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Facebook stole my self esteem...
Tuesday, July 20, 2010      5 comments

Okay so that's not entirely true, I am the only person who can really affect my self esteem, so if scrolling through facebook threatens it then it wasn't that strong to begin with right? I need to express the things that are getting me down rig... Read more
I ran, I ran, I ran
Monday, July 19, 2010      3 comments

emoticon I can't even begin to believe it, and it was easier than I thought it would be. I actually was able t... Read more
Morning weigh in
Sunday, July 18, 2010      3 comments

Same weight, little movement on measurements. This does take a lot more work at 35, it's not an illusion. I am noticing changes though, especially in my breathing and heart rate, they're getting better already. I've always had asthma with my ... Read more
Check off a good Saturday
Saturday, July 17, 2010      0 comments

Got to the gym, got in a hard workout and felt great about it. Already looking forward to getting in my cardio tomorrow. I'm going to see if I can run on that treadmill for 1 minute straight during my workout. I'd like to put some faster work... Read more
Straightening out Saturday
Saturday, July 17, 2010      0 comments

I did what we all do. I had a great first three weeks getting ready for Mexico, lost a few inches, and 5lbs. in the past 4 weeks. Then, late last night for the first time in a long time, I went nuts in the kitchen. I usually don't bring treat... Read more
Early AM, going back to bed I think
Wednesday, July 14, 2010      2 comments

It's pouring rain out there and I just may go back to bed a while. I was up late and had to wake up early to feed the cats and make the coffee. There's a pilates class today at 5:40pm that I think I need to go to in addition to whatever else I... Read more
Werid food day back to body conditioning class
Tuesday, July 13, 2010      0 comments

Today I had the weirdest food wants. For a late breakfast I finished the pork fried rice from last night, about half a pint. Then I had a protein shake for a late lunch, went to the gym and then had 2 slices of pizza when I got home. No soda,... Read more
A good food day even with a treat
Monday, July 12, 2010      0 comments

I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner today, all good portions and still came in under calories after having a single serving cup of ice cream with a tbsp. of chocolate syrup:D I made a nice tuna salad today, but got lazy and ate it without making ... Read more
Tired Sunday and 2 days rest
Sunday, July 11, 2010      2 comments

Unless I go for a walk later I took the last 2 days off from working out. Gives my muscles a better rest after those first 2 weeks of hard exercise. I plan to put in my strength workout on M,W,F and attend a body conditioning class, very aerob... Read more
Visual Tracker
Friday, July 09, 2010      2 comments

Here's a current pic of me at 181. I stood in yoga pants and a sports top. I can see where I've made progress on the weights and I can see where I need to make progress. I used to have such amazing flat toned abs...I can see them under there ... Read more
Grocery dilema...
Friday, July 09, 2010      1 comments

I'm out of turkey, oranges and cucumbers! I also need milk and coffee. Hard to be stranded without my car. I'll have to make arrangements to get to the store today. At least I can walk to my gym. I just had a late breakfast so I'll probably... Read more
Gear Review
Thursday, July 08, 2010      1 comments

I treated myself to 3 things yesterday and tried them all at the gym today. This is my own personal opinion of the things I bought. Overall, I really like the stuff I bought:D Asics Gel Strike-2 Walking Shoe: Comfortable out of the box.... Read more
A good Thursday
Thursday, July 08, 2010      2 comments

I got to the gym today and go in a 30 minute cardio workout that blasted about 275 calories. I increased the incline on the treadmill to give myself a better workout now that I'm feeling the results. The first two weeks of this increased activ... Read more
A hot miserable week, but great workouts in a gym with AC:D
Thursday, July 08, 2010      0 comments

So a whole block in my city burned down yesterday, started in the basement of a restaurant. Horrible sight. When I was walking down the street the billowing cloud of brown smoke looked like it was coming out of my gym! As I got closer I could... Read more
A good Monday
Monday, July 05, 2010      2 comments

Actually cleaned up the whole house and was able to have some company over for coffee this evening. Felt good showing off my place. I noticed I didn't eat enough before my workout today and I did burn quite a bit of calories on the cardio ... Read more

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