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Thoughts from Zumba and practicing maintenance
Tuesday, September 06, 2011      6 comments

I've done Zumba with several different instructors and I do like it. I do my own thing sometimes and and definitely moving to a different beat than the rest of the class. The class I've been in for the past 2 weeks, is offered by our employer at... Read more
minus 300 and still going strong.
Friday, August 26, 2011      14 comments

My DD (Frecks96) turned 34 today. She has been going through a tough patch, but her friends came by to take her out to dinner. www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
ge.asp?id=FRECKS96 Two of the three are fellow Sparkers who have also be... Read more
A Visual Deterrent to Overeating
Sunday, July 31, 2011      10 comments

Many years ago I went to a Girl Scout seminar on health and nutrition. It was aimed at teens, but one thing has stuck with me for all these years. When showing how much fat was in a hamburger the speaker showed a test tube full of thick white fa... Read more
Make excuses or make changes, it's up to you.
Friday, July 29, 2011      15 comments

I can't afford to go to the gym Try walking, even a little and add more every day. I don't have time Do you take coffee break? make it a walking break, same thing at lunch, eat and then walk for 10 minutes. Park farther away fro... Read more
Fun with Numbers
Monday, July 25, 2011      10 comments

I used to wear size 26 slacks, today I wore size 8 (YES I AM IN SINGLE DIGITS!!!!) It does not mean I am 1/3 of the size I used to be. It does mean I have lost 89 lbs from my highest. Down 68 lbs since I joined SP. I also need to point out that... Read more
Not your usual Sparker
Sunday, July 03, 2011      16 comments

I am not the gung-ho exercise fanatic, like my DD Frecks96. I don't do triathalons like Lady Gwen, I have not gotten to a size 4 like RaylinStephens, or even blog as regularly as TeenyBikini (or with the passion-I might add). I joined the 5% wei... Read more
Take time to smell the...........
Friday, June 10, 2011      13 comments

This was a great week. I met my exercise goal of 1500 calories burned already, went to my first Zumba class, and lost 3 1/2 pounds. Most of my walks are around the hospital on breaks and lunch and doing that I racked up 13 miles in 6 days. On on... Read more
It doesn't get any better than this
Monday, June 06, 2011      7 comments

Fats 24.0% Carbohydrates 49.8% Proteins 26.1% Today's feedback pie chart. I have been hovering at the high end of my range for weeks, over MANY of the days. And I have... Read more
COMMITMENT and perseverance
Sunday, May 15, 2011      15 comments

The Greater Binghamtom Bridge HM and 5K race was today. I signed up for the 5K knowing I would be walking and told them my estimated time would be 54 minutes. I know I routinely walk 1 - 2 miles on breaks in about 18 minute miles, so I was shavi... Read more
Sparking in CCU
Tuesday, May 10, 2011      11 comments

Got a call today from Kathy a nurse from CCU: "Diane what was that website you were telling me about? I was telling the girls about your weight loss, then I couldn't remember the site." I said: "Kathy I'll be right up" It wasn't too busy so I ... Read more
Here's what I told Woman's Day
Sunday, May 08, 2011      11 comments

Hi Abby, The answers to your questions: Diane Hughes, age 59 (60 in June) hometown Binghamton, NY Weight loss: I weigh 175 (size 14) right now. In 2006 I weighed 256 (size 26 W) and after the birth of my grand daughter (Alexis), I had di... Read more
My smile muscles hurt!!!
Friday, May 06, 2011      7 comments

This has been a great week. My hobby is rubberstamping and card making and last weekend was spent with close friends I met online doing just that. We met at a Scrapbooking/stamp store about one hour from here (The Crafting Cottage in Corning) th... Read more
Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover and other little tidbits.
Sunday, February 27, 2011      12 comments

I've wanted to tell this story since Thursday and today the message at church was about judging people too.....so here's my story. This week many people noticed my weightloss. I got caught walking down the stairs and the ladies behind me m... Read more
I'm here, just been busy
Tuesday, February 22, 2011      10 comments

I had a text from DD this am, RU alright? Yes just busy! On Friday I leave for Atlanta on VACATION, but have to work 7 days straight before that. Had a busy weekend at work and a home party Wednesday and Saturday (did I mention I just started as... Read more
When the opportunity strikes....SPARK!
Sunday, January 23, 2011      8 comments

I was at the time clock Friday and another employee started with: "you look great...how'd you do it?" I have Spark cards in my purse, so I gave her the short answer, stressed FREE website, and handed her a card. I will touch base this next week... Read more

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