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Tuesday, October 21, 2008      14 comments

The most interesting fact about the consumption of too much soda is not only does it lack nutritional value but it also has been shown to presume health effects such as obesity, tooth decay, caffeine dependence and weakened bones. Coffee i... Read more
Saturday, October 18, 2008      9 comments

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at my stats for the week which included cardio minutes, time spent exercising, calories burned for the week and how many miles I pedaled and ran. And wow was I amazed :) Here are my stats: ... Read more
Wednesday, October 15, 2008      5 comments

For the last few days I have been really struggling with eating and because of that I have been really struggling with working out where I feel like my energy is not where it should be. I have pushed through it every workout and have made the ex... Read more
UPDATE: One month into my personal challenge update ...
Monday, September 29, 2008      4 comments

The last couple of weeks I have been playing around with my diet and cycling down my carbs on a weekly bases. I am at week 3 in my "diet experimentation" and this week I will be consuming 75g of complex carbs. This does not include any vegetable... Read more
Thursday, September 25, 2008      8 comments

JUST THOUGHT I WOULD BLOG ON THE GOODNESS OF FOODS AN SOME OF THE OTHER INTERESTING AND USEFUL INFORMATION I HAVE ENCOUNTERED IN MY STUDIES. ENJOY! Bananas are a favourite snack and some people use them as a staple breakfast food in a mor... Read more
Update on 10 week Personal Challenge
Tuesday, September 23, 2008      6 comments

Decided today to take my % of body fat and see how the numbers look at almost 1 month -- about 3 days shy of a month. I did not do measurements although I should have but I was racing against the clock to get downstairs and start my workout... Read more
As predicted ......
Thursday, August 28, 2008      6 comments

my weight is back down after my crazy Saturday BBQ. Jumped on the scale this morning and read 102 lbs. Works for me.... After seeing that number on the scale, I looked at the night stand and said hmmmmm 5:01 am, maybe I should sleep in. And I d... Read more
10 week Personal Challenge
Wednesday, August 27, 2008      1 comments

WEIGHT: 102.6 LBS (UP 0.8 lbs) % OF BODY FAT: 15.2% (up 0.1%) LBS OF LEAN BODY MASS: 87 LBS (UP 0.3 lbs) LBS OF FAT: 15.6 There is a 10 week personal challenge going on in a SP trend. Thought I would blog about it. Seeing as I did my... Read more
Tuesday, August 26, 2008      2 comments

WEIGHT: 102.6 LBS (UP 0.8 lbs) % OF BODY FAT: 15.2% (up 0.1%) LBS OF LEAN BODY MASS: 87 LBS (UP 0.3 lbs) LBS OF FAT: 15.6 Results are worse than last week. Not significantly but nutrition key and I am not following that to the T, des... Read more
Thursday, August 21, 2008      3 comments

I got through about 4 days of my detox diet and than feel of the track. By choice, I could have kept going but I let my willpower run out. So I will have to return to that but possibly in the Fall or Winter. So stay tuned for that =) As fo... Read more
DAY 3 Detox Program ......
Sunday, August 17, 2008      1 comments

I woke up feeling completely refreshed. I woke up before my alarm yet again and was ready to start the day. I did a great leg workout and got some cardio is as well. I'm trying to pace my workouts as to not feel burnt out with the next 5 day mea... Read more
Day 2 EcoTox Detox Program
Saturday, August 16, 2008      1 comments

This morning I got up before my set alarm at 6:30am feeling really good. The rest of yesterday evening was a breeze - I did have 3/4 cup of steamed rice at around 8pm. I do not think I needed it due to hunger, many because I wanted to have some ... Read more
Important for me to mentally take it one day at a time ......
Friday, August 15, 2008      2 comments

It is almost 3pm and I have been just drinking water all day. I have not had to resort to brown rice protein shake yet and I am feeling pretty good overall. My eyes feel kind of heavy but I feel energetic. That being said - I have to train my mi... Read more
Mentally preparing myself ... The EcoTox Detoxification Program
Thursday, August 14, 2008      2 comments

OK so I am going to try something a little different. And although I was unsuccessful the first time .... I am going to try again. It is tje 7 Day Detox Miracle written natural doctors Stephen Barrie and Peter Bennett. The book begins wit... Read more
Tuesday, August 12, 2008      3 comments

Weight 103.2 lbs (down 1.6 lbs) 15% body fat (up 0.3%) 15.5 lbs of fat (up 0.1lbs) 87.7 lbs of lean body mass -- down from 89.4 (1.7 lbs LOSS) So here we have it =( A little disappointing seeing as I loss the muscle mass I had gained ... Read more

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