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Beck Diet Solution Day 38: Dealing with a Plateau
Tuesday, April 07, 2020      20 comments

Day 38: Dealing with a Plateau is about managing times when the weight loss just doesn't seem to happen. A plateau can make us feel helpless, but we are not. We can always take action and change the way we eat and exercise, or accept the ... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 5: Eat Slowly and Mindfully
Tuesday, March 31, 2020      19 comments

When I'm stressed, I eat faster and pay less attention. Reading online news used to be a relaxing activity for me. Now that news are mostly about COVID, they are a source of stress - and somehow I try to relieve that stress by eating quickl... Read more
Finding the golden middle way between the extremes
Sunday, February 02, 2020      27 comments

The past few months have been difficult for me on the food front. The thing is, I seem to have two very different eating behaviors. A) over 95% of the time I follow all 4 Bright Line Eating rules and my Beck Diet solution skills, and I am Ha... Read more
Why Planning My Meals In Writing is Good For Me
Saturday, October 19, 2019      24 comments

Spontaneous or intuitive eating is the Holy Grail of weight loss and maintenance, and for me it is just as elusive as the Holy Grail itself. I truly admire and yes, a little envy those who get to the point of eating when hungry, stop when full... Read more
My Life Saver Belt of Healthy Habits
Thursday, August 22, 2019      21 comments

This summer has been difficult for me - summers always are! I was nearly 100% compliant with my Beck Diet Solution (and Bright Line Eating) rules and plans from October through May, and I slowly but surely lost the pounds I gained Last Summer.... Read more
Back on track - now how to prevent willpower atrophy?
Thursday, August 15, 2019      22 comments

Thank you for the empathic and thought provoking comments on my last blog, Spark Friends! emoticon I acce... Read more
Cycles of Maintenance: lose weight, get cocky, regain, get humbled, repeat
Thursday, August 08, 2019      22 comments

Why does this happen every summer, 5th year in a row? I gain weight every summer, after losing weight slowly in all other seasons. I think I figured this out now! Lat week I read an article about willpower - the authors claimed a perso... Read more
Meditation update and orientation of the mind
Tuesday, July 16, 2019      23 comments

On 17th May I committed to meditate one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, every day. How did it go? Mornings are great. I always wake up before the alarm, sometimes way too early, and my concentration is good. Evenings, not so... Read more
More Meditation = Less Sleep
Thursday, June 06, 2019      17 comments

My new meditation routine is 1 hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, right before getting up and right after going to bed. I complied with this schedule well in these past 10 day. Morning sessions in 100%, I got my 60-80 minute... Read more
Inserting 2 hours of meditation into a busy life
Saturday, June 01, 2019      24 comments

At the end of the 10-day meditation retreat the teacher gave us instructions for after returning home, to sustain the benefits we achieved. In my understanding, this is what I achieved: - a calm, peaceful and equanimous mind, despite impe... Read more
I'm back from 10-day meditation retreat
Monday, May 27, 2019      22 comments

I have been away in the past 2 weeks, attended a 10-day meditation retreat. There were 4 one-hour group meditation sessions and we got to meditate additional 6 hours individually every day, and a one-hour dhamma talk every night. The course ... Read more
Coping with stress
Saturday, May 11, 2019      25 comments

Right now, I'm facing uncomfortable physical sensations due to long hours on work I'm passionate about. 60 working hours since last Saturday and counting. There are days when I have to give up my peaceful morning routine, and start to work (... Read more
Another new low weight
Tuesday, April 30, 2019      32 comments

Surprise weigh in today again. Two months ago I blogged about how I saw lowest weight ever in past 25 years, after maintaining a healthy weight for 7+ years. https://www.sparkpeople.
individual.asp?blo... Read more
My Experiment of One "No Written Meal Plans" ended on Day 19
Saturday, April 20, 2019      23 comments

As I shared in my last blog, I tested how I'm doing without planning all my meals in writing, just planning my meals mentally. On Day 17 I made a commitment to really plan my 3 meals the night before or at latest after breakfast - and I was do... Read more
My Experiment of One: Day 17 of No Written Meal Plans (mental planning only)
Wednesday, April 17, 2019      21 comments

Ever since I joined SP in 2011, I make written food plans one way or another most of the time. My streaks of planning are several months long, the gaps between short, a few weeks at most. My streaks of planning always end because everything is... Read more

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