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Reset: Day 15 Be patient....
Monday, June 15, 2015      10 comments

When you change - you just do stuff differently and things change...right? It should be simple. You just do it different! Ahhh, but then stuff gets difficult and sometimes you have to do it the old way... but that is wrong, right? A... Read more
Reset: Day 14 happy birthday
Sunday, June 14, 2015      13 comments

Well, it's raining again today - steady rain, but not pouring. Yesterday I ended up with 75 minutes on the treadmill - or 5 miles. Unfortunately the rest of my day didn't involve tons of steps. My total for the day was around 16000+ I haven'... Read more
Reset: Day 13 the little dog
Saturday, June 13, 2015      9 comments

Today is day 99 on my virtual walk - tomorrow will mark 100 days on the trail! I did manage 10 miles yesterday - it sort of happened as unplanned! I walked on the treadmill after work and then the weather cleared for a bit. More rain was in t... Read more
Reset: Day 12 The High Sierras
Friday, June 12, 2015      6 comments

Yesterday I met a friend I hadn't seen in a bit for dinner and to catch up. We went to a little Greek diner. I explored the menu. My tummy wasn't quite itself so I didn't want to have anything to exciting - and then I saw they had a 24 hour b... Read more
Reset: Day 11 just one more step.....
Thursday, June 11, 2015      11 comments

I was tired yesterday. I went to bed too late the night before and was dragging all day. Top that off with a dinner of chicken noodle soup, a piece of baguette, conversation with a dear friend.... I got home and wanted to curl up on the couch ... Read more
Reset: Day 10 Yawn.....
Wednesday, June 10, 2015      9 comments

Last night I walked the dog, got home and snuck up to the hospital to visit my friend. She is feeling much better and is hoping to be released to the nursing facility in the next couple days. They didn't have a bed for her there yesterday. We... Read more
Reset: Day 9 This IS your life!
Tuesday, June 09, 2015      6 comments

Ah hah! Light bulb on! Moment of awakening! I got up this morning and was having my daily chat with that girl in the mirror. Yesterday she was stuck in the mud and having a hard time. I worked real hard to pull her out, I even called in... Read more
Reset: Day 8 Stubborn mule stuck in the mud
Monday, June 08, 2015      11 comments

Somedays are just like this. I am not sure if I lack motivation, am lazy or what. All I know is my feet are stuck in the mud. I have been trashing around with the things I SHOULD be doing only to find myself more stuck in the mud. ... Read more
Reset: Day 7 Adapting and steep slopes!
Sunday, June 07, 2015      8 comments

There were not enough hours in the day yesterday to blog, but I did manage to log in and touch base with my spark page. The streak continues, the spark is still glowing! Yesterday I got up early, got on the treadmill and walked a mile. Th... Read more
Reset: Day 5 Slippery slopes, national donut day
Friday, June 05, 2015      11 comments

Who knew? Today is national donut day. I got to work only to be greeted by 5 boxes of donuts in our kitchen. Yep 5 boxes each containing a dozen of donuts of various types. Each one was calling my name - well, maybe not those filled ones... Read more
Reset: Day 4 Oh Boy! and an ugly reality check
Thursday, June 04, 2015      12 comments

I got up this morning and had the most awful cramps. I thought perhaps as my day went on they would go away, but instead I found myself in the bathroom more than at my desk this morning! so much for breakfast - my stomach was saying DO NOT PUT... Read more
Reset: Day 3 Where I'm at
Wednesday, June 03, 2015      10 comments

I finished updating my virtual walk. Phew, was I behind! Today is day 90 on the Pacific Crest Trail! I am in Stage 18 - out in the desert. As of yesterday I have walked 637.3 miles! I have 2,052.2 more miles to go. By the end of next week ... Read more
Reset: Day 2 and those pesky mean girl voices
Tuesday, June 02, 2015      14 comments

So again today I hit the snooze. I thought to myself Barb, you should get up and get on that treadmill, but I stayed in bed. Maybe that is where I needed to be. I am NOT a morning person. Doing things in the morning comes hard for me. I cou... Read more
It's June!!!
Monday, June 01, 2015      14 comments

So it's June. I thought at this point I'd be down about 30 lbs from where I started in January. That didn't happen. I've reflected a long time on my journey so far. I was feeling pretty weary. My goals seemed unreachable. I thought abo... Read more
Building a campfire, kindling those sparks and igniting the big ol log!
Friday, May 29, 2015      14 comments

Ever build a campfire? Once those little twigs and starter materials you throw in there burn out you hope there was enough heat to catch those big ol' logs on fire. Sometimes the bark is glowing a bit but they never really catch. Sometimes t... Read more

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