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End of the year and I'm looking ahead to 2013
Friday, December 28, 2012      5 comments

This is the time of year when people assess where they have been for 2012, and where they are headed in 2013. I love this process! It's so easy just to keep putting one foot in front of the other, juggling all the balls of daily life, and forg... Read more
My 50th Year--a look back, and then onward...
Sunday, September 30, 2012      11 comments

I am fast approaching my 50th birthday. Wow, a half-century on this earth, hard to believe. A year ago I set some goals for myself for my 50th year, and I mostly accomplished them. 1) I wanted to run a half-marathon: I have run two, t... Read more
Race Report and New Goals
Thursday, September 13, 2012      6 comments

I guess I never posted a report about the Lady Speed Stick Half-Marathon at the end of August. It went faster than I thought. The hills were pretty relentless; we agreed, my DD and me, that we would walk up some of the hills and walk throu... Read more
Half-marathon nerves and taper-madness!
Monday, August 20, 2012      5 comments

In my last, long-ago blog entry, I was riding a wave of optimism. The wave has completely dissipated. :-( Now I am just nervous as heck. My second half-marathon is 6 days away--Sunday, August 26th. After my triathlon, I went back to r... Read more
I completed my triathlon--Goal #3 checked off the list!!
Monday, July 09, 2012      11 comments

Wow! I completed my very first sprint triathlon on Saturday, July 7th. 0.4 mile swim, 8 mile bike and 4 mile run. I finished in 1:28:08. My goal was to complete in an hour and a half, so I beat my goal time, WOOT! The best part was that I ... Read more
RANT: Please watch crosswalks when you drive!
Monday, June 04, 2012      13 comments

I almost got hit by a car today. Scared the you-know-what out of me! I also said a very bad word or two to the driver--his window was open, and I was less than a foot away from him, but I still don't think he really realized it. I was run... Read more
FRUSTRATED with the limitations of my body!
Tuesday, May 29, 2012      6 comments

I've expressed this frustration before, but it's perpetual. I spent most of my life morbidly obese. That, combined with knee injuries here and there, resulted in osteoarthritis in my knees. The left knee has a reconstructed ACL and has ... Read more
Attacking Goal #3: a sprint triathlon
Tuesday, May 15, 2012      3 comments

So I accomplished the 5K PR I was seeking: check. I finished a half-marathon, and even at goal time: check. Now it's time to tackle the tri! My DD and I were looking at a HM on July 4th, and then finally got information back for a R... Read more
I can check goal #2 off my list! Woo hoo!
Saturday, April 28, 2012      3 comments

My dd and I finished our first half-marathon this morning! We did the Jailbreak half in Wautoma, WI. If you are nearby and looking for a well-run, small, flat race, this one is for you. The marathon is a Boston-qualifier, and it just-about co... Read more
One Goal Down...
Monday, April 23, 2012      10 comments

I am very happy to report that I can check goal #1 off the list: Yes, I did achieve a 5K race time of under 30 minutes: 28:26 was the official time, tho my Garmin said a few seconds less. I'll take the official time, that's okay with me. ... Read more
Here's hoping I can successfully achieve some goals
Wednesday, April 18, 2012      7 comments

Last fall I set some goals I wanted to achieve during my 50th year of life. It's been 6 months since my 49th birthday, so it's about time I revisited those goals. The next two weeks should show me how I'm doing on the physical goals. I w... Read more
The Best Laid Plans...must bow to reality
Sunday, March 25, 2012      4 comments

It's been a great weekend. Repeat: it's been a great weekend. There's no reason I should feel disappointed, right? I have posted about this in my status, but I was very pleased about the Lake Johanna 4-Mile Race yesterday. It was my fir... Read more
Working to keep improving
Wednesday, March 14, 2012      4 comments

For awhile it seemed like I was making fitness and weight loss strides in huge leaps. That was a lot of fun, and made me feel really good. Of course, considering where I started, I needed to make huge strides to get healthy. Now the impro... Read more
The scale is kinder and I'm feeling strong! (but tired...)
Thursday, February 23, 2012      6 comments

WOOT! I finally seem to have gotten rid of that pesky 5 lbs of holiday weight gain. I'm back to where I want to be on the scale, so now I just have to work to stay here. Lately, though, I have been ravenous. I think it is the increased m... Read more
Just a small frustration rant...
Thursday, February 09, 2012      11 comments

Maybe I have no business being frustrated. Maybe I should not let a number on a scale run my life as much as it does. I get all that. But have come so far in my weight loss journey, I am determined to be vigilant, and never gain back the ... Read more

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