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Monday, August 14, 2017      2 comments

I'm not a very materialistic person....but my Honey loves tv and movies...splurged on a true 55in tv (by splurge mean~on sale generic off brand). I, personally, think sound bars for the tv are ridiculous....about as dumb as putting the speakers... Read more
Roots and weekends
Monday, August 07, 2017      2 comments

"You're going to be staying home, in town, for awhile now, right?" Honey asked after a month of weekend trips away. "Yeah Honey, I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon" I assured him. I hadn't plan on being away from home almost every wee... Read more
Don't you love it....
Sunday, July 16, 2017      0 comments

when you have to repost a blog because someone reported it?! I forgot SparkPeople would prefer you don't post entire articles and guess an article about ice cream was too much~ We tried 4 major ice cream brands and figured out which one is... Read more
The Hen House
Thursday, July 13, 2017      3 comments

I've been adjusting to my new job....it's right across the street from my old job. It's a grocery store, back in the bakery department. I was hoping to get a cake decorating position but it would appear going to have to work my way up to that ... Read more
Coming around the bend.....
Tuesday, May 30, 2017      1 comments

So much has happened this past month.....some bad, can't say was blindsided....I felt it was coming. For those of you who don't know, I've worked for Baskin Robbins in my town for 15 years! Baskin robbins was my first job out of high school, w... Read more
One word for you....
Tuesday, April 25, 2017      2 comments

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not easy. 😂 1. Where is your cell phone? Table 2. Your hair? Purple-ish 3. Your dad? Retired 4. Your other half? Honey 5. Your favorite food? Cheeseburger 6. Your dream(s) last night? Forgettable 7. Your ... Read more
The Hero and a Bolt from the Blue
Friday, March 03, 2017      2 comments

For about two months I have been running the store while my boss has been trying to recuperates from ankle surgery. She wasn't supposed to be putting weight on it but she couldn't stick to the doctor's orders for long. She was coming in and ou... Read more
Back in charge....maybe
Friday, January 13, 2017      3 comments

Today, the boss went in for foot surgery *she had to get because she refused or half heartily wore the boot she was supposed to wear. Six to eight months ago, she fell down her stairs and did something to her ankle.....I'm hoping she takes the ... Read more
And here we are.....
Tuesday, December 06, 2016      1 comments

The end of another year.....doing better but sometimes feel like stuck in a rut :( My boss has been somewhat nicer...... She is giving me the time off I requested back in June to visit my family and sister's new baby.....but for some stupid re... Read more
Who's in charge??
Wednesday, July 13, 2016      4 comments

Every spring, the boss hires new people for the summer season~this gives them a chance to learn recipes and handle smaller rushes. She did better this year, hiring in the spring *instead of waiting until the last week of school to hire like las... Read more
Pride in the Pines (video blog)
Monday, June 27, 2016      2 comments

Belinda Carlisle was headlining the 20th anniversary of Pride in the Pines! The video is probably going to play sideways, was unable to edit on here.....showed up rightside up on my FB page :P Crystal Waters was another awesome performer... Read more
Toxic Relationships~The Narcissist and the Empath (article)
Friday, June 10, 2016      1 comments

cissist/ The narcissist’s agenda is one of manipulation, it is imperative they are in a position whereby they can rise above others and be... Read more
Little cousin's wedding
Saturday, June 04, 2016      3 comments

About a year ago....my cousin on my dad's side moved from the cornfields to be near her older daughters living in AZ. I helped drive her and youngest daughter down the mountain, my cousin is terrified of heights....and views, however spectacula... Read more
Monday, May 30, 2016      2 comments

Nothing says summer like ice cream, and workplace is booming with business! Warmer temperatures, earlier high school graduation ceremonies, and Memorial day weekend... makes me wonder why the boss kept insisting we weren't going to be THAT busy... Read more
Back to business
Monday, May 16, 2016      3 comments

Or Mom, meds, and memories.... It's almost been a month since the boss's husband died, we have our first staff meeting and with some new crew members. Mother's day wasn't busy with orders, many of our cakes were sold from our to-go case....th... Read more

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