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Weight Loss survey !!!!! (video blog)
Thursday, October 25, 2012      3 comments

A pretty long video where I answer survey questions about weight loss etc... I guess you learn a little more about me and what not. Please excuse the interruptions from Sophia LOL. ALso thanks Kyrsten for the questions.... Read more
Earaches and more (video blog)
Thursday, October 25, 2012      2 comments

Rambled a bit... Read more
Tuesday, October 23, 2012      1 comments

So today the virus protection on my computer expired and I wont be getting a new one till Thursday so I will be MIA for the next couple of days. On an equally random side note WAY TO GO SF GIANTS!!! On our way to the world series woot woot. LOL ... Read more
horrible start to my monday (video blog)
Monday, October 22, 2012      3 comments

ugh sophia threw up so its been rough.... Read more
sunday - sweet tooth ahhhh (video blog)
Monday, October 22, 2012      2 comments

Sunday update on how today went and what my plans for next week are!... Read more
Saturday update... feeling better (video blog)
Saturday, October 20, 2012      1 comments

Just a real quick update for the morning and afternoon. Plus Sophia says hi.... Read more
Why do I do this to myself? (video blog)
Saturday, October 20, 2012      5 comments

Why is it that I make such poor decisions after trying so hard to be good? Hopefully one day soon I will figure out what the cause is and stop myself... till then I will just remember that tomorrow is a new day and to keep pushing myself to work... Read more
Crazy Child Friday (video blog)
Friday, October 19, 2012      4 comments

So I tried to do my update for today but Sophia completely hogs the spot light LOL... she has alot to say and not a lick of it makes any sense....but please keep in mind that she is 2 soooo please excuse the silliness!... Read more
Thursday (video blog)
Friday, October 19, 2012      1 comments

Quick vblog on the day and my mess ups! Tomorrow is a fresh new start!... Read more
Finish of today (video blog)
Thursday, October 18, 2012      2 comments

WARNING: I do vent on how I have been feeling discouraged and how I plan to try and turn it around!... Read more
Update for the start of today (video blog)
Wednesday, October 17, 2012      1 comments

Thanks again everyone for your comments and all the love you give its such motivation to keep going down this healthy life path!... Read more
Crazy eating day what is going on with me (video blog)
Tuesday, October 16, 2012      6 comments

Out of control with my eating today and sophia stops by for a quick hi .... kinda LOL... Read more
Update from my trip (video blog)
Tuesday, October 16, 2012      6 comments

DISCLAIMER: I ramble on for a bit so its kinda long! Talked about my trip and how everything went!... Read more
Zombie (video blog)
Saturday, October 13, 2012      2 comments

Warning - I ramble a little bit (but I am getting better) and pretty much just talk about my day!... Read more
Frustrated! (but still keeping positive) (video blog)
Friday, October 12, 2012      7 comments

WARNING- I rant a little bit about things going on but still try to keep a positive out look on whats going on and happening! Love all you Sparkfriends!!!!... Read more

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