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Friday, February 05, 2021      18 comments

I have officially lost 90 lbs this morning. I am still in total disbelief. Onederland is in my sights!! ... Read more
January 2021 results
Monday, February 01, 2021      7 comments

When I started ELAB I didn't measure myself. I realized it about 2 months in and I had already made good progress so I just kept at it and forgot about measuring. Fast forward to January 1, 2021. The time for a fresh start and new beginni... Read more
Say what???
Friday, January 22, 2021      11 comments

86 lbs gone as of this morning! What a journey this has been. Who would have thought "I" would be doing Intermittent Fasting and working extended fasts into my weekly routine? ... Read more
Intermittent Fasting -- are you stalled??
Wednesday, January 20, 2021      9 comments

Are you stalled with your OMAD? I read the following on one of the FB groups I follow with ELAB. There is some good information below!! ____________________________
______ I am taking a Masterclass with Megan Ramos. She is the... Read more
New 30 day challenges
Friday, January 15, 2021      10 comments

I have joined the Eat Like a Bear exercise group on Facebook. I started both of these challenges today! Wish me luck!! ... Read more
Thursday, January 14, 2021      7 comments

I am borrowing this from ANNIESADVENTURE Spark Page. These are GREAT reminders! Important Things to Remember: 1. Keep your plan simple. Do not complicate it with a bunch of rules that make it difficult. 2. Don't expect perfection. No g... Read more
Monday, December 14, 2020      10 comments

**Disclaimer, this blog is not looking for sympathy. I am just noting some observations and real life experiences. Things I am noticing on this journey. Those around me aren’t as supportive as I would like about my new way of eating. I ... Read more
Positive Changes
Thursday, December 10, 2020      4 comments

I have seen quite a few positive changes in myself lately. I work from home and have for the past 8 years. It's so easy to get into a routine, sometimes not a healthy routine. I get up quite early and get my work going, get coffee made, break... Read more
My time to emerge
Monday, November 23, 2020      12 comments

I found this photo today and I can relate to it so much. So much of my life has been in that big body. I was talking to my bestie the other day ab... Read more
Wednesday, October 28, 2020      11 comments

Tomorrow will be 4 months and 3 weeks I have been on the ELAB program. Please see previous blog that explains the program. I am down 62 lbs. I just can't believe it. At first, I thought I was going to have an issue keeping up with the pr... Read more
Eat Like a Bear
Friday, September 25, 2020      10 comments

I have had several friends message me about what an Eat Like a Bear looks like for me so I thought I would share. About 1.5 cups of salad with 1 T of shredded cheese topped with 2 or 3 T of 1000 Island dressing. 1 egg, Keto deviled egg 2 h... Read more
Results from my Fast
Thursday, September 24, 2020      8 comments

I actually went over my 48 hours. After some sage advice on extended fasting (thanks Cat!) it was recommended I be close to home as sometimes you have tummy issues after. I wasn't crazy hungry, I didn't get dizzy or feel weak. I did have ... Read more
My first 48 hour fast
Wednesday, September 23, 2020      10 comments

Yesterday at 1pm I started my 48 hour fast. Hubby had to go into the office today so he will be away during our eating window. No better time than the present to try my hand at my first 48 hour fast. We normally fast 23 hours a day and eat in... Read more
Visit with my Doc
Wednesday, July 29, 2020      8 comments

So yesterday I had my yearly exam with my Gyno. Everything was fine, just a check up. I talked with her about the Eat like a Bear (see previous blog) program and she was excited for me. She was very encouraging and said I can't wait to see yo... Read more
Eat Like a Bear
Thursday, July 16, 2020      10 comments

I thought I would put my thoughts down on my page so I can look back at my success. emoticon I have ... Read more

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