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Long week back
Friday, September 24, 2010      1 comments

I'm back at work and I haven't taken the time to sit at my spark page and write anything. I don't know if I'll make my week 4 weigh in on Sunday but I'm going to try. If I lose at least one pound and weigh in at 171 or 172 I'll be very happy. ... Read more
The Week 3 Weigh In
Sunday, September 19, 2010      0 comments

So far I managed to reach my goal for each of the first 3 weeks of my 10 week challenge. I haven't had that Saturday night cheesecake in forever with my Sunday weigh in. I'm back at work and I have a new assignment this year so it looks like I... Read more
A good start to another good week
Monday, September 06, 2010      0 comments

I met all of my food goals today and I got a work out in outdoors. My outdoor running interval is up to 5 minutes. I got the 2 miles done in 35 minutes. I used to think that loop was longer. Now I want to bring my GPS with me and see just ho... Read more
A good little day
Saturday, September 04, 2010      4 comments

Well I finally finished the bedroom, and the house is really almost done now. I just found out I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday and then I have a 4 days weekend so I have a little more time to get the house done. My goal is stil... Read more
You can't get angry...but it takes years to learn that
Wednesday, September 01, 2010      3 comments

If you're standing on the shore and the Tsunami is coming, do you get mad? I guess you might as well not even bother wasting minutes on being anxious, scared, nervous. With the exception of purely biological emotions related to flight or fight... Read more
Starting off a new month
Wednesday, September 01, 2010      2 comments

Welcome to September. I've been procrastinating on getting the house done and I haven't gone to the gym yet this week but Wednesday will be a good and productive day. I have some tough starts these last few Septembers and I plan to make this o... Read more
Big Budget Blunder
Sunday, August 29, 2010      0 comments

Oh did I get caught not paying attention this year and I'm going to pay for it. I'm on an equity accelerator program that pays my mortgage every 2 weeks, and I get paid twice a month. Well, July turned out to be the month my mortgage came out ... Read more
Saturday, August 28, 2010      3 comments

Okay SMALL CRISIS TIME MUST GET CONTROL! Tonight I fell off the wagon, rolled off a cliff, and landed in a pit of rabid, hungry, hyenas. Everything started off good. I even ran today outside, burned a lot of calories too. Then something happ... Read more
Can you believe I ran outdoors today?!
Friday, August 27, 2010      2 comments

There is a 3 mile trail loop over at Rockwood park in Sleepy Hollow. It's beautiful and I walk it all the time. My goal is to be able to run the entire loop. Today I did the loop alternating between running and walking. I did a 5 minute bris... Read more
8am last day of challenge
Friday, August 27, 2010      0 comments

I could have lost 11, I did lose 9, I gained back 3, so I lost 6 pounds in 10 weeks. I am not skipping the gym today or any other day I'm supposed to go next week. A new 10 week challenge beings this Sunday, with a starting weight of I'm guess... Read more
Having a nice little lunch
Wednesday, August 25, 2010      0 comments

3oz. of ham on yummy pumpernickel bread. I got a little tired of eating whole wheat all the time. It's hard going from never eating something to that something being the only thing you should be eating. I don't think the whole wheat fairy is ... Read more
I actually ran today
Tuesday, August 24, 2010      0 comments

I got to the gym today and did a C25K week 4 workout. I also took some time to enjoy the sauna and a nice shower after. I'll be sure to get to the gym tomorrow and get more house cleaning done. Tomorrow should be the day I get my bedroom done... Read more
Need to spend less.
Tuesday, August 24, 2010      7 comments

Need to save more. Need to eat less, need to work out more. I not only need to eat less, but I need to eat better. I was really starting to see results in those 5 weeks leading up to Mexico, and I still have a lot of work to do. Now I need t... Read more
Turned into a wet noodle...
Sunday, August 22, 2010      0 comments

We had a big storm system move in this morning and my back went into high pain spasm mode early this morning. I decided to take some ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer around 5am and then wound up sleeping until noon! So much for my going to the g... Read more
Dinner Explosion
Friday, August 20, 2010      1 comments

I went to the local Irish Pub with my boyfriend for dinner and with the exception of drinking water I went pretty well overboard. I ate a bacon cheeseburger with fries and topped it off with a delicious piece of cheesecake with a dollop of ... Read more

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