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100 Days Challenge: Day 59 - Heart hunger "insteads"
Tuesday, February 10, 2015      6 comments

I just want to feel better! When you’re facing the pressure emotions of head hunger, active things such as exercise or yelling at the steering wheel will usually work. ... Read more
100 Days Challenge: Day 58 - Heart hunger
Tuesday, February 03, 2015      2 comments

I just want something! With heart hunger, the second type of emotional eating, you don’t usually get a specific food craving—you just start thinking about eating. Wh... Read more
100 Days Challenge: Day 57 - Head hunger "insteads"
Friday, January 23, 2015      6 comments

If no chips, what else can I do? Whenever you realize you’re facing a head hunger craving, stop to think about the real cause of your hunger and how you might address you... Read more
Day 56 - Head Hunger
Wednesday, January 21, 2015      4 comments

Where's a bag of chips? I need to crunch on something! In my work, I’ve learned you can separate emotional eating into two distinct types—
head hunger and heart hu... Read more
100 Days Challenge: Day 55 - Food is the consolation prize
Friday, January 16, 2015      3 comments

I don't like how today is going. Guess I'll eat something. Ever have days like this? If you always reach for something to eat whenever you don’t like how you feel, ... Read more
100 Days Challenge: Day 54 - Eating to feel better
Wednesday, January 14, 2015      5 comments

If I eat something, maybe I’ll feel better. Those words slip out so easily. When you’re tired, stressed, or physically ill, food is often the first thing that comes to m... Read more
It's my birthday - please give me a gift
Monday, January 12, 2015      9 comments

emoticon Happy Birthday to me! Tomorrow, January 13th, is my birthday, and I'm turning 66. It's just a numb... Read more
100 Days Challenge: Day 53 - Food is my best friend
Thursday, January 08, 2015      9 comments

It's so easy to slip into this friendship! Most of the time, we don’t really intend to do emotional eating. It’s just that we’re bored or lonely or stressed or angry or ... Read more
100 Days Challenge: Day 52-Food is instant fix
Tuesday, January 06, 2015      4 comments

We all know food provides an instant fix. In our culture of fast-food restaurants and microwave ovens, you can always get your food cravings fulfilled instantly. Foo... Read more
How to Take Back Your Life
Monday, January 05, 2015      3 comments

As Amy sat in my office chair, she sighed deeply, then began to talk about her discouragement with her weight-loss goals. “Last January, I was so determined to lose weight. So I spent a bunch of money, went to weekly meetings, and bought sp... Read more
Avoid scale relapse
Wednesday, December 17, 2014      4 comments

Feeling happy with your scale? Right now you may be feeling confident about your relationship with the scale. You are determined to follow your new approach and nev... Read more
How to talk to your scale
Monday, December 15, 2014      3 comments

What do you say to your scale? In your efforts to become friends with this tool, you may need to change the words you say or how you think as you step on the scale. T... Read more
One problem with exercise
Saturday, December 13, 2014      6 comments

Push myself harder, right? In my work over the years, I’ve seen many clients who decided that an intense exercise program is the answer to losing a lot of weight. R... Read more
Figuring out your exercise level
Thursday, December 11, 2014      2 comments

Are you exercising hard enough? Here’s an easy way to monitor how hard you are working out. This simplified scale draws on three levels of perception, which helps yo... Read more
Switch up your exercise
Tuesday, December 09, 2014      5 comments

Are you a creature of habit? If your scale has stalled or you can’t seem to budge off a plateau, you may have done the same thing for too long. Your body has an am... Read more

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