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Finishing out the year....
Sunday, October 17, 2010      3 comments

I have set some goals or more like milestones for myself to finish out 2010 strong. I started off strong, but the middle 6 months were rough so I want to kill it these last couple of months of 2010. Weigh-Ins: This is where I would like to ... Read more
Faux Frying/ ENELL Sports bras
Saturday, October 16, 2010      3 comments

Just wanted to share a few good finds this week--- I am becoming so addicted to faux frying suggested by Hungry Girl. Basically you dip whatever it is you are baking into EggBeaters and then dip it in ground up Fiber 1 and any spices you wa... Read more
Weightloss or Age?
Friday, October 15, 2010      8 comments

One thing I have noticed this past year is that the veins on the back of my hands are popping out and are very noticeable... And today I was trying some shorts at KOHLS and OMG! I do not have a full length mirror at home... I about passed out wh... Read more
I want to look like this again!
Thursday, October 14, 2010      9 comments

This photo was just taken this past May. And right after, I promptly started regaining weight. Even though I am only about 10 lbs heavier right now... it seems so little, ... Read more
Why do I have time to blog?
Wednesday, October 13, 2010      3 comments

I didn't make it to the gym this morning... Grrr.... Trying not to beat myself up over it. I did so well yesterday. My calorie burn was 2871 according to my BodyBugg. That's the highest it has been in a long time. I had a low calorie day, until ... Read more
Lord, Help me get thru this week!
Monday, October 11, 2010      4 comments

I had today off. The day started out great! I woke up later than I had wanted, but Brett and I made it out to the track and I ran 3 miles. That is starting to be normal for me! I love it! I am setting a goal to get under 30 minutes by the end of... Read more
Race Questions for the veterans...
Sunday, October 10, 2010      6 comments

I am still on a high from running my 5K yesterday. I am busy researching the next race and have some questions. First of all, where can I find where races are being offered? I sure wish they would advertise better. The ONLY thing I have com... Read more
I ran my first 5K today!!!!
Saturday, October 09, 2010      19 comments

Me and my running partner... my 12 yr old son, Brett! I LOVED every single minute of it. I never imagined it would be so much stinking fun!!!! The atmosphere was real... Read more
Treadmill vs Track
Sunday, October 03, 2010      7 comments

Yesterday was my easy, relaxing, BLAH day..... I took 2, yes TWO, naps and still went to bed early. How sad is that? LOL! Eating was OK... Naps definitely trigger the desire to binge, but I was able to stop before it got out of control. So ... Read more
End of the month & date night
Thursday, September 30, 2010      5 comments

Last day of September... It was not what I had hoped for or planned, but it is over and here begins October. I love the start of a new month, but this time I am going to be more relaxed and easy going about my goals. I am going to weigh in ... Read more
Day 2 of Moderation (Elvis wedding pics inluded, lol)
Tuesday, September 28, 2010      7 comments

Had a really good day today. Was up at 4 am to go to the gym and run. Because I have been eating so poorly and have not run in 10 (?) days or so I scaled it back to 2 miles and it was painful! But I did it!!!! I was not going to let myself quit.... Read more
My new plan of action
Monday, September 27, 2010      12 comments

I am just not sure what is going on with me right now. I am not feeling like exercising and last week I was anxious about my weekend in Vegas and I spent the entire week eating out of control, not exercising and just feeling like crap. I fe... Read more
Running Improvement Program
Tuesday, September 14, 2010      7 comments

When I was at the gym for the Zumba and Kick Boxing classes, I noticed they had a big poster up advertising a Running Improvement Program. I am VERY intrigued!!!! Supposedly they help you with your form, develop a plan just right for you, and ge... Read more
Monday, September 13, 2010      9 comments

So I had a pretty good day today. I ate well and it feels routine. This is really my groove and if I keep at this it won't be long before the weight starts falling off. Still not feeling it in the clothes, but it's really only been a week since ... Read more
My First Try at ZUMBA!!!!
Sunday, September 12, 2010      10 comments

I am not sure what to think. Honestly, I spent half the class thinking "I hate this, I can't wait for this to be over, I am never doing this again" and the other half thinking "This isn't so bad, This is kind of fun". A big part of my frust... Read more

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