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May 16, 2020 - The Evolution of a Garden
Saturday, May 16, 2020      9 comments

Building a raised bed & filling 4-29-2020 Planting the b... Read more
May 13, 2020 - On a Giving Roll
Wednesday, May 13, 2020      8 comments

The meaning of life - with my daily devotional I was giving a lot of thought to 'my purpose'. I have been a fundraiser since 2004, after a long career in the corporate tech world. I think what I have been figuring out lately is that it is more b... Read more
May 12, 2020 - Some random things and memories
Tuesday, May 12, 2020      9 comments

I got this yesterday afternoon on Buy Nothing Scripps Ranch (a Facebook Site for my immediate community) and drug it into the house. Within minutes ... Read more
May 10, 2020 - My garden Joy (after 8 days)
Sunday, May 10, 2020      9 comments

Only 8 days...and my garden guy stained / sealed the cedar so it doesn't gray like the weather today. We have a phenomenon in San Diego called ... Read more
May 6, 2020 - something is growing [and it isn't me]
Wednesday, May 06, 2020      13 comments

Had an appointment with my wellness doctor on Monday. My body fat continues to decrease, which she is very pleased about...me, too. Weight - 146.4 Body Fat - 28.6% BMI - 24.9% When I started, it was Weight - 154.7 Body Fat ... Read more
May 3, 2020 - Adjustments are sometime necessary
Sunday, May 03, 2020      9 comments

I posted my new raised bed on a FB group called San Diego Gardeners and it was a hit, but a few people suggested I had 'over-planted' which I knew already. So today, melons ... Read more
May 2, 2020 - Vigilance
Saturday, May 02, 2020      8 comments

So the raised bed is in and planted. [Still have my old raised bed with the berries, herbs and lettuce - plus a volunteer cherry tomato & some regular cukes to tend today.] But it is time for a break...tall glass of water and some of my sweet ho... Read more
April 30, 2020 - Gratification
Thursday, April 30, 2020      12 comments

Step 2 accomplished. I got to the nursery as planned. Masks required. Checked with my neighbor to see if she wanted anything (foxglove 6 pack-but they did not have any). Very orderly, lots of people to ask about things. Found everything I w... Read more
April 29, 2020 - Anticipation
Wednesday, April 29, 2020      5 comments

Woke at 3:30 am...my mind a whirl of 2 things: A work project of great importance with a first step to a major philanthropist. I called in my boss & her boss yesterday to discuss the program director's approach and first draft of a propo... Read more
April 21, 2020 - Starting a new thing...
Tuesday, April 21, 2020      6 comments

Personally, I don't think I can revive the US Postal Service, but I am willing to revive the old fashioned reach out, called the letter. Not a text, not an email, not a call, not a Zoom conference...all nice options but not the same as a long, h... Read more
April 20, 2020 - Hurrah got my 8 hours in
Monday, April 20, 2020      9 comments

One of my top wellness goals for 2020 was to really address my issues with sleep. Had been making so much progress finally until the last week. Was edging back to 6+ hours... so was blessed to have rested well last night (to bed regular time bef... Read more
April 19, 2020 - A Case for Solitude
Sunday, April 19, 2020      10 comments

I read this article by George F. Will that explains something about the world of which we have become. And I readily admit that I, too, have often fallen into the trap of 'binging'. Interestingly binging is most often associated with things that... Read more
April 15, 2020 - Tax Day
Wednesday, April 15, 2020      8 comments

I am almost complete, just need to calculate my quarterly donations of items. Hopefully that will bring down my 'federal tax due' some. I am by my nature a generous person because I can afford to be...I am truly blessed. Yes, I do know some hard... Read more
April 14, 2020 - Briefly
Tuesday, April 14, 2020      10 comments

Thank you for your comments yesterday on 'Isolation'. I really don't feel isolated or lonely, but a little hemmed in by the inclement weather. ... Read more
April 13, 2020 - One month in Isolation
Monday, April 13, 2020      15 comments

I worry about this more than I do the actual virus for me. This is exactly what I have spent the last months coming to terms with and making plans to d... Read more

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