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Who am I now? (Part 2)
Thursday, January 12, 2012      9 comments

Can no longer afford to get sloppy with food and sleep on the weekends. Weak. Slow. Clear cause/effect. NOT. havin. it. After crappy performance on 7am WOD (see previous status), went for 2nd attempt at 5pm. Awwwww yeah, THAT'S how we DO it! 4... Read more
Who am I now? (Transformation in a year of Spark statuses...)
Thursday, January 12, 2012      4 comments

Monday this week (January 9, 2012) marked the one-year anniversary of the day I started my Spark journey in earnest. I'm delighted to report that I'm halfway to my weight-... Read more
This is why I post
Sunday, October 23, 2011      16 comments

It's all about the ripple (and boomerang) effect! A note I just got from an old friend: Hi Hilary, I have to tell you that I'm so so so impressed by you, not just by your weight loss and by all of the discipline that it took to get the... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts 40 POUNDS GONE FOREVER (formerly titled Woohoo...) (video blog)
Friday, October 14, 2011      98 comments

Join me for a little milestone celebration! If you're just tuning in now for the first time, here's the history of this little game... The game: www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
al.asp?blog_id=4091083 ... Read more
One woman's take on Crossfit
Sunday, October 09, 2011      9 comments

[NOTE: Open dialogue and exchange of (preferrably fact-based) opinions is fine. But antagonistic comments from users with no Sparkpage or other means of receiving a response will be immediately deleted.] I wrote this as an e-mail response t... Read more
Practicing my double unders (video blog)
Friday, September 30, 2011      12 comments

Shooting for 50 a day (or every other) as recovery permits. (Want to limp around for a week with sore shins and calves? Overdo it on double unders.) Only a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to clear one double in 20 singles. Now I'm clearing one ... Read more
Try this simple but eye-opening experiment:
Tuesday, September 27, 2011      34 comments

1. Get a dumbbell or any object whose weight you can measure, equivalent to the amount of weight you've lost (or half that amount if it's a lot; or the amount you *want* to lose if you haven't lost much yet; or half THAT amount... use your judgm... Read more
Eat Clean Grocery List
Thursday, September 22, 2011      11 comments

From www.errickthetrainer.com
ery-list/ Below is a list of items that should be in your cart every time you go to the market. When you eat something, pay attention to the way it makes you fe... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Woohoo! Goal #2: MET! (video blog)
Tuesday, August 02, 2011      112 comments

Join me for a little celebration of 30 POUNDS LOST FOREVER!!! If you're just tuning in now for the first time, here's the history of this little game: www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
al.asp?blog_id=4217161 ... Read more
The Edge is where I want to be
Monday, May 16, 2011      18 comments

so you just want to take the edge off one beer one joint one teeny weeny Prozac get rid of the edge? the edge is what Columbus sailed straight into it’s the launching pad for every space shuttle the edge is Eve contemplating ... Read more
Woohoo! Goal #1: MET! (video blog)
Saturday, May 07, 2011      28 comments

If you thought I'd forgotten about my little surprise / reward game ("My best motivational idea EVER" blog from March 14)... well, I haven't! And (drumroll, please!)... today I earned my FIRST surprise! This calls for more than just a regular ... Read more
Thursday slump-time dance break, y'all!
Thursday, April 28, 2011      4 comments

Wherever you are, drop whatever you're doing for 3 minutes and RELEASE THAT PRESSURE! Ever'body: www.youtube.com/watch?v=
0ROzGihgCj8 Git up offa dat thang! Dance till you feel bettah! Come on! YOW!... Read more
Voted Popular Blog Post: View All Popular Posts Turning humiliation into motivation (w/pic!)
Thursday, April 21, 2011      84 comments

If you keep even casual track of me and my spark journey, you might remember that, a couple of months ago, I posted a status update about an embarrassing episode that occurred in one of my acting classes. In a series of nuclear ice breakers mean... Read more
Live while you're alive, y'all
Tuesday, April 05, 2011      2 comments

Worth the 3 minutes: www.youtube.com/watch?v=
vksdBSVAM6g ... Read more
Should I walk or run? (Why I walk...)
Friday, April 01, 2011      7 comments

This advice came in my treadmill's owners' manual: ( www.landice.com/Media/CT
Manual.pdf ) Should I walk or run? This depends on several things such as body weight, fitness goals, and what you like to do. Walking is ... Read more

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