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80 Quoting another blog...
Saturday, September 08, 2012      5 comments

..and I have not gotten the permission but I would think it is ok. This is spark friend sue writing about her weight story and this part I find particulary interesting: "...and with the healthy lifestyle living in sweden (car stood parked a... Read more
81 Sparking for three hours...
Friday, September 07, 2012      9 comments

I have joined a BLC challenge which will go on for twelve weeks and require a lot of commitment. This morning I have spend a lot of time reading through rules, adding friends of the team I am in and posting stuff... I surely hope it will not tak... Read more
82 Back in business
Thursday, September 06, 2012      8 comments

This illness of mine is better and it is vague enough for me to get back to work today. There will be a pile of mails and stuff to look through so that is the goal for today - to organize and plan for the october edition. A friend visited f... Read more
83 Still sick...
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      10 comments

Another day at home - without exercise and having a hard ime to accept that this is ok. I COULD go to work but I think another day at home will make me much healthier so I am choosing to stay home - although I might have to go to a meeting becau... Read more
84 Crash and burn...
Tuesday, September 04, 2012      12 comments

There was somehing wrong with me I guess, yesteday I just collapsed in the afternoon and had to go home and go to bed. A little fever and aches in all body...so only half the list was done yesterday but the explanation is ok. Need a lot of fluid... Read more
85 A lot of energy...
Monday, September 03, 2012      11 comments

I completed my "lean list" yesterday without deviations :-( The creative thing I did was to start creating a west for the daugther - I want to do patchwork on the front and I am making the pattern from the tailcoat west I bought last month... I... Read more
September goals
Sunday, September 02, 2012      17 comments

My third anniversary as a Spark member is in september... as I am not doing what I originally came here for - lose weight - maybe it is time to let go off this intense spark life... not very likely, it is not spark people that are preventing me ... Read more
Not ready yet...
Saturday, September 01, 2012      7 comments

Postponed my blog today because I thought I would post my goals får september. But I went biking and then walking in the woods - a wonderful sunny september day... and then I hade to mowe the grass and then mount a shelf...and then exhausted. Se... Read more
88 Those obsessive points...
Friday, August 31, 2012      10 comments

I ought to do a little less time on spark people I think, It is an hour a day and that is too much. It is because I want to reach maximum point level...and it tkaes time to read those articles, watch videos, comment on others ec... I was gett... Read more
89 Breaking the streak...
Thursday, August 30, 2012      11 comments

I did take on the challenge to blog every day on spark during 2012 - and did so for a couple of months and then missed one day, and since then I have missed one or two more - but now I deliberately let it go for two days i a row - it felt as if ... Read more
92 Monday miracles...
Sunday, August 26, 2012      7 comments

No headache today...well just a little but not at all that knife through my brain I have experienced the last days...It´s 5.30 and I am having my extra power-power breakfastsmoothie... ... Read more
93 Feeling like signing off
Sunday, August 26, 2012      15 comments

Waking up with a headache for the third day in a row - I am sure it is because I have a cold lurking which makes my sleep apnea worse and I would need to go to the doctor and try to do something about this again... I tired some years ago, got an... Read more
Saturday, August 25, 2012      11 comments

:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~: "Accept that all of us can be hurt, that all of us can - and surely will at times - fail. Other vulnerabilities, like being embarrassed or risking love, can be terrifying, too." Dr. Jo... Read more
95 The inner child
Friday, August 24, 2012      10 comments

I had planned to do a short one today - just telling you I have changed my internet provider and I installed the new equipment yesterday and it is SO much faster! I can do my sparking in half the time! ... Read more
96 The Lean Life
Thursday, August 23, 2012      9 comments

I went to a seminar about Lean yesterday. Since I started as the editor of business edition I have visited a couple of Lean seminars and to be honest I mostly get that I don´t get it... I think I understand everything when listening but realise ... Read more

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