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Food Food and More Food
Wednesday, September 23, 2009      3 comments

I'm continuing with my lowish carb lifestyle - at least during the week. This past weekend we went to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday with a couple of good friends and I had to have a couple of their rolls. Because their key ingredient is crack, bas... Read more
Pumpkin Bread & Weight
Monday, September 21, 2009      2 comments

I posted the pumpkin bread recipe at beeskneesrecipes.wordpre
e-pumpkin-bread/ . In other news, I think I may be losing weight, which is kind of amazing. My weekly weigh-in I was down 2.4 pou... Read more
New Clothes!
Friday, September 18, 2009      2 comments

Well, I did it. A coupon for a free tote bag plus buy one get one 1/2 off on sweaters lured me into the Dress Barn just around the corner from my office. I really hate the name "Dress Barn". Despite the name, I bought 4 sweaters and a... Read more
Food Journal & Pumpkin
Friday, September 18, 2009      0 comments

Wednesday, September 16 Snack while walking to work: Cabot 50% reduced fat snack pack. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with 2 eggs, 2 egg whites and 1/2 oz cheddar; smoothie of 1 C. milk, 1/2 scoop whey protein, ice and vanilla. Lunch: ski... Read more
Tuesday, September 15, 2009      2 comments

Jason informs me that I appear to be unhealthily obsessed with food. In other news, the sky is blue. Actually, I took affront to his comments initially, but I realize he's probably right to a degree. Granted, if you just read this blog... Read more
Tuesday, September 15, 2009      2 comments

I don't want to jinx anything here, but this morning I weighed in at 186.8. That's the first time I've been below 188 in about 4 or 5 months. OK, acting calm...... Read more
When Do I Buy New Clothes?
Monday, September 14, 2009      2 comments

I am tired of most of my clothes and, frankly, a lot of them are starting to look kind of raggedy. As an attorney, I need to look polished and pulled together, so I've become hyper-aware of how my clothes are faring over time. I have been puttin... Read more
How Do You Eat Healthy for Cheap?
Thursday, September 10, 2009      4 comments

Yesterday, Jason sent me a link to a blog post ( tinyurl.com/ntqmq9 ) with the subject line: "this is amazing". The blog is one of his favorite economic bloggers and he happened to be talking about a woman who spends less than $10... Read more
Wednesday, September 09, 2009      0 comments

Tomorrow I am going to the gym. Now that I'm feeling well enough (not well enough to climb a mountain apparently, but well enough), I'm starting to feel antsy with the not working out. I think my body is done fighting the illness and now it need... Read more
Oh, Right...
Wednesday, September 09, 2009      0 comments

So I got a bit off-kilter with the food journaling since I was in Vermont for the better part of 4 days. It's a good thing I do the SparkPeople food journal too because I honestly don't remember what I ate yesterday. Tuesday, September 8 ... Read more
Hiking - Not So Good, Actually
Monday, September 07, 2009      0 comments

Well, I made it up one mountain. Kind of. Saturday morning we hiked up Camel's Hump. Right after we started ascending, I realized breathing was going to be a major problem for me. When I started wheezing, my friend Rachel gave me a puff... Read more
Food Report
Thursday, September 03, 2009      2 comments

I don't have anything that interesting to say today other than I'm feeling increasingly better and hopeful that I WILL be able to hike Saturday and Sunday. I am liking this idea of being accountable for my food by reporting it on the blog. ... Read more
Back in the Game
Wednesday, September 02, 2009      0 comments

It's September and I'm feeling much better. I got my new hiking boots from LL Bean yesterday (20% off and they have wide widths) and I'm going to give hiking a try this weekend. I may not make it all the way up either mountain, but I can give it... Read more
Thursday, August 27, 2009      1 comments

Last night I had to walk up the hill to Brown to pick up Jason's car. I walked halfway up the hill. Then I stopped and caught my breath for a good 2 minutes. Then I walked the rest of the way up the hill and gasped my way through the 3 or... Read more
Tuesday, August 25, 2009      4 comments

I'm now well into my third week of coughing and I'm sucking on a cough drop as I type this because the cough is still bad enough for that. Lately I'm fine during the day (except for today), but when I get home from work at night, I have several... Read more

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