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My early august recap....
Wednesday, August 25, 2010      9 comments

AUGUST SUCKED! that's about it! I didnt do anything (pretty much) and I've been eating like crap...in fact I've been binging. i need to get out of this funk. What ironic is that the whole month I've been aware of it and I've been on spark e... Read more
Saturday, August 21, 2010      4 comments

Today my goals are to... ***Sweep emoticon ***Mop ... Read more
8/20/10 Goals
Friday, August 20, 2010      3 comments

Today Im planning on going to my moms house so my goals will be a little different. I wont really be able to track my food since they dont have the internet. *Im going to allow myself 1 pepsi (pop is my weakness and my mom always tries to ... Read more
8-19-10 Goals
Thursday, August 19, 2010      4 comments

2 loads of laundry 9AM emoticon Take the kids to the little zoo by my house from 11:30-2:00PM ... Read more
Wednesday, August 18, 2010      5 comments

Goals for today... Track all food emoticon Pack a lunch or snack to bring to my moms house since i know... Read more
Haven't given up yet!
Tuesday, August 17, 2010      6 comments

No excuses...I've been slacking lately. I havent been logging food or any of my exercises (the little I've done) and I just havent felt motivated. I know some of it was the weather last week but that's still not an excuse. I NEED to finish c25k ... Read more
Family Feud Questions
Saturday, August 14, 2010      8 comments

You are ( not ) allowed to use my answers ... you must use different ones!!! Remember, you can't use the same answers as the person who sent it to you.... 1. Name something you use in the shower?... body wash 2. Something... Read more
This week...
Friday, August 13, 2010      4 comments

Ok so last saturday I did really good with staying on track at the birthday party. I didnt even have cake :) Sundays birthday party however is another story. We had sandwiches so that wasn't bad but then came the evil pinata... ... Read more
Not your typical VLOG but had to share! (video blog)
Sunday, August 08, 2010      9 comments

We were at a birthday party today and they made all the dads get up and do a dance off with Minnie haha...My husband is the one all the way to the right.He said the 2nd time he went up there he was doing the q tip dance from the movie hitch...bu... Read more
Skinny Vibes Challenge
Saturday, August 07, 2010      8 comments

A - Available or married? married B- Book? Twilight Saga C- Cake or Pie? Cake D- Drink of Choice? Coke...but cant have it anymore now it would be 0 cal lemonade E- Essential Item? computer F- Favorite Color? Pink G- Game to play o... Read more
C25K Week 1 Day 4
Thursday, August 05, 2010      7 comments

Tonight was a beautiful night for a run...I really cant wait to run in the fall when its like this and a little cooler all the time :) It does already make me think of winter though and i dont know really "how" to run in the winter lol. I dont h... Read more
C25K Week 1 Day 3
Tuesday, August 03, 2010      8 comments

Today was just icky....it was like 83 degrees and 76% humidity and I was slacking on my water intake. I completed all 8 runs anyway and as always I feel accomplished :) It took me longer than I wanted to complete day 3 (6 days after day 2) so Im... Read more
Hello August
Tuesday, August 03, 2010      10 comments

My goals for august are going to be pretty simple... *lose 2lbs a week for a total of 8lbs this month *run 3-4 times a week (every other day) *ST or shred on off days *exercise at least 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes *If I st... Read more
C25K week 1 day 2
Wednesday, July 28, 2010      7 comments

I feel... emoticon ... Read more
Some things that motivate and inspire me (in pics)
Tuesday, July 27, 2010      13 comments

... Read more

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