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Untitled (not sure what I should title my lastest blog)
Saturday, November 07, 2009      0 comments

My wish is that everyone finds their Inspiration. The thing or person that makes them wanna work harder, eat less, and be an overall better person. My wish is that everyone uses this Inspiration to find their Motivation. The motivat... Read more
8 Week Challenge
Saturday, November 07, 2009      4 comments

I am in the 8 week challenge to: Kick up my game Motivate to do my best Being on a team means I am not only responsible to my self but to my teammates. I feel that I must do my best to be an asset to my team and that frame of mind m... Read more
Exercise Buddy
Friday, November 06, 2009      0 comments

I need an exercise buddy. Someone to motivate me to do better and work harder. Someone who doesn't mind having a 2yo tagging along with the workout and maybe has a little one of their own who would tag along. Someone who doesn't mind exerc... Read more
Today I will:
Friday, November 06, 2009      1 comments

Today I will not yell, moan, and groan. Today I will accomplish 1 goal. Today I will not let my emotions rule my actions. Today I will workout. Today I will be a better mother. What will you do today? ... Read more
In Pain
Monday, February 23, 2009      2 comments

Went to the doctor on Sunday with back and leg pain. Found out I hurt my back and gotta take it easy for a couple days. There goes my great start. I'm sitting here now trying to figure out how I can get at least a little bit of exercise in wi... Read more
Heres To Me
Thursday, February 19, 2009      0 comments

Today I plan to drink at least 8 glasses of water. This is my major goal for today. WSo with this I say Heres To Me and meeting todays major goal. Does anyone else have a goal they are trying to reach today? ... Read more
A New Me
Wednesday, February 18, 2009      1 comments

I'm looking forward to working towards a new me. I want to show my children that with the proper motivation and commitment you can achieve anything you set your mind too. I will not quit, give up, or fail this time. I hope that 1 day I too ca... Read more