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it's my rest day....
Saturday, December 28, 2013      2 comments

Why does this not get easier, even with my 10,000 steps I feel like a slacker and that causes stress maybe a rest day just isn't good for me...I don't know but it hasn't helped me get out of my plateau and yes I know I haven't been doing the res... Read more
Going through my emails
Friday, December 27, 2013      3 comments

So I have slacked on my emails, so I went through them today, it wasn't that bad, could have been worse. Keeping track of snow days it snowed 12/23 and 12/14 (11 days of snow leaving 1 more) not much either time, didn't stick and hubby didn... Read more
Thursday, December 26, 2013      6 comments

My hubby loves me so much!! I got sad this morning because I went to Lowe's to look for my village pieces on clearance and the only ones that they had were broken so I didn't think that I would get any new ones. I was taken to Walmart a little ... Read more
Merry Christmas
Wednesday, December 25, 2013      9 comments

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all hope you have a nice one with family and friends!... Read more
Tuesday, December 24, 2013      6 comments

Holidays bring family and friends together, hope you all have a good one!!!... Read more
Crocheted some stuff
Monday, December 23, 2013      8 comments

Lets see yesterday I crocheted a pair of gloves, an oven mitt and got about half of a scarf done. Not to bad considering I also went shopping for 2+ hours and spent about an hour at the gym!... Read more
still not losing weight
Sunday, December 22, 2013      5 comments

I workout 6 days a week, I eat healthy and every week no change... I am not upset I am just... I don't know, I need help but drs only recommend ali for me and it is SO expensive. I don't know what else to do short of not eating at all.... Read more
did my my 5k yesterday
Saturday, December 21, 2013      8 comments

So yesterday I did my 1st no stooping, no walking real 5k! I did it in 43:31 and I used our park because it is 1 1/4 miles around. Now I was hopping to get each lap done in under 15 but actually got them done in 16:40, my family says I did great... Read more
hubby's bunny
Friday, December 20, 2013      5 comments

So hubby has a bunny named Riptide, and for the most part he lives outside but in the winter I beg and plead (not much) and hubby let's me move him in. So we have a cage and it has a plastic bottom. so you can pull it out to clean in but we don'... Read more
hubby working a lot
Thursday, December 19, 2013      4 comments

Last couple of weeks it's been work work work....not much time with me or the kids, I get it, but it doesn't make it any less lonely...... Read more
still awake
Wednesday, December 18, 2013      1 comments

So I am still awake and figured I would plan some of my day and my meals. Will do my last 5k trainig this Friday is the real one, hope I hope to be ready. Have a good day.... Read more
Almost done shopping
Tuesday, December 17, 2013      2 comments

Only need a couple more odds and ends and then we are done with Christmas shopping. Which will be nice. Hope everyone has a good evening... Read more
so few people decorate
Monday, December 16, 2013      4 comments

I do a lot of walking especially in the evening and i have noticed so many house have no decorations, not even lights in the windows, no trees in the windows either...it is very sad.... It snowed this morning so 9 days down 3 more to go... Read more
Finally my house is starting to look like Christmas!
Sunday, December 15, 2013      3 comments

Finally my decorations on the inside of the house are going up so the inside will match the outside and it then we will look like we are ready for Christmas!... Read more
so glad it's rest day
Saturday, December 14, 2013      1 comments

When I got up this morning I was very thankful it was my rest day which means I only walk to get my 10,000 steps no real effort, I feel physically tired this week and I know it's because I over did it but I felt really good doing it all so I am ... Read more

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