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Tooth pain! UGH!!
Monday, January 30, 2012      3 comments

I guess I will be getting my tooth pulled tomorrow. It has a fracture in it. The infection is healed up. Not looking forward to it!! Game Plan: aerobics nutrition class dental appt taking a nap! client client client 2 clie... Read more
Unforgettable day!
Sunday, January 29, 2012      3 comments

Today was the "Groundhog Race" Challenge! I ran a 5k and a 10k this morning. Some of you know I've been ill, so I wasn't able to train like I normally do. I ran with coworkers. One of them is autistic. One was running her first race. ... Read more
Fabulous Night Out
Sunday, January 29, 2012      0 comments

I danced my tush off tonight! It was a great night out for dancing! I need to bring an extra shirt...can you say, "SWEAT!" Actually, today was a good day all the way around. Keeping it short tonight...I should be in bed! I'm runni... Read more
Almost back to human!
Saturday, January 28, 2012      0 comments

The antibiotic has finally kicked in fully! Thank goodness!! My mouth is not throbbing to the beat of my heart anymore....yeah! Went out dancing tonight. Felt good to be back on the floor again. Keeping it short...need to get my b... Read more
Almost Friday
Thursday, January 26, 2012      0 comments

Just ready to get January out of the way! I don't normally like wishing time away, but dang! Getting ready for bed. I'm tired of taking all this medicine. And yes, I'm grumpy! Just ask my family!! Game Plan: pump class 2 clien... Read more
Doctors and Dentist! UGH!!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012      1 comments

For the past month I've had UTI, URI and now an abcessed tooth. I've had an infection somewhere in my body since at least Dec 24th. Seen a specialist today who said I will need surgery to help "pin" up my bladder. That will take care of... Read more
Lots of Cardio
Tuesday, January 24, 2012      1 comments

2 hi/lo classes, 30 minutes of low impact with Heather, walked on treadmill for 30 minutes....over 1000 cals burned today. Feels good to be back in action after being down soooo long with a cold/asthma junk! Every class I instruct gets a ... Read more
Good Day!
Monday, January 23, 2012      0 comments

My newest client dropped 7lbs this week! That is totally awesome! I'm really proud of her stepping up to the challenge! I won't get to weigh in Adam until Friday this week. I was so hoping to see how he did. He's been working his tail of... Read more
Level 20 Trophy
Sunday, January 22, 2012      2 comments

So with this blog, I'm offically hitting the level 20 trophy. I wonder if they will add more trophies as people achieve this goal. Just thinking.... I actually jogged today on the treadmill. I've not been able to run since the Wed before... Read more
Big Trophy
Saturday, January 21, 2012      1 comments

I have 75 points until I hit the "big" trophy tomorrow. Not exactly sure what that means, but I guess it's an accomplishment. Not much to talk about today. 1st day back doing cardio. It wasn't pretty, but I made it through. I didn't ... Read more
So Silly at times!
Friday, January 20, 2012      1 comments

So, I was at the hospital last Sunday evening...ended up with 5 breathing treatments, steroids and a script for an inhaler. I don't like to take meds. I'm feeling better every day, but still have trouble at times. I was coughing again. C... Read more
Thursday, January 19, 2012      1 comments

Balance in our lives was the topic between the doctor, the therapist and myself today. We were talking about how important it is to have balance or homeostasis in our life. This encompasses all areas, such as financial, emotional and physical ... Read more
Down Day
Wednesday, January 18, 2012      2 comments

Even with all the great things going on in my life, I've been pretty sick the past week. I'm feeling better after taking a real down day. I guess I needed it! I'm ready to get back to my normal cardio and eating. Barely any cardio and ... Read more
Really Exciting News!!!
Tuesday, January 17, 2012      3 comments

So I went to KCPT 19 today for the The Greater KC Radio & TV Broadcasting Association Ascertainment Meeting. I was sitting with lots of people doing wonderful things in KC. When I was announced as the "shining star" of KC. That made me ... Read more
Channel 19 Review Panel
Monday, January 16, 2012      1 comments

I go to Channel 19 with 6-8 other not for profit programs from around the KC area. SW Blvd FHC will be announced as the "shining stars" of the blvd. I'm quite excited about this. I will speak of our latest program for our morbidly obese popul... Read more

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