10/12/2019 8:26:02 AM, by LAUGHIN_ME_THIN

    Good Morning! I hope everyone has a great Saturday. Onto my measurements =) MEASUREMENTS _____Sept 14th__Oct 12th_Difference Weight-- 170.6__164.4___-6.2 lb BF %---41.5%___39.1%___-2.4% BMI----29.2___28.2___-1.0 Neck---13.75___13.50___-0.25 Bicep--11.00__11.00___+/-0 Bu... Read more

  • Merry go Round

    10/10/2019 3:39:45 PM, by TXTOT84

    I am writing this to hopefully motivate someone! That special someone who feels lost, alone, confused or even just contemplating if all this constant hard work is worth it! In June this year I had gotten down to the smallest I had been since High School. Even though I was still 175lbs, I looked gr... Read more

  • 61st in 4th Cookery Challenge: Proper Baked Beans, Jamie Oliver's, Veg.

    10/9/2019 5:18:49 AM, by -POOKIE-

    This was meant to be topped with a bread layer to go crunchy, but I left that off. Also added more paprika as I don't have sweet smoked, only hot smoked, so added more ordinary and a little liquid smoke. Also added Henderson's Relish which is a vegetarian sauce very similar to Worcestershire S... Read more

  • Link: 20 Of The Coziest Fall Recipes Without Any Meat

    10/8/2019 8:14:39 AM, by -POOKIE-
    od-recipes Indian Coconut Butter Cauliflower.... mmm!! 481... Read more

  • Link: 21 Autumn Recipes To Make In October

    10/4/2019 8:01:07 AM, by -POOKIE-
    on/october-recipes The broccoli bean soup is such a glorious colour! 780... Read more

  • I'm not the @$$ I?

    10/1/2019 4:38:40 PM, by -POOKIE-

    So my in-laws have a small Yorkshire Terrier. They have completely failed to train him to do the right thing. They have however managed to teach him bad things like bark every time anybody says cat or rat, or to growl at stuff on TV, or beg for "doggy tax" bits of food. So he IS trainable. ... Read more

  • Link: 29 Cozy Fall Recipes For Vegans, Vegetarians, And Creative Cooks.

    9/30/2019 7:56:12 AM, by -POOKIE-
    son/cozy-vegan-fall-recipes I have seen several recipes suggesting maple and tahini mixture of flavours, it sounds good, I am going to try this week on vegetable roasting day (Thursday!). 147 465 574... Read more

  • Fireworks and feeling like a kid

    9/28/2019 10:03:31 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi All Here is my SparkGuy email going out tonight: ** Hello SparkMembers I hope you had a great week! Today I'll share a story about an experience I had over the summer when I attended a minor league baseball game with some friends. This was the first baseball game I had att... Read more

  • Spark10 Challenge Day 7

    9/27/2019 9:02:26 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Happy Friday SparkPeeps! Today was another busy day, but I did 12 minutes on the exercise bike as a break for Day 7! Hope you had a good day. SparkCheers! Chris ... Read more

  • Spark10 Challenge Day 6

    9/26/2019 10:56:37 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Still feeling a bit under the weather, but not much. So took it easy with 10 minutes on the exercise bike while reading a book. How about you? SparkCheers! Chris ... Read more

  • Well, well, we are again!

    9/26/2019 2:27:43 PM, by MELISA1980

    It's time to get super serious about my weight loss goals...again. The last 3 years have been a struggle to get the weight down, and keep it down. My part-time office job has done nothing to help me with this. Nor has the almost constant treats that my co-workers have brought in to share with us ... Read more

  • Still around...

    9/26/2019 12:12:24 PM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    This is about how I am feeling on a permanent basis these days... I keep meaning to start posting again and keeping up, but too tired... recently, I had to undergo a radical mastectomy- thank God no cancerous cells to my knowledge at least, but had an ulcerated suture line due to skin deterioration... Read more

  • Greta Thunberg.

    9/26/2019 8:11:48 AM, by -POOKIE-

    What an amazing young woman she is. Her words and actions are wise beyond her years.... Read more

  • Spark10 Challenge Day 5

    9/25/2019 11:19:11 PM, by SPARKGUY

    I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, but not too bad. So, I took it pretty easy with fitness. My highlights were a short walk with Flash to get him outside and 10 minutes on the exercise bike. I'm wimping out on photo today and using this :) How was your day? SparkCheers... Read more

  • Spark10 Challenge Day 4

    9/24/2019 11:09:02 PM, by SPARKGUY

    This will be quick because I had a late work day :). My highlight was 20 minutes on the exercise bike. Hope you had a great day! Sorry for the terrible photo :) SparkCheers! Chris ... Read more

  • 60th in 4th Cookery Challenge: Marsala Stuffed Peppers, Jamie Oliver's, Veg.

    9/24/2019 12:57:37 PM, by -POOKIE-

    Few changes... Obviously! Butternut squash in the filling instead of sweet potato. Almonds instead of pistachios topping as they were open and need using. Forgot coriander and I added a lot more paneer than suggested as the dish needed more protein. I added chili flakes to the grow... Read more

  • Spark10 Challenge Day 3

    9/23/2019 10:54:58 PM, by SPARKGUY

    My highlights today were exercise bike and a short hike with Flash! He's always happy to get outside even though he doesn't look too happy in this photo :). I think he was confused about what I was trying to do getting him to stay still by the sign. How was your day? SparkCheers! ... Read more

  • 59th in 4th Cookery Challenge: Apple Dappy!

    9/23/2019 8:05:00 AM, by -POOKIE-

    574 Autumn Equinox celebration! 574 Got this recipe from an old book from charity stall, interesting, there is a Christmas Cake recipe I am going to try for this year as well. This was tasty, low fat pastry/dough, but it wasn't low sugar! Loads of fruit though. I added a lot more s... Read more

  • First Business Trip Highlights and Day 2

    9/22/2019 9:13:02 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi All I hope you are having a great weekend! Here is my Day 2 photo: I think I'll not mark the day/date on the photo so I don't have to print 1,000 sheets of paper if I do this for a long time :). My highlight was playing football with my 13yo son and my brother. it was fun t... Read more

  • We found a rock!

    9/22/2019 4:48:23 AM, by -POOKIE-

    We walked into town yesterday and we found a rock! So now we need to make a rock for somebody else to find! I don't have a Twitter account so can't find any more information about the project sadly.... Read more

  • The Spark10 Challenge

    9/21/2019 9:37:31 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hello SparkMembers I took a break from writing over the summer, but have started back up on my blog and this is my first "SparkGuy email" this fall. Today, I will share a fun challenge I'm starting called The Spark10 Challenge. As I shared in my brain surgery story, my neurosurgeon to... Read more

  • Link: Autumn Comfort Food Recipes Without Meat Or Dairy

    9/20/2019 8:54:49 AM, by -POOKIE-
    ecipes I don't know why, but my little girl wants to make stuffed giant pasta shells, I don't know where she has seen them!! Do you cook the pasta right through first and just be careful?? 574... Read more