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Day 14 (they go by fast)
Thursday, March 25, 2010      1 comments

I did it! I walked a 5k! It was raining today so we went to the mall and walked the 5k there. I think I learned that exercize is easier to do and you are more likely to stick it out if you get out of the house. Just walking on a treadmill gets b... Read more
Thursday, March 25, 2010      3 comments

I can tell you that being sick is no joke when it comes to weight loss. All you want to do is bundle up with oh so bad for you foods. I don't even want to think of how bad I was yesterday. Today I am feeling better so it is time to recover. ... Read more
Day 13... SICK OF IT
Wednesday, March 24, 2010      2 comments

NO I am not sick of weight loss. I am sick of being sick. I feel rotten today. I got some kinda bug that's going around. So needless to say today was not a day to work out. In fact today was a bad day for food too. I ate about 1000 calories over... Read more
Weigh In
Wednesday, March 24, 2010      1 comments

I desided to do my weigh in a day early. I lost a good bit of weight. In one week I went from 423 to 412. That is a 11 lb loss! Great job me! ... Read more
Day 12... what a day!
Tuesday, March 23, 2010      1 comments

I think I learned a lot today. The first thing I learned was that you don't have to eat a lot of calories to feel full. It all depends on what you eat. Let me put it another way. Not long ago I ate 3 tacos and wanted more. I just ate 2 sandwishe... Read more
Rest...So Nice
Tuesday, March 23, 2010      2 comments

Well after working out every day for the last 11 days I thought a break may be good to let my body get some much needed rest. Lossing weight feels so strange! I feel like I am not doing enough but the scale says I am. I am learning that lossing ... Read more
Day 11 Success
Monday, March 22, 2010      2 comments

Well where do I start. I still feel bad about last night and am kicking myself for what I ate. I feel like I lost some ground in this race. But then again the race is not to the swift but to he who endures. That is what I did today... endure. ... Read more
Day 10 fail...OMG FAIL!!!
Sunday, March 21, 2010      5 comments

Well the day went great. I got a couple of workouts in and ate only 1200 calories by dinner. Then... the bomb! Tina and I both dealt with some bad depression tonight and I guess I lost my mind. I just didn't care. I made every excuse in the book... Read more
Sunday, March 21, 2010      0 comments

Ok I don't know how to spell that title. Anyway we went out and played Frisbee today. We are both kinda depressed but it was fun to get out and laugh. I say laugh because Tina had me running all over trying to catch that thing lol. She will get ... Read more
Day 9 Success
Saturday, March 20, 2010      1 comments

Amazing! Nine days and still going strong! I have eaten some things that are not good for me again today but still in my range. I also got a 2 mile walk in. My wife and I are planing on taking up disc gold. Should be fun. I have some ... Read more
Nice Day
Saturday, March 20, 2010      0 comments

Well I just ate a huge lunch! I have been craving a mama rosa pizza for a while now (before the diet even). I finaly got it. You would think it was a horrible thing. While I admit it wasn't the best for me it did kill that crave I have been havi... Read more
Day 8 Success
Friday, March 19, 2010      1 comments

It was hard today. I wanted to take it easy but we didn't. I do have to say one thing... TACOS ARE EVIL!!! We got the 90% lean beef and after 3 tacos I was at my limit. They are not very filling. But they pack on calories! I stayed at my ca... Read more
Another Mile
Friday, March 19, 2010      2 comments

Well we got another mile in today. I didn't think we would because we did not feel good earlier. But we took a nap and felt better. So we went off for a walk. The problem was in the middle of the walk I got dizzy and cold sweats. I am getti... Read more
When there is nothing to do
Friday, March 19, 2010      0 comments

Well it looks like we are a little bit tired today. Both of us woke not feeling good. I think we have been overworking. So we are resting today. I never knew how boring sitting around was. It makes me wish I could get outside and walk. Afte... Read more
Day 7 Success
Thursday, March 18, 2010      1 comments

Well another day has past. I am proud of us. We stuck it out for a whole week. We got in 2 miles today and ate right. We are doing it!... Read more

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