Shared Diet & Fitness Trackers

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  Username: Daily Goals Achieved:
KNITTINGFROG  Food tracked: Decaffeinated Coffee, 1 cup (8 fl oz)
TGAIL62  Exercise tracked: Cycling 12-13.9 mph (bicycle, biking, bike riding) - 30 minute(s)
NACKLIN  Food tracked: Almonds, 10 almond
PLANTPOWERGIRL  Food tracked: fazlani chick peas curry with basmati rice, 1 1/2 container
YENGLISH100  Food tracked: Johnsonville Brat (Original) - 1 Brat, 1.5 serving
SASSIBUNNY  Exercise tracked: Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning - 12 minute(s)
NORADOOLEY  Food tracked: Frito Lay Frito chips, 1 oz
SASSYJAY  Exercise tracked: Heavy Cleaning or house cleaning - 30 minute(s)
MARINA46  Food tracked: Fried Egg, 2 large
DEBASER2  Food tracked: Prunes, dried, 5 prune
ELLEMIR  Food tracked: Herta Classic Pork Frankfurter (one frankfurter= 1 35g serving), 3 serving
IMPROVING4ME  Food tracked: Super Pretzel Brand Frozen Soft Pretzels, 3 serving
JONICH11792  Food tracked: nestle mini drums, 2 cone
SOOZIEQUE55  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3.5 mph (17 minutes per mile) - 111 minute(s)
LLTHOMAS1117  Food tracked: Amy's Dairy Free Vegetable Pot Pie, 1 Bowl
LATOIJA  Food tracked: Baked Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream (10 Chips), 0.4 serving
WINTERSOLDIER83  Food tracked: Happy Tot Sweet Potato, Apple, Carrot, and Cinnamon (1 pouch), 1 serving
DEBBRALE  Food tracked: Popcorn, air-popped, 8 cup
SCOTIA2KIDS  Food tracked: Wasa crackers, light rye, 4 serving
FSTEWARTLA  Food tracked: Jack-in-the-Box: Hot Mess Burger w/sourdough toasted Bread 1 sandwich, 0.75 serving
MYRNACARRIER  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.3 mph (26 minutes per mile) - 55 minute(s)
ISISNIRA  Exercise tracked: Circuit training (including boot camp workouts) - 25 minute(s)
EOWYN24241  Food tracked: Chinese Steamed Bun, pork and vegetable, 1 serving
SLIMMERKIWI  Food tracked: Harvest Blended Peanut Oil, 10 mls
GETMYVEROBACK  Food tracked: Beef, round steak, 2 oz
POETICD  Food tracked: Herbal Tea, 1 cup (8 fl oz)
RONIGH  Food tracked: Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 304 grams
BRANDESKA  Food tracked: Popcorners Flex Protein Crisps, barbeque (1 oz, 24 crisps), 1 oz
ZANDRA  Exercise tracked: Treadmill: 2.5 mph (24 minutes per mile) - 30 minute(s)
HEALTHYANDSLIM1  Food tracked: Espresso, 1 serving
NVRGIVINGUP  Food tracked: FBomb Salt & Pepper Pork Stick, 0.5 serving(s)
FIBREPERSON  Food tracked: Popsicle Brand Popsicle, 1 serving
BELEDIGRRL  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 45 minute(s)
GRANNYSUE9  Food tracked: Milk, nonfat, 1 cup
KARENHOLT2  Food tracked: Spinach, fresh, 40 grams
APODDER  Food tracked: Panera avocado egg white spinach power sandwich, 1 serving
TOONTRGNG  Food tracked: Silk Almond Coconut Milk Unsweetened, 12 oz
CMB113  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2.85 mph (21 minutes per mile) - 5 minute(s)
ENDUROVET  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3 mph (20 minutes per mile)  - 31 minute(s)
CAROOR  Food tracked: Melaleuca Heart Healthy Fiberwise Peach Cobbler Bars, 1 bar
RAGEROOLZ  Food tracked: Weight Watchers Smart Ones Fetuccini Alfredo, 1 serving
EKC1983  Exercise tracked: Frisbee - general - 50 minute(s)
JCSATTERLEE  Food tracked: Milk -Silk Pure Almond Milk, unsweetened vanilla, 1 cup
TOJOHO2005  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3 mph (20 minutes per mile)  - 18 minute(s)
MYAH150  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3.5 mph (17 minutes per mile) - 50 minute(s)
CHRISV28  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3.75 mph (16 minutes per mile) - 25 minute(s)
NSMANN  Exercise tracked: Walking: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile) - 35 minute(s)
JAEBAEBEE  Exercise tracked: Walking: 3.3 mph (18 minutes per mile) - 62 minute(s)
SHAWFAN  Food tracked: Regular Coffee, brewed from grounds, 12 fl oz
GETCHAN  Food tracked: 2 egg omlette - mushroom, pepper, onion, tomato, broccoli, ham & cheese, 0.5 serving