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2010 has not been as positive as I wanted it to be but It is looking up:)
Tuesday, March 30, 2010      25 comments

I thought this year would be perfect, that I would finally have the energy to focus on myself and get things together to have good weight loss. Well I have had some set backs but I am not counting myself out. My endocrinologist retired an... Read more
2009 Reflections
Wednesday, December 30, 2009      2 comments

I have challenged several of my friends to reflect on this past year and thought that I should do this since I asked others too :) This year has been one of ups and downs. I was sailing along until about June. I was losing a few pounds an... Read more
Prayers go up and Blessings come down :)
Tuesday, July 07, 2009      7 comments

HI my family of sparkers :) I have not written a blog in a while because I have a problem with keeping everything bottled up. I am working on this because I know that talking about stresses and motivation helps keep me honest and open abou... Read more
Friday, May 15, 2009      22 comments

I cannot believe that I have been on Spark a whole year. I have to say without the support and encouragement, I would have left a long time ago. I have been especially rewarded by a team "CALLING ALL GOONIES" without their dedication and ins... Read more
Monday, May 04, 2009      12 comments

Micah was a student of mine a couple years ago. She was taken from this world in a senseless manner and I am reminded daily that Satan truly is active in our world. Micah was 26 years old and she made me smile every time I saw her. She became... Read more
Monday March Madness :)
Monday, March 16, 2009      6 comments

Howdy my friends. Remember my slogan : I am.... I will..... I am worth it!!!! We are more precious than fine gems. (Proverbs 31) I am doing good. I spent last week resting and doing a lot of thinking about where I want to go. I d... Read more
March Madness Challenges :)
Wednesday, March 04, 2009      9 comments

I am doing a 31 Day fitness challenge and today is Day 4. I have been faithfully doing all the exercises and finding that I rest better and I am waking up more regularly in the morning. I am making sure to eat healthy. I made taco soup with l... Read more
Good news from the Endocrinologist
Monday, February 23, 2009      9 comments

I finally got all my blood work back from the Endocrinologist visit in January. I still have low vitamin D so I have to increase the amount of vitamin D I take daily and My thyroid levels were lower than he would like so I am to increase the do... Read more
February 18th
Wednesday, February 18, 2009      9 comments

Howdy my sparkfriends. I have been down and out for a few days and I am finally getting back on track. I have still been eating okay and I have been walking but I have not been able to do all my exercising. I have been having really bad h... Read more
My February Fitness Challenge Day 3 results
Wednesday, February 04, 2009      7 comments

Active Challenge Park in the furthest parking space from the door I always do this ☺ Exercise Challenge - Abs! Spend at least 5-10 Minutes doing 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps of the following exercises: Crunches Reverse ... Read more
My february Fitness Challenge Day 2 results
Tuesday, February 03, 2009      5 comments

Active Challenge Accumulate at least 15 minutes of walking up stairs : done!!!! I did this a minute at a time, but still got it LOL. Exercise Challenge - Cardio! 30 minutes of medium-high intensity cardio exercise: WATP Walk ... Read more
My February Fitness Challenge Day 1
Sunday, February 01, 2009      5 comments

I joined NMS 30 day fitness Challenge on the Goonies. I am looking forward to it. I have been away for a week and it feels like forever. I finally got power on at my house and I am loving being back in contact with everyone. The ice stor... Read more
Update on my friend Sandy
Sunday, January 25, 2009      5 comments

I thank everyone for their advice. I want you to know that Sandy's doctors and neurologist and neurosurgeon have all written letters and supplied all documentation. They were the ones who initiated the disability claim for Sandy. I have foun... Read more
I need advice for a friend
Friday, January 23, 2009      8 comments

Hi my fellow sparkers. You have been such an encouragement to me that I thought I would ask for some advice for a friend. My friend Sandy is 53 and has been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. She has 3 inoperable cysts in her brain and is... Read more
Tuesday, December 30, 2008      13 comments

Hello my dear friends. I am so sorry that I sort of fell of the face of Sparks this month. I am hoping that I am getting better and can be around more for ya'll. I was taken off some medicine this month that I have been on for 12 years. Appa... Read more

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