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Running with emotions
Tuesday, January 08, 2013      2 comments

Today's workout: 6x800m @7:30 (Rx pace 7:28). As I was about to run my #4 repeats, I felt simply exhausted and I got teared up. Part of me asked myself why do I have to get up every morning at 4:50 am and train my heart out, and the other... Read more
Taking It Easy for 66 Days
Thursday, September 01, 2011      2 comments

I skipped another workout today, it has been no gym four days in a row. It’s not like I didn’t plan to go to the gym today - I DID get up at 5am and DID put on my workout clothes, but just when I was on my way out, I couldn’t help but to ... Read more
Turbo Fire 9 Week Prep - Check!
Tuesday, July 19, 2011      2 comments

Can you believe it? I am only 2 days away from completing the 9-week long TF workout!!! I did for myself, but also for my son. Quitting did cross my mind a couple of times during the past 9 weeks, but I kept pushing because I want to make him pr... Read more
Check Out That Hottie In The Pool! (video blog)
Tuesday, June 07, 2011      4 comments

Time Flies! A quick update about my progress - I restarted Turbo Fire 3 weeks ago, so far so good. Have been following the schedule extactly, unlike my previous attempt when I overkilled and burned myself out. While I am at work, my ... Read more
Surgery day today
Friday, February 25, 2011      4 comments

Getting Ready for Surgery Going into the Operation Room (yes, I was the one who carried him in) ... Read more
That 7 Eleven Guy + Turbo Fire Week 3, Day 1 -4
Wednesday, February 23, 2011      1 comments

My commute to work each day is about 1.5 hours one way. I spend about 90 min walking and pacing while waiting for the train and 40 min on the train. I pretty much take the same train every day and recently I have been sitting next to the same gu... Read more
I burned how many calories??? + turbo fire week 2, day 7
Thursday, February 17, 2011      2 comments

My bodybugg has been telling me that I burn over 2000 calories a day!!!! While very excited, I am also a little concerned about its accuracy. After all, I am only 5 feet tall, and weighs 105 pounds. if the bug is right, then I have been eating ... Read more
Need Breakfast Ideas + Turbo Fire week 2, day 6
Wednesday, February 16, 2011      4 comments

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Since I came back to work after having the baby, I have been eating the same thing everyday: One Hard Boiled Egg on the train. But lately I have been going through a VEGETARIAN phase (see my previous... Read more
Bodybugg arrived!! + Turbo Fire Week 2, Day 4 & 5
Tuesday, February 15, 2011      3 comments

My bodybugg is here!!! It took me some time to install and learn the buttons, but it is such a cool device. it even tells you how many calories you are burning per minute. (2.6 right now). Since Zac was sick, :( I only did half of the ... Read more
My baby is sick + Turbo fire week 2 day 3
Friday, February 11, 2011      1 comments

My Baby is sick. emoticon It is heart breaking to see a four month old coughing, sneezing, with a scratchy voice ... Read more
Vegetarian who eats fish...and turkey? + Turbo Fire week 2, day 2
Thursday, February 10, 2011      1 comments

So last night was my anniversary dinner at the fancy french restaurant. We did the 6 course tasting menu. First course, tuna tartar. It was great, though I wish they... Read more
Wedding Anniversary + Turbo Fire Week 2, Day 1
Wednesday, February 09, 2011      3 comments

4 years ago, I got married at New York city hall, it was a very cold day. No big wedding, just my best friend as the witness and my parents (you may wonder where were my in-laws when we got married, well, my husband has a weird relationship wit... Read more
It takes a troop to raise a baby + Turbo Fire Day 6
Tuesday, February 08, 2011      2 comments

Since I have a rather long work commute every day, about 3 hours back and forth, I usually watch Zac until 10pm and go to sleep. My husband's job is only 10 min away from home and he has more leeway in the morning, so he sleeps in the nursery an... Read more
BodyBugg & Turbo Fire, Day 5
Monday, February 07, 2011      0 comments

I am a shopaholic especially when it comes to workout gears. I am not the most tech savvy, but I have been eyeing the BodyBugg since first seen it on the biggest loser. And today I finally ordered one, mostly because I GAINED 3 POUNDS OVER... Read more
When do I workout? & Turbo Fire, Day 4
Monday, February 07, 2011      0 comments

Ok. Saturday was suppose to be my rest day, but I had the time, so I did 55EZ. To me, exercising is whenever I can fit the time in between being a mom to a 4 month old, a 3 hour commute to and from work, and 10 hour work days, time is prec... Read more

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