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Wednesday, February 12, 2014      6 comments

It has been said we are suppose to get more snow! I moved to the SOUTH where snow is not suppose to be as often as it was back home in Vt, so someone please tell me why then as of right now we have more snow then they do? Or at least tell me why... Read more
looking into the YMCA
Tuesday, February 11, 2014      8 comments

The gym I have been going to costs $55.99 dollars a month for 1 person, 410.00 dollars for the year and there plans/classes which they only have 2 are extra. Each person you want to add costs an extra 100.00. The YMCA costs 38.00 a month or 425.... Read more
Scared the crap out of me!!!
Monday, February 10, 2014      5 comments

My youngest son (13) has been bugging me about riding his bike. He knows the only place he can ride it is around the park. So I run around the park Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, if it is warm enough that is. Anyway he has bugged me for the la... Read more
went shopping
Sunday, February 09, 2014      4 comments

So we went shopping and got a new bathroom vanity and sink, cabinet for the kitchen to hold my fancy dishes and some odds and ends needed. All and all it was a busy day that went into today!... Read more
Going to buy an elliptical/bike
Friday, February 07, 2014      11 comments

It's a 2 in one, and after searching for weeks for one a decent price we finally found one and it will be shipped free to the house which is great, cause no one here wants to carry 250 pounds up 40 stairs. Poor UPS guy, hope he has one of those ... Read more
going to pick up my Boo
Thursday, February 06, 2014      4 comments

she would kill me if she knew i used one of her nicknames, anyway going to get her and keep her til sunday!... Read more
Men didn't reply....Am I surprised?
Wednesday, February 05, 2014      7 comments

I posted two questions yesterday one for happily married men and one for happily married women. Now I got lots of comments from women but from men? Nope not even one, so am I surprised? No....No I am not. Thank you ladies again the comments help... Read more
questions for happily married people
Tuesday, February 04, 2014      12 comments

QUESTION FOR THE MEN: Why do men who are happily married find the need to look at dirty magazines such as play boy and don't tell me it's just because the articles are good reading? QUESTION FOR WOMEN: For those of you who's husband looks a... Read more
My baby is sick!
Monday, February 03, 2014      4 comments

Ok so she's now a baby, but she is my baby and she is sick and at college so I can't do my job as a mom! I am not there to make sure she drinks plenty of fluids, I am not there to give her medicine, and I am not there to hold her hair back, or r... Read more
Becky went back today
Sunday, February 02, 2014      2 comments

Hope the weather does not get bad until after my son returns from dropping her off at Berea. Had a nice weekend with her but already miss her!... Read more
Going for a walk
Saturday, February 01, 2014      2 comments

Not sure where I am going or how long I will be gone but I will get my 10,000 steps walking with my daughter! No I wont take pictures there isn't that much to see but it sure is nice to be outside and have it warm!... Read more
Becky comes home for the weekend
Friday, January 31, 2014      2 comments

Yay, my Boo comes home for the weekend! She was suppose to come home last weekend but the weather was to bad!... Read more
day 2 of 28 day bootcamp
Thursday, January 30, 2014      7 comments

Getting ready to do day 2 did day 1 last night. I liked it and it changes things up a bit, just not sure how I will do cause I just back from zumba.... Read more
went to walmart
Wednesday, January 29, 2014      5 comments

So went to Wal-mart and got some stuff we needed and of course hubby said I could pick one clothing item so I did...well I only picked one for me, I can't help it that they had kids clothes on clearance and we have 5 kids! Besides hubby loves me... Read more
I am going to zumba then the gym
Tuesday, January 28, 2014      3 comments

Even though it is to cold to walk I am still going, hubby gonna give me a ride to both! In between homework, that is I hope boys leave her alone so she can get something done while I am gone.... Read more

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