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Results of tests part 2
Wednesday, October 09, 2019      5 comments

The doctor wants to increase my blood pressure med since I had a few high readings. Plus he wants me to eat low carb and low sugar too. He thinks that it will help me lose weight. Forgot to ask about the blood work on my thyroid. I will call aft... Read more
Results of the appointment
Tuesday, October 08, 2019      5 comments

I went to my doctor today about the body aches and fatigue. He thinks that the aches are from the 30 pound weight gain. He also thinks that fatigue might be from anemia and low on B12. He had me do a blood test to check that and a few other thi... Read more
Feeling tired and sore
Wednesday, October 02, 2019      3 comments

I have been tired and sore for over a month now. I have an appointment with my regular doctor this coming Tuesday morning. I am going to convince him to find out what is going on with me. I don't want to hear that I am okay. I am not going to gi... Read more
Fighting soreness and fatigue
Saturday, September 14, 2019      5 comments

I have been fighting soreness and fatigue for about a month now. I got a hold of the doctor yesterday and never heard anything from him yet. I told them that I wasn't in a hurry if they were busy. Might hear from them next week. I am also waitin... Read more
In my apartment
Friday, July 12, 2019      6 comments

I am officially in my apartment. Got in there on May 1st. I'm liking it so far. I am glad that it has an air conditioner right now since its going to be warm for the next 7 days. I just have the one unit in the living room since I have a 1 bedro... Read more
Getting close to moving
Thursday, April 25, 2019      5 comments

Hopefully I will be moving into my own apartment this weekend. Ok am waiting for a couple pieces to get there before I can do that. A new bed and a love seat. I already have a dining room table and a recliner over at the apartment. I would have... Read more
Dad's service is set
Wednesday, March 06, 2019      5 comments

Wll, this past Saturday, my brothers and I had a telephone conference with my pastor about my dad's service. The service is going to be a week from Saturday at the church where my dad and I attended. The visitation is going to be an hour before ... Read more
Having some good food
Thursday, February 28, 2019      2 comments

I am having this soup right now. It's a turkey vegetable soup. I am having it in leftover of it. It's ground turkey, mixed veggies, and chicken brot... Read more
Results of blood work
Friday, February 08, 2019      7 comments

I called the doctor 's office this morning and they called me back. Blood work came back fine. I told them that I am still tired and fighting the headaches. They told me that it will take 4 to 6 weeks for the iron pills to work. I've been on the... Read more
Feeling tired and sore
Thursday, February 07, 2019      2 comments

I am so tired right now and a little sore. Especially with a headache. Been tired all day long even though it was a long day. I had a blood test on Tuesday to see where my iron level was at and I haven't heard anything about it yet. I am th... Read more
Being anemic is a pain
Monday, January 21, 2019      3 comments

Even though I found out that I am anemic 2weeks ago, it's a pain in the butt to take care of. I am always tired and there are times that I have a nasty headache. Being tired and having headaches are symptoms of any type of anemia. I am taking ir... Read more
RIP dad
Monday, January 07, 2019      23 comments

My dad has passed away. He passed away yesterday morning at 4:14am at the hospice home in Peoria, IL, at the age of 82. I was at home and my brother Michael was at a hotel with his wife. He is being cremated and we are going to do the service a... Read more
Not looking good
Sunday, December 30, 2018      9 comments

Well, dad has stopped dialysis and wants to be put on hospice. The dialysis is helping some but not his heart. Every time they take him to dialysis, his blood pressure drops. They are going to take him back to the skilled care facility for that.... Read more
Dad is back in the hospital
Friday, December 28, 2018      5 comments

Dad is back in the hospital. He's in one in Peoria,IL right now. He has to see a urologist over there. He went to the one we usually go to on Christmas Eve and went to the one he's in now Christmas Day. I was there when he left to go to Peoria. ... Read more
Feeling tired
Monday, December 17, 2018      2 comments

I am feeling tired today. Been like this off and on for about a year. I know that I have sleep apnea but cannot blame that on being tired. I am going to try to take another nap before I go up to see dad today. Dad is okay. He sounded tired ... Read more

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