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Over due blog
Tuesday, December 03, 2019      3 comments

Haven't blogged in a while. The truth is I haven't stayed on track like I should. I had started falling back into a few old habits and was in denial. I had hoped to be at goal weight by Christmas but due to my denial I have been going back and ... Read more
Better day today
Saturday, November 02, 2019      5 comments

Today was a lot better than yesterday. Had a good day at work and managed to keep my calories and carbs within range today. Still didn't do any extra exercise except running at work. I've got to get back to going to the gym regularly. I didn't ... Read more
Bad day and night
Friday, November 01, 2019      9 comments

Today was a rough day at work and was feeling emotional. Came home and my youngest daughter and oldest granddaughter got into it and my husband had to break it up. My daughter had a jar of candy corn and I started eating it and went on a down h... Read more
10/28/19 accountability
Monday, October 28, 2019      5 comments

Calorie goal: 1100-1400 Calories consumed: 1076 Carb goal: 120 or below Carbs consumed: 38 Protein: 88 Water: 8 servings Exercise: 0 Positive saying:"When I feel like quitting, I will remind myself why I started."... Read more
10/24/19 accountability
Thursday, October 24, 2019      9 comments

Calorie goal: 1100-1400 Calories eaten: 1133 Carb goal: 120 or below Carbs eaten: 73 Protein: 59 Water: 10 servings Exercise: 30 min Cardio 20 min strength training Positive saying:"I have to want change for change to happen."... Read more
10/23/19 accountability (did horrible)
Wednesday, October 23, 2019      1 comments

Calorie goal: 1100-1400 Calories eaten:1731 Carb goal: 120 or under Carbs eaten: 164 Protein 101 Water: 9 servings Positive saying: "I take responsibility for my actions and will strive to do better." ☹😢... Read more
10/22/19 accountability
Tuesday, October 22, 2019      3 comments

Calorie goal: 1100-1400 Calories eaten: 1455 Carb goal: below 120 Carbs eaten: 132 Protein: 113 Water: 8 servings Exercise: 0 Positive saying: "I only fail if I give up"... Read more
10/21/19 accountability
Monday, October 21, 2019      3 comments

Calorie goal: 1100-1400 Calories eaten: 1455 (over 55 calories) Carb goal: under 120 Carbs eaten: 88 Protein: 113 Water: 8 servings Exercise: 0 (except running my behind off at work...lol) Positive saying:"I will believe in myself."... Read more
Starting back my accountability blogs
Sunday, October 20, 2019      3 comments

Calorie goal 1100-1400 Calories eaten- 1322 Carbs goal -under 120 Carbs eaten -92 Protein eaten -98 Water intake- 10 servings Exercise- 40 minutes total Cardio - 25 minutes Strength- 15 minutes Positive saying -"I don't need t... Read more
Did horrible
Saturday, October 19, 2019      8 comments

I did horrible on my calories today. Gave in to emotional eating. I've got to start back with my accountability blogs to help keep me on track. I've worked to hard to let myself keep messing up like this. This is the worse I've done in a long ti... Read more
Fitness program
Wednesday, October 16, 2019      6 comments

I met with the fitness trainer at the gym and drew up my program. I worked out upper body and abs tonight. Legs will be next. It really has helped my confidence now knowing how to do it the right way.... Read more
10/14/19 thankful
Monday, October 14, 2019      5 comments

I'm so thankful to have data again on my phone. I really realized how much I depended on this support group. I'm so thankful for all of you.... Read more
10/3/19 accountability day 33
Thursday, October 03, 2019      3 comments

Calories: 1239 Carbs:114(7.6) Water: 9 servings Exercise: 0 Positive saying: "I will succeed with God's help."... Read more
10/2/19 accountability day 32
Wednesday, October 02, 2019      4 comments

Calories: 1453 Carbs: 131 (8.73) Water: 10 servings Exercise: 60 min. Positive saying: "Happiness is beautiful."... Read more
10/1/19 accountability day 31
Tuesday, October 01, 2019      5 comments

Calories:1630 Carbs: 127 (8.47) Exercise: 20 min Water: 9 servings Positive saying: "I am worthy, capable, beautiful, and will create my dream."]... Read more

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