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Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012...Day 1
Thursday, November 08, 2012      0 comments

Hypnotized...very interesting experience. Amazing. The mysteries of the paths in our brains that are "hidden" from our conscious mind! Meat and veggies. But my plan IS to become a vegetarian further down my path. For now, whenever I try to b... Read more
Monday...Oct. 8, 2012...Columbus Day
Monday, October 08, 2012      1 comments

Day 1 "Do not assume that divine guidance flows only when you are in need of help. Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems. It transcends problems, heartbreaks, and traumas, flowing through dreams and illuminations... Read more
My Heart Graduates......Sunday, May 15, 2011
Sunday, May 15, 2011      4 comments

‎"Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." -Elizabeth Stone “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yoursel... Read more
Springing!! Thursday, May 12, 2011
Thursday, May 12, 2011      2 comments

On Plan...... No WI today, but my hair looks so lovely emoticon ... I am okay with skipping my WI this week... Read more
Saturday Night and What I Can Give.....4/30/11
Saturday, April 30, 2011      2 comments

On Plan..... WW WI showed me UP .4........okay, POINT 4, .4 which I actually found some relief as I thought she said up FOUR pounds. Whew! My favorite moment was the woman in front of me who weighed in and was up 2 pounds. she bent over t... Read more
The Spring, the Beginnings, the journey..Wed. 4/27/11
Wednesday, April 27, 2011      2 comments

On Plan..... I love how Easter is so about NEW BEGINNINGS, too.....I am reminded that each day I can begin again if I wander off the path. But there is something to be said about walking this path..building on each step taken, feeling stron... Read more
Saturday....Easter Eve! 4/23/2011
Saturday, April 23, 2011      3 comments

Cold, rainy Spring rain! On Plan and loving how strong I feel! "Let every man and woman count himself immortal. Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection. Let him say not merely, "Christ is risen," but "I shall rise." ... Read more
New Pathways....Thurs. 4/21
Thursday, April 21, 2011      0 comments

‎"You're building new pathways in your brain now, preparing a home for the you who is emerging...The new you isn't the arrival of someone other than you; she's the emergence of of whome you've always been but have long kept hidden. Your ne... Read more
A Course In Weight Loss....Wed. 4/13/11
Wednesday, April 13, 2011      2 comments

"You are here to love and be loved, and the soul in its native intelligence knows this. Accept the magnitude of your function, and your reignited spiritual intelligence will spark your body’s intelligence as well. As your mind remembers its natu... Read more
SUNday Sensations......4/10/2011
Sunday, April 10, 2011      4 comments

On Plan... Occurred to me this WW program is the best I have STUCK to in quite some time. Sh-h-h...don't jinx it, Rose. But I like it. It works for me and my lifestyle, I think. Working WAY too much and too hard. Balance, balance, balance... Read more
The Power of One...Thurs. 4/7/2011
Thursday, April 07, 2011      1 comments

"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope." - Martin Luther King I wanted to be down more than one pound, BUT, I know if I had gained one pound? I would be so upset!!! So let us celebrate the ONE POUND lo... Read more
Wednesday...the middle of a long work week! 4/6/2011
Wednesday, April 06, 2011      0 comments

On Plan... Made it to the gym after work.....Feeling GOOD emoticon Up early for an acupuncture appointment. Ho... Read more
Migraine, Work, and Gym...Tuesday, 4/5/11
Tuesday, April 05, 2011      0 comments

On Plan...... Day started off painful and got better-er... emoticon But a good day at work...and always goo... Read more
Hello Mon-night! 4/4/11
Monday, April 04, 2011      1 comments

On Plan.... Meaning my long 12 hours of work is OVER. And i am on plan. And I am feeling better. And my face is looking thinner. And I have points left over. It's all good.. ... Read more
SUNday Not So Well... 4/3/11
Sunday, April 03, 2011      1 comments

Day 27...On Plan So did not go out last night but feeling like I did!! emoticon I think I lost 5 pounds today... Read more

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