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Christmas decorations
Monday, December 08, 2014      4 comments

Last year after Christmas all kinds of decorations went on clearance and we actually bought some. I know we got them for a real steal but.... We got the lighted buck and doe, they are the animated ones, and we got these little snowmen that sit o... Read more
another grand baby?
Sunday, December 07, 2014      4 comments

my foster daughter has 3 of her own and a step daughter, (of course she loves them all the same and we are grand parents to all) they are all between less then 2 and 13. Now she might be pregnant again! Oh my, but the funny part, she calls me an... Read more
Watched Christmas movies
Saturday, December 06, 2014      4 comments

I watched a couple of Christmas movies to relax. One was Mr. Miracle and the other was One Christmas Eve. Now the first one was new and it was really good, you know the normal Christmas happy ending kind of movie. The second one I saw last week ... Read more
Over 5 hours to pick up 3 lay-a-way's!!!!!
Saturday, December 06, 2014      1 comments

At Waql-mart - First you go all the way to the back of the store to wait in a line to show your receipt to the people where you first put your lay-a-ways on. Then you go over to where the grocery part is and you wait for them to find your things... Read more
alpha stepping and butts -n- guts
Thursday, December 04, 2014      5 comments

Well I am feeling both classes right now! My lower back and my legs are sore but my shoulders and arms and knees hurt like hell!! Very concerned with how I will feel tomorrow but the classes were good. Alpha steppin is the fastest cardio I have ... Read more
zumba was fun
Wednesday, December 03, 2014      5 comments

So I went to zumba at the Y taught by my old zumba instructor and even though it's been a while and we messed up a few times we had a lot of fun. I think Bev (zumba teacher) will like teaching here and I think people will keep going. Of course n... Read more
2 hours cardio?
Wednesday, December 03, 2014      4 comments

5:30 - 6:30 was Alpha Steppin followed by Guns -n- Guts from 6:30 to 7:30. Both of these classes are fast cardio, both use whole body, the last a lot of weights. I knew it would be hard to do them back to back but then upon finishing I only had ... Read more
new schedule
Tuesday, December 02, 2014      2 comments

new schedule is out now at the Y. They didn't change what I wanted. I was hoping that zumba would run the same time as fit bar rather then the same time as cross box but no zumba runs same time as cross box and yoga runs same time as fit bar. We... Read more
was so nice out today
Sunday, November 30, 2014      3 comments

I walked with Daisy and walked and walked and walked, they Daisy was tired so I brought her home and walked some more! It was so beautiful today I just had to be out! Hope everyone had a good weekend... Read more
Movie review for the movie "Interstellar"
Saturday, November 29, 2014      6 comments

Let me sum it up for you with one word - SUCKED!!!!!!!!!! The worst movie I have seen in years! Was some good parts, some edge of your seat parts, a whole lot of tears and as I said one word SUCKED! Will not buy it and will not recommend it at a... Read more
Friday, November 28, 2014      4 comments

For the most part I just did little things and then relaxed. Hubby and boys go hunting in the morning and the girls will be in bed so I will be staying up to get hubby and boys up for 4:30 and in the time I am up I will work on more hats. Hoppin... Read more
family for Thanksgiving
Thursday, November 27, 2014      5 comments

I am a little disappointed...4 years ago we took in a 16 year old boy whose biological mother decided she didn't have room for in her life and she didn't think she needed to take care of him medically. Now I am not going to go into the long draw... Read more
Pray for my mom's best friend
Wednesday, November 26, 2014      3 comments

With my mom gone one of the only people I have left in my life that are anything like a mom to me is not doing so well. Her name is Maryland and I grew up calling her MeMe, she was diagnosed with leukemia and she was going through the treatments... Read more
The parade
Wednesday, November 26, 2014      5 comments

Went and watched the parade, no I don't sit and watch it, I walk and watch it. I go the rout the parade does so I get to see everything and then after I have seen all the bands and the floats and everything I search for the Santa he is always on... Read more
not going to make it
Monday, November 24, 2014      2 comments

I was suppose to soak in a nice hot bubble bath but I am just to tired so I am not going to make it and I will be going to bed shortly. Wasn't really a long day or even a hard day I guess my sleep schedule is catching up with me.... Read more

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