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  • Weigh-in 2/23/2020

    2/23/2020 10:00:26 AM, by DIET2011LMP

    Rough week. On Prednisone from a car accident. Prednisone is NOT weight management’s friend. I consider ONLY up .4 as good as a .4 loss. Ate a lot of high sodium foods. ... Read more

  • Weigh-in 2/16/2020

    2/16/2020 11:34:27 AM, by DIET2011LMP

    Still headed in the right direction. 244 ... Read more


    2/10/2020 8:26:32 PM, by CAROLJ35

    I did not realize I had a collection of at least 50 lovely valentines until I started to display them today. Every year I put some out but don't think I ever tried displaying all of them. Most are from my husband of nearly 66 years, some from my sister and great nieces. but the real prize is one s... Read more

  • 10 lbs lost

    2/10/2020 2:59:53 PM, by DIET2011LMP

    ... Read more

  • Weigh-in 2/9/2020

    2/9/2020 12:00:39 PM, by DIET2011LMP

    Tired this week I admit I did not work out as hard this week but did work out. Looking at my past trends I am very pleased with no loss at least no gain. The trend of the last 3 months shows I usually jump big this week. ... Read more

  • Un-official weight so just a check in

    2/5/2020 7:43:42 PM, by DIET2011LMP

    I weigh myself daily to earn points on other sights. Although I use my weekly WW weigh-in for this site's blog. Today I am going to give a mini update today I broke the 180lb mark. My first mini goal is 175 it looks like I could make it in February. I do not count it until it has been at the w... Read more

  • Weigh-in 2/2/2020

    2/2/2020 1:14:41 PM, by DIET2011LMP

    Ruff week but still a loss. ... Read more

  • Weigh-in 1/26/2020

    1/26/2020 12:14:32 PM, by DIET2011LMP

    Caught up on goal deficits. I will reevaluate the goals after this week. ... Read more