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Our selfie-project
Monday, April 21, 2014      7 comments

So we went on that "art tour" and added a little selfie project of our own, taking selfies outside the places we visited... although it was half art places, half places to eat at... ... Read more
Easter coming up
Friday, April 18, 2014      6 comments

Daughter came for easter yesterday - we started with going to a serenity sermon with communion. I have not told my daughter that I go to AA so I wonder what she thought when we arrived at church and I obviously knew more than half of the people ... Read more
Floating and sleep
Friday, April 11, 2014      5 comments

I rarely get around to write blogs nowadays – when I am finished with tracking and huddling and all the other things on spark it is time to go to work so it may be a bad idea to save blogging for last. This week I have applied to be a part ... Read more
Broken bike and binders
Saturday, March 29, 2014      9 comments

Thursday afternoon the steering of my bike got loose and I almost drove in the ditch... since the repairer had been tampereing with it I phoned him and he said to coime by - but also told med he was closed friday. And I was almost going there wh... Read more
The ancestors...
Wednesday, March 26, 2014      8 comments

As I decided to use the help of a therapeut to be able to handle the anxiety that arises when I try to change my behaviour patterns I got into studying my family - we are going to use Bowen theories and I started to look for family history - got... Read more
Poor Merlin
Monday, March 24, 2014      12 comments

Fixed the bike for a lot of money and when weekend came it was finally time to get out with doggy. We both forgot that he has become a little chubby during winter and his paws are not hardened yet... and when we realised this we were far away fr... Read more
Wishes from the dying
Saturday, March 22, 2014      14 comments

Reading a post from a palliative nurse who had listened to the dyings last thoughts for many years. Her experience was that people regretted this: 1. I wish I had the courage to be true to myself instead of living to others expectations. ... Read more
Long time no see
Thursday, March 20, 2014      8 comments

It´s been a while since I wrote, I have not beern depressed or gone, I have just been occupied... or maybe it is this thing that I am trying to live by my gut feeling and it is very overwhelming and hard to cvope with. I have also been prac... Read more
Monday, February 24, 2014      3 comments

Not feeling good at all, I could ot understand why until I realised that it is deadline week again - the three days coming up when the business edition is to be put togeteher... as I am a compulsive postponer, I ususally build a lot of anxiety b... Read more
Sunday, February 23, 2014      10 comments

Our family reunion was cancelled - brother phoned and said that due to the weather and to few of his children being able to attend, he would postphone the event until later spring. I was on my way swimming so I got my exercise anyway. Me a... Read more
Happy dysfunctional
Saturday, February 22, 2014      11 comments

Heaven did not come crashing down on my head when I stood up for my feelings, I could recieve the different kind of comments without feeling devastated. Some defence showed up, wanting to argue about stuff, but really, the important thing was to... Read more
Mrs Grumpy
Friday, February 21, 2014      10 comments

I expect to make a lot of mistakes upcoming months - thats what normally happens when I try to learn something new and my mental developementright now is sort of different... I was not happy with most of the comments I got on my blog yester... Read more
Cunning, baffling, powerful...
Thursday, February 20, 2014      11 comments

I am reading the latest news from science about health - telling me that research finds that peoplle who don´t drink at all don´t live as long as people who drink a little. "Drinking a little" means not more than one glass of wine a day and you ... Read more
Moving on
Wednesday, February 19, 2014      10 comments

Yesterday was a happy day, lots of hope. Spark Friend Joys comments on my blog really made me grateful because there is a world of wisdom there, an experience that is so valuable to me. What I like the most is that it is not a theory, no "d... Read more
Admit or accept...
Tuesday, February 18, 2014      10 comments

I am desperately trying to find some strategy that will stop me from overeating - one of them is to attend AA meetings and yesterday I heard a guy share that when he got sober - 15 years ago, his therapeut had asked him "What will you use to fil... Read more

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