Shared Diet & Fitness Trackers

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  Username: Daily Goals Achieved:
PATTI24  Food tracked: Banana, fresh, 0.5 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long)
ARCHIMEDESII  Exercise tracked: Circuit training (including boot camp workouts) - 75 minute(s)
ROBERTSONL  Food tracked: Banana, fresh, 1 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long)
MM11113  Exercise tracked: Running or jogging: 10 mph (6 minutes per mile) - 12 minute(s)
AGGIEKBEAR03  Food tracked: Yogurt, Yoplait Whips Strawberry Mist, 1 serving
SPARKPLUGG  Food tracked: Betsy's Pasture Raised Eggs, 120 gram
BLAULKEIM  Exercise tracked: Calisthenics: moderate - 30 minute(s)
LORIANNA62  Food tracked: 0. Beef: Meatballs*, 1 serving
MYBABYBEARS  Food tracked: Raisins, 0.25 cup (not packed)
PEARCEJ  Food tracked: arnold organic 100% whole grain bread, 1 slice
SHELLYNMCD  Food tracked: ensure active high pro, 8 oz
EARNER2  Food tracked: breakfast casserole (egg, cheese, sausage), 1 serving
MUMZIE1953  Food tracked: Minute Maid Orange Juice Original, 8 oz
DSHONEYC  Food tracked: Cheerios Cereal, original , 1 cup (1 serving)
WICHYWOMAN  Food tracked: KIND (Nuts & Spices Bar - Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan), 1 serving
ONEDAY@ATIME1  Exercise tracked: Cardio Dancing (including aerobic dance, Zumba, Hip Hop HUSTLE) - 60 minute(s)
PAULHEAD  Food tracked: Oatmeal, Quaker Real Medley, Cherry Pistachio (73 g), 1 serving
JGANSHORN  Food tracked: Folgers Classic Roast Coffee, 2 serving
BRAZENRAINBOW  Exercise tracked: Elliptical Trainer - 35 minute(s)
LIFEISGOODONCC  Food tracked: No cow bar, 1.2 oz
ROSIEGRIER  Food tracked: Banana, fresh, 1 small (6" to 6-7/8" long)
MSTEUDEM  Food tracked: Amy's burrito beans rice cheddar cheese, 1 serving
AZTEC57  Food tracked: Three meat pizza, 1 pizza
SELENA1964  Food tracked: Walmart Lean Ground Beef 93/7, 3 oz
RACYCLOUD  Food tracked: Grapes, Red or Green seedless 25 grapes, 1 cup
NISSANGIRL  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 60 minute(s)
SUSANLEUEN  Exercise tracked: Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning - 10 minute(s)
KCTIGERTOM  Food tracked: McDonald's Sausage/Egg/Cheese on English Muffin, 1 serving
MNGIRL85  Food tracked: every plate tuscan herbed chicken, 1 serving
REDHEAD582  Food tracked: Jif Creamy Peanut Butter, reduced fat, 1 tbsp
RICHE38  Food tracked: Almond Biscotti First Street, 1 serving
MELMALONE  Food tracked: Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 10 fl oz
VBROOKSUTK  Food tracked: quaker instant oatmeal banana and maple, 2 serving
JACKIEANN711  Food tracked: Lay's Chips - salt and vinegar 17 chips, 1 oz
THEFITTCHICK  Exercise tracked: Boxing - 50 minute(s)
LISA_AT_50  Food tracked: Lily's Dark Chocolate- Original, 30 gram
CEITSMOM  Food tracked: 1 tbsp international delight french vanilla coffee creamer, 2 tbsp
ZLWIDOW  Food tracked: Milk, 2%, with added nonfat milk solids, without added vit A, 12 fl oz
WELCH1997  Food tracked: Breyer's Carb Smart Almond Bar, 1 serving
BABYSTEPS2015  Food tracked: Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 7.77 fl oz
FIT_TERI  Exercise tracked: Orangetheory (general) - 45 minute(s)
NAB_85  Food tracked: Herbalife Shake + Protein, 1.25 serving
DR-SEA-N-SKI   Exercise tracked: Abdominal - Bar Rolls  - 3 set(s), 10 rep(s)
KW_ATX1  Food tracked: White Bread, 1 slice
BAREFOOTN  Food tracked: Country Crock, Shedd's Spread Country Crock Light (Soft), 1 Tbsp , 1 serving
FITNESS_ELLE  Food tracked: Home Made Beef Stew, 12 oz
LIDDY09  Exercise tracked: Walking: 4.6 mph (13 minutes per mile) - 10 minute(s)
TEESEEBUG  Food tracked: Pizza Hut Medium Hand Tossed Pepperoni Pizza (1 slice), 1 serving
SIOBHANKNITS  Food tracked: Oatmeal, Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats, thick cut, 0.75 cup
BONNIEBELLE1969  Food tracked: greek yogurt fat free Kirkand, 0.75 cup