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Wednesday - April 14
Wednesday, April 14, 2021      2 comments

Am tired - and when I am tired, I am cold. So may bake bread to warm up the kitchen. We have been dealing with Safeway since Sunday re our Shop and Go. Love being able to order on line and then pick up. However, now our account want... Read more
Daily Exercise
Wednesday, April 07, 2021      3 comments

I am one who begins each month - with great ideas - and then get distracted - have physical limitations and just "give up:"!! But that gets me nowhere - except now have a walker and have a hard time walking sometimes. But, now that Spring... Read more
Kitchen Makeover - March 23
Tuesday, March 23, 2021      3 comments

Just read an article featured on my Start Page - about kitchen makeover. So many good ideas. I live in a small apartment so the dining area and kitchen are combined. Therefore, a very small kitchen area. This article had some good... Read more
Friday, March 12
Friday, March 12, 2021      2 comments

Almost finished sorting my yarns - and deciding what to keep and what to discard. Next will be books. I have already taken a few to the library but some will just be thrown away. These are some of the Bible studies I have done and some a... Read more
Tuesday, March 9
Tuesday, March 09, 2021      1 comments

I am so looking forward to Spring and Summer = love the warmer weather. It is still 'cold" here - my son is just the opposite - he loves the colder weather. Still in the sorting process - going thru my yarns again. Will not keep all that... Read more
Monday, March 08, 2021      2 comments

Boy, am I behind!! Already March and I have not updated my focus for the year. This "lock down" in Oregon has taken a tole on me!! Just can;t seem to get motivated. We do not get out much - just a few errands and then we do not even get ou... Read more
Tuesday, February 2
Tuesday, February 02, 2021      1 comments

Did a bit in the entry - but mostly cleaned out the fridge. Did gather a few items to be tossed and placed them by the front door - and Geoff took them to the trash bin. So at least did make a start!!... Read more
Monday, February 01, 2021      0 comments

Well, that is not going so good!! Geoff and I keep talking about it - but can't seem to get started. So today, the first of February, will try - no guarantees. I am good at making plans, but not so good at executing them!! First, wil... Read more
January 13
Wednesday, January 13, 2021      2 comments

This year's focus will be to downsize = again! My son and I did when we moved here to Pendleton about 15 years ago. And we have gathered so much "stuff" - time to do it again! I have a collection of yarn that I may never use - so will of... Read more
Friday, December 18, 2020      1 comments

What a year this has been!! So many ups and downs. Have been more stressed than usual - Covid 19, the election, all the fires here in Oregon - and a family situation that is finally being resolved. But all in all, God has been fait... Read more
Our Town
Sunday, August 30, 2020      5 comments

We have protestors here in Pendleton this weekend. Peaceful so far. Yesterday they were walking down our street. It is mostly one lane, one way - so a couple of people who live in my apartment building were not able to get home. Antifa... Read more
Once Again!!
Tuesday, August 25, 2020      2 comments

How many times do I start over - well, not actually begin, perhaps just pick up again. This isolation has taken a tole on this ol' lady. Here in Pendleton we were back at base level for a few weeks and are now in Phase one - again. And th... Read more
Sunday, July 05, 2020      1 comments

What a time we are living in!! But, we should not really be surprised as it has been predicted many times in the Bible and also in books written in recent years. "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there... Read more
Wednesday, June 17, 2020      1 comments

We were sick most of February and then in March the coronavirus hit!! I have been isolated most of the time - orders from my son and daughter. So most of our shopping was done by Eric, my son-in-law. What a trooper!! But now we are abl... Read more
Monday, March 02, 2020      1 comments

Finally!! We have put away all our "cold" meds. I think we are finally over that "crud". My son, Geoff, and I were sick about 3 weeks. Now, so ready for 'Spring. I have daffodils blooming and have not even been out to look at them -... Read more

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