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Dancing with the Stars
Tuesday, November 03, 2009      10 comments

I love the show "Dancing with the Stores" It is the only "reality" or competition type show I do watch. Tonight's show is just rolling the credits and as usual, it was a great show. I wish I could dance like that, but I have trouble walki... Read more
My weekend was pretty quiet.
Sunday, November 01, 2009      1 comments

It has been a fairly quiet weekend. Got my extra hour of sleep (slept in) but didn't have a schedule so no worries. Caught the bus out to Walmart, couldn't find what I wanted so headed back home. Called my sister to tell her I was just a few ... Read more
This and that.
Friday, October 30, 2009      5 comments

Today was a better day. If anything, my sugars were too high, but I guess after my binge yesterday that is not totally unexpected. I am back to eating healthy and that is a big plus. Work went much better today after a week fraught with te... Read more
Not a good day
Thursday, October 29, 2009      8 comments

Today started out like any other - woke up late, rushed around to get ready for work, feed and water the cat, clean his litter, pack my lunch, get washed and dressed, just the usual stuff that makes up most of my weekday mornings. Except th... Read more
Stupid Daylight Savings.
Tuesday, October 27, 2009      16 comments

Why do we have to change the clocks twice a year? Why can't we just pick a time and stick with it It is really hard to adjust to the changing times, but to make it worse, I have an clock radio that Automatically sets itself for daylight savin... Read more
Swollen ankles again this morning.
Monday, October 26, 2009      9 comments

I have been doing to well recently. While not bone thin, I have been able to see my ankles for the past few weeks - except for this morning. I found many many years ago that when I lay flat on a bed, two bad things happen. One is that my ... Read more
I need to shed some excess teams
Sunday, October 25, 2009      13 comments

I have decided that I am spending too much time on Sparks mostly because of the volume of emails I get. Like everyone else, I am sure, I started with just a couple of teams, but as time went on and I visited other members Spark pages, I w... Read more
My canvas known as Today
Saturday, October 24, 2009      6 comments

My status today read. Today is a blank canvas. What I do today will paint a picture. What that picture looks like is up to my actions today. Well I didn't exactly waste the canvas, but my painting is more like a spatter made by flippin... Read more
No seconds for me, thank you.
Friday, October 23, 2009      5 comments

After almost 4 months, a new divisional manager started on Monday. We we had a BBQ for lunch today as a kind of "Get to know you" We had steak, potato salad , a green salad, garlic bread and mandarin oranges for desert (my contribution.)... Read more
I can live with my arthritis
Wednesday, October 21, 2009      9 comments

I can live with my arthritis, My glasses suit me fine, My hearing aid does what it's supposed to do, But dear Lord, I miss my mind! Author Unknown... Read more
I know it can (or should be able to) be done, but how do I do it?
Monday, October 19, 2009      8 comments

Ok. Now I'm really ticked! The other day I was trying to do this blog, and my computer shut down with the warning that windows had detected some critical error and shut down to avoid damage to my computer. Tonight I was again in the middle of... Read more
Ancient Grains Chowder
Thursday, October 15, 2009      5 comments

I have never eaten "other" grains before but I was at a class a couple of weeks ago, and this is one of the recipies demonstrated. ANCIENT GRAINS CHOWDER 5 - 6 Cups Water 1/2 cup Quinoa, rinsed 1/2 cup Amarant... Read more
I am Thankful
Monday, October 12, 2009      7 comments

As individuals, many of us have various things in our lives to be thankful for. Personally, I am thankful I have a job, a roof over my head and food to eat. Notice I did not say my health, because that is an ongoing battle on many fronts. ... Read more
Over heard on the bus today
Saturday, October 10, 2009      14 comments

The success of my intelligence is knowing when, where and how not to use my stupidity.... Read more
One Pot Meals in the Pressure Cooker.
Friday, October 09, 2009      5 comments

Last week I went to a class son Hearty Soups and Stews using the pressure cooker. We got to sample the food they demonstrated, and most of it was pretty good. the only drawback I could see was there was peppers (red, green and orange) in a c... Read more

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