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April 12, 2010. Monday. Day 102. New day, new assignment.
Monday, April 12, 2010      3 comments

Glad I went to bed early (well, early for me). Have a one-day assignment, and I'm looking forward to it. Another lovely, sunny day. It's finally spring. Annie ... Read more
April 11, 2010 - Sunday. Day 101. Way to go, Phil!
Monday, April 12, 2010      1 comments

Actually did watch the entire Master golf tournament today. Phil Mickelson won, 3 strokes ahead of the rest of the pack. I was in tears as he hugged his caddy, then hugged and kissed his wife (first day she'd been to the tournament). Then... Read more
April 11, 2010 - Saturday. Day 100 - I did it! 265 more days to go!!!!
Monday, April 12, 2010      1 comments

Despite the events of Thursday (losing my job assignment), I didn't hit the candy stores, didn't drown my sorrows in Dove (or Hershey) chocolates. I was proud of myself for that, and I know I can do the next 265 days as well. I may actuall... Read more
April 10, 2010 - Day 99 - Don't count your job(s)......
Monday, April 12, 2010      0 comments

Went to my home healthcare job and worked hard for about 5-1/2 hours out of 6. I spent the other 30 minutes sitting outside on the caretaker's front porch, desperately getting some fresh air. Let me explain about the house. It's a small a... Read more
April 8, 2010 - Thursday - Day 98. It's good to listen to your body.
Thursday, April 08, 2010      2 comments

Wednesday was pretty hectic. Worked my home healthcare job, which was pretty labor intensive, then to the Girls' club, where I had to adjust to the high energy and noise of 60+ girls. I managed to survive. Then to my stylist to get my... Read more
April 7, 2010 - Wednesday - Day 97. The days fly by.....
Wednesday, April 07, 2010      3 comments

I started my new job Monday. First few days are tiring, as I'm learning the routine for caring for two people. I get a lot done, and it's great exercise. And I feel I'm needed here. I think I'm going to have to give notice to my other jo... Read more
April 6, 2010 - Tuesday - Day 96. Four more days and it's 100 days chocolate-free! Who knew?
Tuesday, April 06, 2010      7 comments

Extremely glad the Easter merchandising is behind us. No more visions of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs, Whopper malted milk ball eggs, chocolate bunnies, etc. etc. etc. Back to real life and less temptations. Woke up around 3:30 am. Hav... Read more
April 5, 2010 - Monday - Day 95.
Tuesday, April 06, 2010      1 comments

Had a very interesting day. I may have a second part-time job. It's a home healthcare assignment. Six hours, five days per week, starting in the morning, and if the client approves me, it would be a permanant job. And the pay is better.... Read more
April 4, 2010 - Sunday - Day 94.
Tuesday, April 06, 2010      1 comments

Up with the birds (don't they know it's Sunday - a day of rest, and EASTER?). Saturday morning I had gone out shopping for about 2-1/2 hours - 3 grocery stores (trying to find the elusive "Kraft - Olive & Pimento cheese spread - couldn't fi... Read more
April 3, 2010 - Saturday - Day 93 and still chocolate-free! (I'm in shock!)
Saturday, April 03, 2010      3 comments

Woke up at 5:18, despite myself. Actually it was my cranium that woke me up because it was in excruciating pain. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but I couldn't. I finally fished around in my purse and found the ziploc bag with ... Read more
April 2, 2010 - Good Friday - but some of us have to work. All day.
Saturday, April 03, 2010      2 comments

Woke up around 6, despite the fact I didn't need to get to work until 9 am. I needed to do some shopping, since I finally got my check cashed last night (see 4/1/10 blog). So I went to the same Wally World that wouldn't cash my check Thurs... Read more
April 1, 2010 - Thursday.
Saturday, April 03, 2010      1 comments

I was disappointed at the low turnout for my book club on Wednesday for grades 6-up. But there was a lot of competition. Today, after having a somewhat quiet bus drive, I walked back to the club building to find out that low turnout for th... Read more
March 31, 2010 - Wednesday. Day 90. Buried in books - it's a good thing!
Wednesday, March 31, 2010      4 comments

Woke up around 6 am, asking the eternal question, WHY?????? Oh well. Did research on the internet re: book clubs for various age groups. Best thing that happ... Read more
March 30, 2010 - Tuesday. Day 89. Glad April will be arriving soon.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010      2 comments

Today it's actually supposed to be 80 degrees or so. It's hard to believe when the morning temps are 32 or so, but it will actually happen. Yesterday it was 32 in the morning, then zoomed up to 70 in the afternoon. It's great to see t... Read more
March 29, 2010 - Monday - Day 88. What happened to my weekend????
Tuesday, March 30, 2010      1 comments

I had planned on lazing around until 1 pm or so, then going to work. A friend called at 8 am, and needed some help. So I went over to her place and helped her clean and pack (she's moving April 1). I called my job and told them I migh... Read more

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