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Very mild with light rain
Wednesday, December 23, 2015      3 comments

Foggy, misty, quiet. Very calm and lovely. These first few days of winter are a delight!... Read more
Celebrated 41 years!
Tuesday, December 22, 2015      4 comments

Our Anniversary is December 21, yesterday, the "shortest day and the longest night " which we didn't learn until years later. It was busy, but just the two of us so still fun. We went out to lunch to try a new restaurant, delicious but heart s... Read more
Stressed beyond measure!
Saturday, December 19, 2015      4 comments

So tired of having to be responsible for Mum. Yesterday we made FOUR trips to the post office trying to pick up two certified letters...a notice had been left in her box the day before but the mail carrier never bothered to come to her door. Th... Read more
Another long day!
Wednesday, December 16, 2015      2 comments

It was a looong day at school, the kids are wired because they get out early on Friday for Christmas break. Then I was told that the three children my husband and I SACRIFICE to put in private school will not be returning next semester. Their Mo... Read more
Feeling grumpy at the gym
Monday, December 14, 2015      3 comments

Back at the gym, disappointed at how much I have LOST these two months being sick. My husband is my trainer so I can grumble a bit, but nothing I can do but start back at square one! And the metroprol keeps my heart rate low so I get tired more... Read more
What a lovely warm day!
Sunday, December 13, 2015      1 comments

Beloved and I went to the gym this morning, my first time back since being started on the metroprolol. I couldn't go as far, as fast, or as vigorous as I used to be able to, but it's good to be back exercising. We will start working me up to wh... Read more
Weight is sneaking back on!
Wednesday, December 09, 2015      4 comments

I thought my pants felt snug the last few days so I got on the scale this morning. Up 11 lbs since I left the hospital a month ago! Too much hard eggnog, too many holiday cookies. We have got to plan more meals to be eaten AT HOME instead of w... Read more
Dancing lessons before the gun range
Friday, December 04, 2015      0 comments

We still take dancing lessons two afternoons a week, and now we are brushing up on pistol shooting as well. The weeks get too busy since I'm back volunteering at school in the next city, caring for Mum again, yet the dancing and shooting lesson... Read more
Back volunteering at school today
Wednesday, December 02, 2015      2 comments

Beloved is driving in December just to make sure I have not dizziness. Blood pressure seems somewhat controlled on metroprol 50 mg every day and if it rises I can take micro doses of lisinopril...but there is not time to be measuring BP in ssho... Read more
First time using health insurance...what a joke!
Monday, November 30, 2015      1 comments

In California we had Kaiser where everything was covered and we never saw a bill, just paid the monthly premium. Now, here in South Carolina we not only pay an exorbitant monthly premium for our health insurance since our retirement health insu... Read more
Expensive under the eye puffiness cream...what a joke!
Saturday, November 28, 2015      3 comments

I have bags under my eyes...yes, I'm 62 so they are to be expected but I could pack for a month cruise in my eye bags! We were in the mall, beloved and I, and I pointed out an expensive make-up store I thought might have a "cure". And the youn... Read more
Counting my blessings...
Thursday, November 26, 2015      2 comments

Still married to the love of my life; still have Mum...at almost 90 she's a lot of work but I know time will be short so I try to remember to cherish every moment; despite a very rocky October and November I'm getting my health back and am deter... Read more
Anybody else starving for points?
Wednesday, November 25, 2015      3 comments

I'm living on 1's and 2's, even for team points. Surely someone gets a 25 once in a while?... Read more
Still getting dizzy!
Monday, November 23, 2015      3 comments

Today I called a pharmacist and told him my recent history and the new meds I am on for high BP. He thinks I am still on meds too strong for what my body can handle and said I shouldn't have been started on THREE meds because now we have to fig... Read more
Nice day yesterday
Sunday, November 22, 2015      3 comments

We picked up Mum, went to church where I had the Children s Story. I was so dizzy I had to hang on to the pews! We had a nice lunch ready in the crock pot when we got home...chicken picatta from Sam's Club into which we added onions and mushroo... Read more

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