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2017 Greetings
Wednesday, August 02, 2017      1 comments

It looks like I only ever get on here about once a year now... lol. I am actually here more than that, sometimes I do get the notifications when friends post new blogs and I get to read them. I don't track here as much these days, the ads and ... Read more
Hello again!
Thursday, March 31, 2016      3 comments

I'm still here! Logging my food, exercise, etc. I have been working a LOT since December, teaching yoga and barre classes, more than 15 most weeks at 5 different locations. A yoga studio opened in my hometown, just down the street from my house ... Read more
Procrastinational musings...
Friday, December 04, 2015      1 comments

Daisy seems unconcerned that her mega bed is located in the traditional Christmas tree location, we'll see how she likes relocation! I know thi... Read more
Hello Spark friends!
Wednesday, December 02, 2015      3 comments

So another month has gone by, and I am officially terrible and keeping up with a blog. I am still tracking and exercising. I have not lost anything, but I prefer ro focus on the fact that I have not gained, either, so I am pretty content. I... Read more
I'm still here!
Friday, October 16, 2015      4 comments

It's been a long time since I posted a blog, but I am still around, logging my food and keeping track of things. I have not lost much weight but am holding steady. I have been really busy with yoga, I am teaching 5 classes at 2 different studios... Read more
Insurance motivation
Monday, July 20, 2015      5 comments

We got word via DH's work that health insurance rates would be going up, no surprise there, but there were ways that we could mitigate that increase. If we are willing to get blood tests to prove we are non-smokers that gives us some credits to ... Read more
Trying Low Carb
Monday, June 01, 2015      2 comments

Losing weight has been a struggle for me always. I lose 10-20 pounds and then stall, it seems like my body is a expert at maintaining weight.. which will be great once I reach my goal weight, but for now it is massively frustrating. I have... Read more
Happy Mother's Day, yoga, and Fitbit!
Sunday, May 10, 2015      2 comments

I volunteered to teach a yoga class this morning at the studio... Eight AM, and I'm not really a morning person! But I have teenagers so I knew that unlike some of the other teachers with little ones who would be up at dawn, my "little ones" wou... Read more
Goals not met... will eating more help?
Tuesday, April 28, 2015      4 comments

I had set a goal last summer to lose 90 pounds by my 50th birthday in June, but along the way I have adjusted that goal to reflect the reality that I am not making much progress. I hoped that the eight months of YTT would spur me on to greater m... Read more
Taught my class and loved it!
Monday, April 27, 2015      2 comments

My yoga class went great today. I felt nervous driving over but by the time I finished checking people in and getting things set up at the studio, I was fine. I really enjoyed doing the class, I didn't feel awkward with the "talking" part and I ... Read more
Goodbye Dusty!
Sunday, April 26, 2015      3 comments

Dusty is a foster greyhound we have been taking care of while his regular foster mom was on a temporary duty assignment. It has been a fun month with him but now it's time... Read more
YTT Done! Now to teach a class...
Sunday, April 26, 2015      2 comments

Yoga teacher traning is over! Last weekend was the final intensive, and it was pretty intense, so much so that I have not really felt up to talking about it or even thinking much about what the whole thing means to me. I am now a 200 hour certif... Read more
Aerial Yoga
Sunday, March 29, 2015      4 comments

My daughter and I took an aerial yoga class this morning and it was pretty fun! I was "assigned" the class as homework from my yoga teacher training. My instructor thinks that I work too much and don't take time for fun so I had to take Sunday f... Read more
March already?
Thursday, March 12, 2015      1 comments

The weather here seems to have turned to Spring, thank heavens. The nice weather is a welcome change, but of course there are a host of garden-type things looming on the horizon now. Time to get more active which means less time reading blogs on... Read more
Measurements and why the scale is deceptive...
Monday, February 02, 2015      6 comments

Looking back I realized that I was weighing about 260 in August of 2014 and I am now under 250 as of January 2015. That means for 4 months I danced with the same 10 pounds, up and down, and all over the place. It seemed strange to me because I f... Read more

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