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Happy Birthday! Onederland! Twenty pounds lost and other good news!
Thursday, September 10, 2015      9 comments

Hello Sparkpeople! How are YOU today? Is it sunny where you are? Did you catch your favorite song on the radio? Have you genuinely smile today? Well if not, tell me, I'll send some good vibes your way, because today is a GREAT day!!! ... Read more
I am now unemployed...
Wednesday, September 02, 2015      5 comments

Maybe some of you know already, but I lost my job. My boss called me in his office Monday afternoon to tell me they had to cut me and two other people. We were a team of 12, so those are quite drastic cuts. It has nothing to do with me, or the q... Read more
Oh my Cheese where art thou?
Saturday, August 29, 2015      6 comments

Aaaaaah cheese! My dear, dear cheese! I miss you sooooo much! It's so hard not to have you! Melty and stringy mozzarella, or savoury parmesan, or sa... Read more
Breakfast recipe: Colourful breakfast bowl
Monday, August 24, 2015      2 comments

I did it! Yesterday at the party, I resist beer, chips, pizza and POUTINE (if you don't know what that is, google it, it's gross and delicious! lol) This week, my boyfriend and I are enjoying one last week of vacation this summer. This morn... Read more
LARP is a good workout!
Sunday, August 23, 2015      3 comments

I don't know if many of you are familiar with LARPs, not sure you know what LARPing is... But let me tell you, it can't be quite the workout! LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing. It means a bunch of people get together (it can be 10 ... Read more
I forgot how good it is when I cook!
Friday, August 21, 2015      4 comments

OK, maybe that will sound pretentious, but I think I'm a good cook, even a pretty good cook. I know what tastes good together, and I like to experiment. But lately, I was just putting stuff on my plate. Frozen potatoes and chicken nuggets fo... Read more
New Sparkpage and prepping for the weekend
Thursday, August 20, 2015      1 comments

Doing Whole30 is, for me, fairly easy when at home, during the week. I'm about to face my first challenge: THE WEEKEND DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!! *Cue dramatic organ music!* For this very first weekend, I have a LARP planned (Live-Action Role Pla... Read more
Whole30 : Day 2
Tuesday, August 18, 2015      2 comments

I'm now in the middle of Day 2, and I feel great! Yesterday evening, I worked a lot in the kitchen to prepare many staples for the Whole30. I now have homemade mayo, ghee, 3 litres of bone broth and scotch eggs. Speaking of which I had ... Read more
Whole 30 : Day 1
Monday, August 17, 2015      2 comments

Here we are, first day of my first Whole30. I'm not as ready as I wanted to be, because yesterday I was super tired after the camping, and it was SO HOT in my 3rd floor appartment. I did packed my lunch, a salad with shredded carrots, cucum... Read more
To quote Monica: I need a plan!
Wednesday, August 12, 2015      3 comments

''I need a plan. A plan to get over my man. What's the opposite of man? JAM!'' Any Friends fans in the house? No? Just me? Ok so no, I'm not planning on making jam anytime soon. But I spent my evening planning for next week, and I no... Read more
Well it seems I'm back...
Wednesday, August 12, 2015      3 comments

Hello people of the internet! Yup, that girl is back... which mean I'm still not a hot and lean mean machine, but I'm still willing to work on myself! I don't have much time to write tonight because I'm planning my very first Whole30 r... Read more
GOOOOOAAAAALLLL (well for BLC at least!)
Wednesday, April 09, 2014      13 comments

Hello Sparkpeople wonderful friends and random blogs readers (I do that too :P). Today was the last weigh-in of BLC 24, a 12-weeks weightloss challenge. And, like you might have understand with my blog title, I reached my goal for the chall... Read more
...and it seems I won't be getting anymore sleep soon!!!
Tuesday, March 25, 2014      7 comments

Here's my schedule from today until april 3th. I work monday-friday 7:30-4:00. Tonight: Choir practice Tomorrow: Zumba + singing practice for a friend's mom's funeral Thursday: Prayer gatering (in the style of Taizé if you know ... Read more
I need more sleep
Tuesday, March 25, 2014      4 comments

Why is it when I get something under control, something else just go flying. I can't balance nutrition, exercise and sleeping it seems. I feel like I can only pick 2 out of three! Lately, the sleeping is the one I left out. I've been super... Read more
Working out feels good!
Saturday, March 22, 2014      3 comments

I know, it's a shocking revelation! Working out feels good! Who knew!!! Well I knew. But I forgot about it. Now that I'm working on my workout routine, I'm rediscovering the good feeling of sweat and sore muscles. Today, I did a 40 min... Read more

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