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Back on the wagon
Monday, October 26, 2020      5 comments

Well howdy SparkPeople! It has been a long time since you and I have seen each other. I've had my ups and downs, some of them on this site, and some since then. Here I am again. Yes, like many others, the pandemic has caused this return. Si... Read more
Working towards a milestone
Friday, August 01, 2014      6 comments

I'm just 2.4 pounds away from losing 40 pounds off my highest weight. Thought I'd get it this week, but I guess it will be next week since I stayed the same weight this time around. Looking forward to next week's weigh in! ... Read more
The fat is melting!
Saturday, June 07, 2014      8 comments

Hi all! Guess what? It's been an amazing past few weeks! I'm down 30 pounds total, a little over 26 of that was done just in the last 5 weeks! Feeling good! This week has it's challenges though. ... A graduation party wi... Read more
Doing fabulously
Monday, May 12, 2014      9 comments

Hi all! I'm glad to report the good news. I finally got my groove back and am doing fabulously. At my weigh in last Thursday, I lost 11.1 pounds in one week. I thought my jaw was going to hit the floor! I'm aiming to lose another 5.5 p... Read more
Doing better despite the recent numbers
Monday, May 05, 2014      4 comments

It's been a rough month or so and just as my weight was going down, it popped back up again. But fortunately, that's not the end of the story, I've gotten back on track. I haven't quite implemented everything quite like I last blogged, but ... Read more
Breaking through the barriers, setting myself up to meet goals
Sunday, April 20, 2014      8 comments

It's time to re-evaluate. I've been stuck lately. The numbers show it and I can't deny it either. What's been wrong? Well, I have been blogging about already, but in the plainest way I can put it, these are my issues: 1.) I stay u... Read more
Ideas needed: What works for you?
Saturday, April 19, 2014      9 comments

When time is too scarce to cook and the refrigerator looks like the land of expired food, and days off are not close, what kind of food does should one buy to get by? I need my food easy, my dishes paper or plastic -- at least in the immedi... Read more
Back in the same cycle again
Saturday, April 12, 2014      4 comments

I stay up late, then I go to bed after sun up. I get a little sleep. Then I have to get up a shortly later, and wonder why being so tired I keep staying up so late every night. Ugh. Last week, I not only did this, I stressed to the point th... Read more
Update: I busted my butt and gained two pounds -- that scale better run away!
Saturday, April 05, 2014      11 comments

Ugh. I'm up two pounds. Seriously? I worked hard. Not amused. Still, I got back in the pool and will keep doing so. I'm trying to perfect my freestyle stroke which is frankly probably a disaster in terms of proper swimming techniques. ... Read more
Busting my butt: Must lose at least 200 pounds to qualify for prosthetic knees
Wednesday, April 02, 2014      10 comments

I know I haven't been around much lately. I don't know if very many people have noticed that, but in any case, for those that have, and for those that care, I've not given up the fight, quite the contrary. I've kicked up my fight to lose weight ... Read more
Being unstoppable: Not letting a knee injury keep me down
Sunday, February 09, 2014      9 comments

After injuring an already bad knee, I'm determined to keep going. Osteoarthritis has done its damage. Then, last weekend, I did it. I injured myself. My knee has been fussy lately anyway. Knees locking up, bone on bone, a... Read more
Loving great ideas: A new way to get my freggies
Monday, January 27, 2014      10 comments

Almost every time I shop, without fail, I make my way through the produce section making selections that I have so many good intentions on using, one way or another. Yet so often, those same freggies I've selected find themselves rotting away in... Read more
Polar vortex freezes butt off: Total loss for week: 6.1 pounds!
Saturday, January 25, 2014      5 comments

If there's been anything I've been doing this winter besides freezing my butt off, it's been complaining about this winter's polar vortex. Arctic temperatures, freezing air, whatever you choose to call it, it makes me want to scream, "I hate c... Read more
Finding a rhythm
Sunday, January 12, 2014      4 comments

One of my biggest weight-loss journey challenges I'm motivated to overcome is a lack of rhythm to my week. What's rhythm got to do with it? Everything. If I'm one step behind on everything I do, then I don't do so well, but if I'm... Read more
Poll time! What's your biggest motivation?
Tuesday, January 07, 2014      7 comments

Some sources of motivation for any goal can come and go at a drop of the hat, but the best motivation for any goal is the kind that sticks around for the long haul. So what's your biggest motivation? My motivation is knowing that if I ... Read more

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