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Monday, November 09, 2020     

Habits are the hobgoblins of being overweight. Research has found that most overweight people tend to stay in ruts created by bad habits and then do not stop those habits. Advice from a specialist in obesity recommended that instead of trying ... Read more
Every minute that you exercise......
Sunday, November 08, 2020     

your body is saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you" for taking care of me. You would take care of a loved one who is in need, so do the same for your own body.... Read more
Make today the best day of your life....
Friday, November 06, 2020     

until tomorrow.... Read more
GOALS.....long and short
Thursday, November 05, 2020     

I have to admit...mea culpa...I am stealing today's blog from someone wiser than I am. She not only has long-term goals, but also posts daily goals which I find very effective. Thank you, unknown friend. 15 minutes of housework gettin... Read more
Tuesday, November 03, 2020     

' nuff said.... Read more
Reset clocks and.......
Monday, November 02, 2020     

I reset my clocks Sunday. I will reset my country Tuesday.... Read more
Thursday, October 29, 2020     

Excellent Sparkpeople article "Visualization". Written by a Sparkpeople blogger, Nancy Howard. I highly recommend reading it. It's only 1 page, not the onerous 3 or 5 page article. I read it...then I read it again...and definitely will re-re... Read more
The Green Mile
Sunday, October 25, 2020     

It's the green mile walk today to the scale. That moment of truth, the moment we all seem to look at as the moment where we judge how good or bad we are doing...... Read more
What we are
Saturday, October 24, 2020     

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle... Read more
I sinned
Friday, October 23, 2020     

I committed the cardinal sin of weight loss. Expecting a nice low number on the scale yesterday morning, I was MAD UPSET ANGRY RESENTFUL at myself for instead of being lower, it was higher, And how did I appease my sin of pride? I ate foolis... Read more
Friday, October 16, 2020     

Early voting has started in our state. A healthy mind, a healthy soul, and a healthy body make for a happy person.... Read more
If at first you don't succeed....
Thursday, October 15, 2020     

If at first you don't succeed, then you're running about average. But the person who first said the "if at first you don't succeed...." wasn't a sky diver.... Read more
Recommending a web site
Tuesday, October 13, 2020     

Recommending www.andiemitchell.com. Andie lost half her weight - 268 down to 135 - and not only gained a whole new body, but a whole new outlook on life. She wrote her story inbook form, "All Along It Was Me".... Read more
Food is......
Sunday, October 11, 2020     

Reminder: Food is fuel. Not therapy.... Read more
Find 10 minutes
Thursday, October 08, 2020     

No time for exercise? Could you find 10 minutes a day to just amp up your movements? And do it often?... Read more

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