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Friday, August 14, 2020      3 comments

It's been so hot, so I haven't been getting on my stationary bike. And I have gained TWENTY FIVE pounds since the quarantine - not being able to get out to the JCC for water-walking 3x a week...I finally decided to take advantage of my long driv... Read more
Bags of Blessings
Thursday, June 25, 2020      2 comments

Because of the pandemic, I decided to cancel my trip to Peru. This was a difficult decision, but what clinched it was not wanting to risk endangering my beloved parents-in-law. As it is, my brother-in-law was afflicted for a while. I thank God h... Read more
Sixty Minutes
Tuesday, June 23, 2020      2 comments

It is SO easy to lose track of the time, sitting and scrolling through Facebook. Of course,at my age, it doesn't take much to stiffen up. ... Read more
Ups and Downs
Sunday, June 21, 2020      7 comments

This quarantine has been crazy, for sure. I canceled my trip to Peru. Meanwhile, I've been working "with" my husband, raising funds which I send him, and he buys food staples and cleaning supplies for those hit hardest by the quarantine in his c... Read more
Coronavirus One-Liners (Groaners)
Thursday, June 04, 2020      3 comments

I think we could all use a little giggle. * Finland has just closed their borders, so nobody will be crossing the Finnish line. * Due to the quarantine, I'll only be telling inside jokes. * There will be a minor baby boom in 9 ... Read more
We're all in this together--but please keep your distance!
Thursday, May 28, 2020      3 comments

I hope they give us two weeks notice before sending us back out into the real world. I think we'll all need the time to become ourselves again. And by "ourselves" I mean lose 10 pounds, cut our hair and get used to not drinking at 9:00 a.m. ... Read more
The Importance of Friendship
Wednesday, April 15, 2020      4 comments

I'm sure I'm not the only who has faced some challenges during this "shelter in place." From going to the community center pool 3 times a week with my friend, to NOTHING? I mean, we were never athletic - we're ARTISTS! ... Read more
Strength For Today
Sunday, April 05, 2020      4 comments

This morning I've been thinking of the hymn Great Is Thy Faithfulness. And it occurred to me that one thing for which I am grateful is "streng... Read more
Keeping It Productive
Friday, March 27, 2020      2 comments

While I haven't done so EVERY day, I HAVE managed to get on my stationary bike a few times a week. Today I pedaled for 20 minutes. On Facebook,... Read more
Practicing for Retirement
Wednesday, March 18, 2020      6 comments

Last Saturday, the 14th of March, the word went out that all schools in my county, including my district, would close until further notice due to the Covid19 pandemic. I am SO grateful for our union, because I will still be paid! ... Read more
Reasons to Celebrate
Monday, March 02, 2020      5 comments

When my Mom was still living with us, when someone saw the first robin of spring, we'd celebrate by sending out for pizza. So, Saturday I went with my friend to the Lamberton Conservatory at Highland Park to get a bit of color after all the drab... Read more
Working Out at the JCC
Sunday, February 16, 2020      4 comments

When I got back from Peru last year, my friend Carol told me about the local Jewish Community Center to which she belonged, where she made use of the pool. After taking the tour, I decided to join too, for $50 a month. ... Read more
Valentine's Day
Friday, February 14, 2020      3 comments

On February 13, 2011, my first husband passed away in his sleep. We were planning to go to a favorite restaurant for Valentine's Day, one that serves Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine. ... Read more
Catching Up Is Hard to Do - Part 8, Last Week in Pucallpa
Saturday, October 12, 2019      6 comments

During my last week I treated Nora and myself to one last pedicure. The owner of the little business did MY toes. ... Read more
Another Catch Up
Friday, October 11, 2019      2 comments

I have to admit I spend more time on Facebook than any other internet activity. But since I've come back from Peru, I have been trying to get back into a good exercise routine. And with a little help from my friend Carol, I am achieving that. We... Read more

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