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Trudging Through Thursday
Thursday, November 18, 2010      17 comments

First of all, a big thank you to all of you for your support yesterday. I'm still a bit of a wreck and getting a bit of distorted vision, but at least I recognize it this time. (I woke up today and looked in the mirror and was sure I was still... Read more
2 Days Off - 2 Off Days
Wednesday, November 17, 2010      17 comments

Monday I went home from work early. I didn't feel good. My stomach felt weird. My head was causing some pain. I was exhausted from no sleep the night before. So I left for lunch at 1:15pm and didn't come back. I figured I'd go home, take a... Read more
Wednesday's WAL Exercise (Step 1: Parts d, e, and f)
Wednesday, November 17, 2010      3 comments

Well, we're back again. These exercises are from Stacey Halprin's book "Winning After Losing." For a look at parts a, b, and c, go here: www.sparkpeople.com/mypa
al.asp?blog_id=3774675 ... Read more
Weigh-In Day - Bye-Bye 340s!
Sunday, November 14, 2010      17 comments

emoticon Weigh-In Day Starting Weight: 466.6 SP SW: 416.2 Last Week: 342.2 Goal this Week: 340.2 A... Read more
A Good Day
Friday, November 12, 2010      12 comments

Today was a good day. I spent the morning with my coffee, 1/2 a wheat bagel, and Spark. I was super nervous about my upcoming interview at 1:30pm, but my Sparkie friends gave me the encouragement I needed. I painted my toenails and finger... Read more
Pilates is Mean!
Thursday, November 11, 2010      16 comments

I nearly chickened out again this week. You see, I had really no clue what to expect from pilates. At one time I thought of pilates as yoga with pulleys and ropes, but it seems to have moved on from that. The guy at the gym told my son, Logan... Read more
Wednesday's WAL Exercise (Step 1: Parts a, b, c)
Wednesday, November 10, 2010      12 comments

I hate self-help books. The only thing I hate more than general self-help books, though, are diet and weight loss books. Let's face it, most of them say pretty much the same thing. And many of them include some diet that, if followed, will al... Read more
Update and All That
Tuesday, November 09, 2010      10 comments

I've spent most of the morning and afternoon in training yet again. (And then got asked some rather rediculous and stupid questions from our intern. *sigh*) Anyhow, just a quick note to update you all on yesterday/my mood/etc. After I wr... Read more
All I've Got to Give
Monday, November 08, 2010      21 comments

Okay, I wasn't going to blog today because, well, I'm just not feeling up to being happy. So, warning, this is not one of those happy, encouraging, positive blogs. It's a heads up...for you, for me. Truth? I'm more sad and depressed ... Read more
Weigh-In Day
Sunday, November 07, 2010      22 comments

emoticon Weigh-in Day Starting Weight: 466.6 SP SW: 416.2 Last Week: 345.6 Goal this Week: 343.6 A... Read more
Remember, Remember... (with pics)
Friday, November 05, 2010      29 comments

Take a look through my photo gallery on my computer and you'll start to think I'm a narcissistic fool! Page after page of photos of yours truly, often 10-20 in the same outfit from the same day, all different poses. I used to take that many pi... Read more
Too Much Thinking Can Be a BAD Thing!
Friday, November 05, 2010      18 comments

So, yes. I'm frustrated. I'm moving on from it, but recording it here, for posterity and all that. Over the past two days I've been avoiding the scale like the plague. I used to weigh-in every morning, but after hearing so much about how... Read more
Motivation vs. Volition
Thursday, November 04, 2010      28 comments

"I envy your motivation." I'm so sick of hearing this I could spit! Look, when people think of the word "motivation" they often think of this mystical creature, this invisible feeling that comes from God-knows-where, deep within our souls,... Read more
Woah-Man Overboard!!
Wednesday, November 03, 2010      14 comments

I was so excited yesterday to have a day off from work that didn't have to include a day off from the gym. (Hate it when my gym closes for holidays, but I understand...) I knew I wanted to renew my Zumba muscles and that I had to ST, but I als... Read more
My First Yoga Class
Tuesday, November 02, 2010      22 comments

Since today is a holiday for state workers (YAY! Election Day!), I get to work short days this week, 8:30am-4:30pm. That means that I will be able to get to the gym by 5:30pm instead of 7pm, which opens up a few more classes for me this week. ... Read more

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