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Get your ponytails on!!
Saturday, February 22, 2014      2 comments

Your gonna need them if you try this ab circuit I did this morning. I’ve gotten very complaisant over the past few years with my strength training. Pretty much always the same thing. I finally got the message that if I want to see any real ch... Read more
Slow and Steady, Strong and Sexy
Monday, February 10, 2014      6 comments

My personal mantra ... I say this in my head pretty often while I am working out. At times when I am completely wiped out, out of breath and feel like I can't go on I just focus on my mantra and get myself together again. I will get my breath... Read more
It's a PJ's All Day Kinda Day
Wednesday, February 05, 2014      6 comments

Snowing in New York .. again! We have about a foot now. I decided to stay in my pj's and just relax .. or try to. I find it hard to sit still for too long. My brain is always thinking of things I need to do. I did try some new clean recipes... Read more
Great Workout
Tuesday, February 04, 2014      3 comments

Hi all! Shoulders and Tricep day today. emoticon Went heavier on all exercises and it went well. Workout we... Read more
Week Two
Monday, February 03, 2014      0 comments

This is the first day of my second week since I changed my mindset and decided now is the time. I worked really hard all last week. I lifted heavier than usual. My muscles were sore and it felt great!!! I have worked out pretty much all of ... Read more
Treadmill Workout
Monday, May 16, 2011      2 comments

Heres how the interval part of my treadmill workout went: Speed 5.5, Incline 5 for 20 seconds, Speed 5.5, Incline 2 for 20 seconds I did this three times then rested at speed 3.5, Incline 2 for 30 seconds. I repeated this two more times. Go... Read more
Week 5, Day 1
Sunday, January 09, 2011      2 comments

This is the last week of my five week goal to lose 10 lbs. I have lost 7 lbs. so far. I am pretty proud of myself. Started off this final week with a 7 mile run this morning!! ... Read more
Week 1, Day 1
Sunday, December 12, 2010      0 comments

Today starts my goal to lose 10 lbs. in five weeks. Weight: Daily Workout: Strength: Chest and Tris Cardio: Treadmill Intervals Nutrition: ... Read more
WORKOUT - Wednesday 3/31
Thursday, April 01, 2010      0 comments

Elliptical Intervals emoticon Spped Intervals 30 secs., 260-270 SPM, Inc. 3 45 sec. recovery 45 secs... Read more
Workout - Tuesday 3/30
Tuesday, March 30, 2010      0 comments

Spinning Class emoticon Warm Up 11 minutes, 84 calories Avg. HR: 79% Max. HR: 89% Class 56 minu... Read more
Workout - Monday 3/29
Monday, March 29, 2010      1 comments

Cardio: emoticon Treadmill Intervals 34 minutes, 282 cals Avg. HR: 83% Max. HR: 98% Speed 6.5, Inc... Read more
Monday, March 29, 2010      2 comments

Workout - Thursday 3/25 Cardio: emoticon Speed Intervals 35 minutes (5 min. warm up and cool down,... Read more
Workout - Monday 3/22
Monday, March 22, 2010      2 comments

Strength Training: Legs emoticon 46 minutes, 296 calories Avg. HR: 73% Max. HR: 87% Deadlifts 1-12-... Read more
Workout - Saturday 3/20
Sunday, March 21, 2010      1 comments

Cardio: Run emoticon Ketcham to Lake Oniad 36 minutes, 292 calories Avg. HR: 83% Max. HR: 92% ... Read more
Workout - Sunday 3/21
Sunday, March 21, 2010      0 comments

Cardio: Bike Ride emoticon Biked Lake Oniad, Central and Ervin 26 minutes, 228 cals Avg. HR: 87% ... Read more

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