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The Easter Egg Tree
Saturday, April 03, 2021      8 comments

There was a little lad, let's just call him Fred Who early on Easter Eve, went to his little bed. While sleeping and dreaming, this little lad of four Did not know what was happening outside his own back door. When dawned the Easter m... Read more
There Are Seasons
Sunday, February 21, 2021      5 comments

To every thing there is a season . . . Ecc.3:1. There are seasons of amazing times and seasons of struggling times. Seasons of joy and seasons of sadness. Even seasons of 'knowing' and seasons of 'wondering'. Two things a minister ... Read more
Faith, Patience, Something Better
Monday, February 15, 2021      4 comments

Heard this quote today: When God answers prayer our faith increases; when God delays, our patience grows; When God says no, something better is coming. I like this! Hope you do, too! ... Read more
A week of stress
Saturday, February 06, 2021      4 comments

This was a week of pain, sorrow, stress and uplifting love and hope. What a week! I had a headache that I think came from my neck needing adjusting. It lasted from one day into the next. I did take a pain pill--don't like to--that did not se... Read more
What I found . . .
Tuesday, January 26, 2021      10 comments

Surprise in the potato bag. Let us love one another! ... Read more
Brink of a Miracle!
Thursday, January 21, 2021      9 comments

I have been thinking about an old Mike Adkins song today, "Don't Give Up on the Brink of a Miracle." Sometimes we may feel we are on the edge of a cliff, or about to be drowned in despair, or thinking someone is going to throw us in a pit . . ... Read more
Gingerbread Picture
Monday, January 04, 2021      8 comments

Really like my gingerbread decos and had to take a pic of this display to share with my Spark Friends. Probably take it down tomorrow. ... Read more
Reflecting on Past Christmases--some Joy, some Sadness
Thursday, December 17, 2020      6 comments

This has been a hard year for families. Ours has been touched by three deaths this year. This most recent (nephew-44) two weeks ago. So, I have reflected on past Christmases. I have a picture of the nieces and nephews in my Mom's small home ... Read more
Time for Christmas Cards
Sunday, December 13, 2020      5 comments

THE FIRST CHRISTMAS CARD The first American to print and sell Christmas cards was Louis Prang of Roxbury, Massachusetts, who began publishing cards in 1875. It was a British civil servant who pioneered commercially-produced Christmas cards. In... Read more
My Thanksgiving Tradition -- My Rendition
Thursday, November 26, 2020      7 comments

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandma's house we go. Hubby will drive the four wheel drive, thru the white and drifted snow--oh! Over the river and thru the woods, hoping for homemade rolls, When warm and toasty with butter on, the... Read more
Why Turkey?
Tuesday, November 24, 2020      6 comments

Turkey has become the traditional Thanksgiving fare because at one time it was a rare treat. During the 1830's, an 8 to 10 pound bird cost a day's wages. Even though turkeys are affordable today, they still remain a celebratory symbol of bounty.... Read more
Removing Clutter!
Wednesday, November 18, 2020      6 comments

Clutter, clutter, clutter! Spent hours today cleaning craft/computer room. Had lots of help from DGDs. So glad they could come. Even got in some morning walking aerobics. Feeling accomplished. Hope you are all doing well. ... Read more
Power Outage!!!
Monday, November 16, 2020      6 comments

Power just came back on after being off from 4pm yesterday. Eating, preparing meals, and dressing in the dark is the pits. Heated water on the stove to wash up. I am feeling so tired this evening. Think it is from all the stress . . .Oh, both... Read more
About the declutter thing again . . .
Saturday, November 14, 2020      2 comments

So, I brought home a bunch of stuff - mostly craft and sewing things - that a friend gave me. She is 80 and not going to do much more crafting and sewing. So, I had to sort for a few hours to get it to a manageable pile to give away, and to kee... Read more
About the Declutter Thing . . .
Saturday, November 07, 2020      3 comments

So, I got my declutter thing in and then some! Though, I caused most of the clutter. I went to a clothing giveaway today at a local church and brought home two white kitchen bags of some 'different' stuff to wear. So, I had to sort it out to ... Read more

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