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August 19th
Monday, August 19, 2019      2 comments

I haven't been very good about keeping the house "up to standards" so yesterday I decided to take care of business. At 0800 I set my alarm and started doing a 20/20 (20 minutes work, 20 minutes play). Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, l... Read more
August 17th
Saturday, August 17, 2019      4 comments

Well, today wasn't what I expected it to be. At 0630 I woke up to a text message from my DD asking if I could watch GS. Her boyfriend hadn't come home (they live in her home) and she hadn't heard from him since 2 pm the day before. She was bo... Read more
August 16th
Friday, August 16, 2019      3 comments

My weight stayed the same today. I expect a gain tomorrow since I ate a lot of processed food today.l I had GS again today. We went to Alameda Park for an hour and then to Carl Jr's for lunch and to allow him to play (they have a play area... Read more
August 15th
Thursday, August 15, 2019      0 comments

Weight was up .6 today. That's what happens when you indulge in M&M and Raisins after dinner. I watched GS today and got very little accomplished. I did clean the kitchen/dining room/living room floors and then was summoned outside to pu... Read more
August 14th
Wednesday, August 14, 2019      0 comments

It's trash day today. Before I put the cans out to be emptied I trimmed the bushes some more and filled them. The yard is slowly being brought under control. I started processing the tomatoes that I had frozen from last year. It turns ... Read more
August 13th
Tuesday, August 13, 2019      1 comments

I finally got caught up with my yellow squash! I thought it would take longer but it only takes about 20 hours to dehydrate a batch. I dehydrated the tender, young squash and the ones that got away from me I peeled, deseeded, grated and froze.... Read more
August 10th
Saturday, August 10, 2019      3 comments

I just realized that I've been titling most of my entries for August with a July date! Fixed now but it must have been confusing. Ms. Annie - I was barefoot when I jammed my toe but I wasn't outside doing any yard work. I was just talking... Read more
August 9th
Friday, August 09, 2019      2 comments

So last night when DD stopped by to pick up GS I was stepping over the concrete garden border and *jammed* my foot into it. It hurt like you know what. This morning the 2nd baby toe is black and blue and I have a bruise half-way up my foot! I... Read more
August 8th
Thursday, August 08, 2019      1 comments

I love the weather that we're having. 80's and overcast. Usually it's in the 100's and full sun. Mom was telling me that the forecast was for cooler weather for the rest of the month. Not good for the solar array but I'm okay with that. ... Read more
August 7th
Wednesday, August 07, 2019      3 comments

I noticed that the new power meters had been installed yesterday around 4 p.m. I pushed the switch and moved us onto SOLAR Power! Today I received an e-mail with the website where I could monitor it. On one hand I want lots of sun to power th... Read more
August 3rd
Saturday, August 03, 2019      2 comments

I have a feeling things are going to get a little complicated and messy soon. GS met my Nephew last night and now N is his favorite toy. When his Mom brought him over this morning he snuck out of my house and went next door to play with ... Read more
July 31st
Wednesday, July 31, 2019      3 comments

Update on the solar panels - I'm still waiting for the power company to install the new meter. It should happen sometime this week. I still have the chest congestion from the cold I got on vacation. It is getting better but I am so tired ... Read more
July 25th
Thursday, July 25, 2019      2 comments

I wrote a blog last night but forgot to hit "Post" before shutting down the computer. So here's a quick recap. The solar panels were installed yesterday. Today the city inspector is coming by to make sure they were installed properly an... Read more
July 23rd
Tuesday, July 23, 2019      5 comments

Weight 174.8 emoticon Down .7. Today wasn't quite what I expected it to be. I was planning a quiet... Read more
July 22nd
Monday, July 22, 2019      4 comments

I returned from my cruise a few hours ago. I had a great time in Alaska. The scenery is spectacular and the culture diverse. That's not what I'm going to talk about. It is about what I saw and felt about me while on the cruise. First of... Read more

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